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Fedora spread

Doug with spread legs is common occurrence here.

Bless his heart, Doug managed to get a whole lot of fanservice into only six episodes.

  • Rebecca.  The fierce feminism just made her hotter for the gay girls in the audience.
    • She looks like she'd giggle if you started kissing her neck.
    • While tragically we never got to see it in context, she has an adorable moment in the trailer of wearing Donnie's hat and glasses and mugging to the camera.
    • It's mean, but her adorably screechy laughing at Tacoma when he finds out he has to wear an awful Transformers costume. Bonus for it being the only time we see her that happy.
    • In “The Dark Knight Begins Rising”, she's dressed as Catwoman. Kitty ears and shoulders bare.
    • She was given a gun in nearly every episode. We see you Author Appealing there Doug, and we thank you for it.
    • She's a security guard. Just imagine her handcuffing someone.
    • Both “The Dark Knight Begins Rising” and “The Blair Witch Hangover” feature her doing some impressive stretching. The latter is a bonus for shipper fuel, as Tacoma makes very clear he loves her doing it.
    • Her hair is amazing and strokable. Especially when it's all volume and mess in “The Blair Witch Hangover” and “Blue Patches”.
    • “One Woman Titanic”. The reveal later that she did it to reclaim her sexuality after the abuse makes it awesome as well as hot.
    • Karl isn't interested, but her getting wrapped up in creating a steamy love scene with herself and throwing away clothes offscreen.
    • The “speaking cat” scene. A cute girl mewling, and a dose of crazy if you're into that.
    • When she's confronting Donnie over the burned swim cap, she looks really nice in an oversized suit. The anger and plaited hair don't hurt.
    • Until the failed high note she has a gorgeous voice.
    • Her first anti-slut-shaming scene in Transformers where she's quietly raging at Donnie thinking making her just fanservice is okay, and then just slamming his head down on the table.
    • While it's a parody of women in Bay films, flipping her great hair around in the Transformers 'climax'.
  • Donnie DuPre anyone? He was like this perfect fangirl bait mix of as much bisexuality as Doug could get away with without pissing off Straight Dudes too much, and tragic doe eyes.
    • On the topic of his sexuality, both Doug and Rob (Rob in a nastier way) confirmed him as being created bi instead of evolving that way like all of Doug's other characters. And aside from that being great bait, you'll notice that and his femminess are the only things he likes about himself. That's awesome.
    • In the “introduction to Demo Reel” scene, he has really red, distracting bitable lips.
      • And on that note he's wearing lipstick in the Writer-Cinematographer-Director-Actress-Caterers picture.
      • Him showing off his oral fixation side already by chewing on a pen directly after this scene.
    • In The Dark Knight Begins Rising, how he's hugging himself when he first talks about his wife. He's acting like a dick but you just want to wrap him in a blanket.
      • And while he's not quite yet there yet, how he wants to be a feminist ally at least is pretty great.
      • There's also hints of not completely cis when he talks about how other women are his “sisters”.
      • His calling Tacoma and Rebecca his best friends within five minutes of knowing them. Boy is fucking precious.
      • It's plot-relevant too, but in the middle of his lies we get a long gorgeously filmed close-up of his sad pretty face.
      • “And I don't think I'm being too selfish when I say that”. Sure he's lying or being OOC, but he's doing this wide-eyed pout thing so I don't really care.
    • He's probably one of the very few people who can make a fedora look cute.
    • Mostly in his "acting", but his adorable tendency to pout for no reason.
    • His rant about the sucky Transformers toys was really cute. Plus it's the only whine he does that is actually manchild and not heartbreaking.
    • Despite most of his face being covered with a wig, his shirtlessness in the Braveheart parody.
    • His pride in how pretty he is. Like with Rebecca in his hat, it's a shame that we only got to see one clip of him stroking his ego as “beautiful” Edward.
    • While the tight t-shirts he usually wore later on showed off his great arms, Donnie's blue shirt still looks really good on him. Better than Doug's Bay parody in Critic anyway.
    • He has no right to look as good as he does in the slightly quiffy Bruce Wayne wig.
    • He gets really breathy and panicky when he loses one of the Batman gloves.
    • When you think about it (and judging from all the straight male screaming a lot of people did), Donnie manipulating Tacoma with bedroom eyes while his wedding ring is right in shot is filthy.
    • The strong implication that he had sex with Rebecca to get her to wear the burned swim cap. Because let's look at this: we already knew he could seduce people into doing what he wants, that kind of cut is usually suggesting sexiness, she goes from anger to smiling and glowy when she's wearing it, and most confirmy: when she's high later on she has a special interest in his mouth.
    • He's meaner than he should be, but at the end of “The Dark Knight Begins Rising”, Donnie has a shirt that makes his neck look bitable. And the stinger has him look completely mauled, with marks all over his face and neck. Guess we have a time period for when the OT3 officially started.
    • In “Demo Reel Annoys Rob Paulsen”, he's wearing a black sweater that Doug looks fantastic in.
      • He's so bisexual that he actually sneaks into Rob's shower and breathes heavily when he's waiting for him to come inside.
      • No it doesn't quite match the moeblob shyness in “Lost In Translation”, but the smirk when he reveals he's in Rob's room is lovely.
    • His shirt is Mission Improbable looks like it's been intentionally pulled to show more neck.
      • And the wisps of hair over his forehead. Just goes to show that Doug can totally get his hair growing if he's happy enough.
    • Immediately after “Mission Improbable”, we get to see him nervously sucking on a pen.
    • Much deserved, but his swooning on the couch after Rebecca introduces his head with a table.
    • There's something immensely satisfying as a gay person to see the bisexual guy confidently trying to shit on Bay's dudebro audience as much as he can.
    • His feeling up Tacoma while complimenting his “sensitive ways”. Boy's shameless.
  • Rob's accent as Carl. There is no good reason for getting rid of such a sexy-voiced character.
    • That little twitch of smile when he called Quinn a good listener. Cute!
    • Not just his accent. It's his cool black coat, sailor hat and that Good Is Not Nice personality. Plus his intimidating can also be sexy.
    • Both awesome and appealing is after being told to not get so close to Donnie's face, as soon as Donnie's upset and not going to notice him, gazing like hell with his camera right up to Donnie's crotch.
    • Karl's open shirt in Transformers. Sexy before the pig killing and the puking from Tacoma.
  • Tacoma has fantastically long eyelashes, and much to fangirl pleasure, the camera knew it.
    • He's adorably okay and hammy with dressing up in an Oprah dress.
    • He looks rather delicious in the Alfred suit.
    • His crush on Billy Dee Williams. His playing as him also gets orgasm sounds from Rebecca, so that's a bonus.
    • He's also really cute stuttering and trying to be good and non-offensive. Rebecca being really sweet and Donnie being a cutie in the background makes the scene a good one for all of them.
    • “You crackers had it coming.” As a black woman, I do love snarkily angry black pretty boys.
    • He shows quite a nice expanse of chest hair when he's wearing that prison outfit.
    • Him as the teacher in “Transformers”, looking good in glasses and a suit.
    • His clever explanation of why America always gets attacked during invasion movies. Rebecca certainly finds his intelligence sexy.
  • If you like Irishness, then Quinn is perfect for you.
    • It's sadly not really looked at again, but his threatening Tacoma casually with a knife. And Donnie confirming that he's mutilated someone with it before.
  • Rachel and Doug as the henchpeople in "The Dark Knight Begins Rising". They're only in for a few minutes, but Doug's got a tight black t-shirt, Rachel's got a tight skimpy black top, they've both got eyeliner on and they both have giant guns.
    • Tacoma and Donnie in cop uniforms. Pretty sure that real uniforms don't show that much arm but we're thankful regardless.
    • The episode opens up with Donnie and Rebecca in bed together.
    • Rebecca-as-Rachel (film!Rachel not her actress) and Tacoma-as-Harvey being tied up in the warehouse scene.
    • All three of them in army gear for the random military squad scene in Transformers. Donnie's jacket is especially covetable.
    • Also in Transformers, Donnie and Tacoma cuddling on the couch, complaining about white people (especially when Donnie isn't the typical “not all white people!” dude), is ridiculously satisfying.
  • How likely is it that a lot of the show being in black and white was just to make the cast look prettier?
  • Throughout the series there's a lot of close-ups on Doug's and Malcolm's eyes. They both have seriously long eyelashes.
  • The main three (as well as Karl but he smiles less) all have really great shiny smiles, and because if you're sane you like them and want them to be happy that makes it even better.
  • If you're into that, Tom Collins acting like Donnie's psychotic ex on the phone messaging service makes him a whole lot more interesting. Shame he never held the boy hostage.

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