• This troper once slept with a brother and sister, although not at the same time. He went straight from sex with one to sex with the other, with only two hours in between.
  • This Troper's Siamese spent his days plowing through three generations of one cat family...both the males and the females. His son—who once spent nine months wetnursing a kitten—is now doing it, lending some definite credence to the "gay gene" theory.
  • I'm bisexual and I have ASPD, so yes, I qualify.
  • Everyone THINKS this about this Troper, despite the fact she's only ever had one relationship (with a guy) and is most likely completely straight. However, being rather *close* with some female friends doesn't help...
  • My brother is like this. We're really close, and some people say disturbing things about us.
  • Hey! I'm only sometimes depraved!
  • This troper's sister. Honestly, I can't watch an episode of Haruhi without seeing a piece of her, in terms of how perverted she can be with women and men alike! Once, she started piggyback riding one of her female friends and slapping her on the behind, then made out with her! At that point, I was pretty sure they were dating until her friend moved away a short time later. She has a boyfriend now. Tsk, more like punching bag, due to her.....interesting personality.
  • A girl this troper knew in spades. In hanging out with her for one day I had to hear about several attractions (including one to me, the horrors), have her make thinly veiled comments about what she wanted to do with me, listen to her talk about how she lost her virginity (while suggestively fingering the tank top she lost it in)... She continued her rampage, asking out one of my close friends, and whining "But there's no one else!" when he refused. If he is to be believed, he received an email not ten minutes later from the depraved lesbian in our group saying something along the lines of "I asked out [depraved bisexual] and she said yes!" The relationship lasted a week, due to complications caused by miss DB being fucking insane. And yes, that's a technical term.
  • This male troper is more or less a male version of Haruhi Suzumiya, and is in a Transparent Closet (it's a shock everyone assumes I'm completely straight), and engages in Gay Bravado to satisfy his homoerotic urges and dates women the old fashioned way.
  • This troper probably comes off this way to people she doesn't know very well. I'm pretty much out of the closet as bisexual (except with my family, but that's another story). I've dated several guys and one girl seriously, but I flirt heavily with other girls, most of which I'm not actually attracted to. It helps that my group of friends is pretty open-minded and just laugh it off, since they know I'm not actually into them. To any outsider, though, it would seem like I was trying to get into every single one of my friends' pants.
  • My friends joke that I'm one of these. It isn't too far off the mark.
  • This troper's friend/classmate occasionally falls into this ever since he turned bi.
    • Did he turn bi or did he come out of the closet? Because the second one is a whole lot more common.
  • This Troper has more than a touch of this. I'm not actively malevolent, I just think it's funny to make people (especially my close friends and unsuspecting strangers) uncomfortable with over-the-top flirting. (Besides, lots of my friends are hot!) I'm much more easy-going around people I genuinely love.
  • This troper thinks she may qualify. She's a virgin despite being attracted to (and actively hitting on) both men and women not because she has no interest in sex, but because she genuinely doesn't like people enough to be in a relationship with one. She'd rather just have random sex, but she's afraid of diseases, not the least of which she considers to be pregnancy.
  • This troper certainly qualifies. Though a virgin (hey, I am a teenager), he is out as bisexual with his closest friends and with his family, and has numerous fetishes which he will not acknowledge here. However, he will sleep with almost anybody. So long as they are: human, between the ages of 18 and 80, between 4 and 8 feet tall, not anorexic, below 500 pounds, and the most important, have a slightly attractive face. Though perhaps this trope is somewhat averted in that he does not have APSD (otherwise known as psychopathy and/or sociopathy), and is quite morally grounded (not to mention follows the law; he's never even stolen candy! Or been drunk! or done drugs!).
  • This troper has had the fun experience of people assuming this about her when they learn she's bi. In reality, she's only dated two guys, only made out with one of them, and recently her boy crush and girl crush started dating each other. Of course, if she didn't have an inferiority complex the size of Texas, she really would hit on everyone.
  • This troper is known by many to be a "proper gentleman," and rather timid to boot. Amongst certian circles, he will flirt with and grope on anyone that isn't likely to be offended. Mostly for the lulz; but also, yay, gropings! While not strictly bi, he'll flirt/kiss/grope a guy if it's a) funny, b) good for someone's ego, or c) it's just for the hell of it.

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