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  1. Jesu Otaku. She's just so... academic in her approach, and the modesty doesn't hurt either.
    1. Modesty? She wears some very tight shirts in some of her reviews, shows off her martial arts in Cowboy Bebop, and has cosplayed (pretty well) as Trigun's Milly Thompson. Never mind her devilish knowledge of Anime. Her site companion Vixen is...just watch a single video and you'll see. 
    • Academic modesty, I mean. A sense that art critique is not something to be rushed into, but something to be analyzed and probed until it comes out as eloquent as possible, a welcome change to some of the more sensationalistic reviewers on the site, much as I enjoy them.
    • Yeah, she definitely is the biggest Geeky Turn On. But why use the words analyzed and probed? Are you still talking about her reviews?
      • I don't think I've ever uttered the words "talk nerdy to me" with more earnest than I did watching her stuff. I'd be totally content with her tying me to a bed (she can hog-tie people after all) and just talking me through the dissection of the contrived obstacles in Ranma ½.
    • I could be wrong but she looks pretty tall in most of her reviews it could just be her long legs but tall chicks really do it for me.
      • Speaking as someone who's seen her in real life - no, she's not. She is only slightly taller than Vixen.
    • She talked about taking advantage of a situation by "Taking his shoulders, throwing him on the bed, and riding him like a stallion"...Wow.
      • I'm gonna have to ask for a link to that review.
      • Not a review, and it's with her site companions, but here, check out some other stuff on the site to, it's pretty good and they're all pretty smexy in their own way.
    • She's also a Farm Girl and seems to have some pretty nice guns.
    • I really think her voice and facial structure compliment each other. I know that doesn't make much sense, but every time she's on screen I think she looks beautiful. But maybe that's a large part of her personality shining through, since she seems a person I'd like to hang out with.
      • Until you actually have a conversation with her. Then you realize she is 7 different kinds of crazy but it is Yea lets go with fun.
      • There are threads talking about how hot her lips are.
      • Where are these threads? How do you have a thread about somebodies lips?
      • TGWTG boards have a Is ________ Hot? thread, they talk about her lips in hers.
    • She recently got red streaks in her hair. Makes her look cuter than before. [1]
      • Damn!
      • Just glad those pigtails are gone "shudders"
    • Her DFC and really just her being petite in general.
      • I see we are not talking about the same JO. She may not be able to eat off her chest like her d2 counterpart but she is not flat.
      • After hearing about this comment, JO went on Twitter to prove she's not flat chested, linking to this video. I do have to agree with her. :P
      • Those of us who are fans of DFC apologize, no offense was meant, your womanhood was not supposed to be insulted, your "girls" are lovely large or small, and after looking that video over, I guess you do have STONKING GREAT TITS!
      • Which I think has been conclusively proved by the beginning of her Gurren Lagan review. I say God-DAMN...
      • The Gurren Lagaan review ends with her showing off a T-shirt covered in TGWTG John Hancocks..... and she's wearing it as she shows it off. And it closes in on her chest! Huuaaaawww....
    • I can't be the only one who's noticed JO's incredible legs. Damn.... she makes Nash's show worth watching.
    • Also, great feet. Go check out her "Battleship" vlog for proof of that.
      • Or go back to her Outlaw Star review. Easier to find proof there.
      • Or easier yet? At the start of her GTO review(BAM!), first 15 secs. Whoa. Homina homina.
      • Even sexier still, check out her feet in this video;
    • In "To Boldy Flee" she really gets into character as genki girl Radical Edward.
  • Vixen. Being quite similar in personality to this troper helps, but what really gets me is the corset and... her theme song. No, I'm not kidding.
    • Well, we all know it, but let's go over all the fetishes Vix covers: Tsundere, Of Corsets Sexy, Buxom Is Better, Ambiguously Brown, Zettai Ryouiki, Mini Dress Of Power, Woman In White, Yaoi Fangirl-inverted, her Les Yay with JO, WILD STALLIONS!!
    • It should be noted that she is the self proclaimed fan service of the site but unlike regular fan service she can be entertaining ...and if she is not entertaining to you at least you got something nice to look at.
    • She also knows her audience quite well as displayed by where she puts the advertisements for the site.
    • Vix has a new opening. Once you view it you'll be put "under her spell".
    • In one video she was duct taped and tortured by Lady Fenrir and Rin (Snuggle Slut) to the song Popular, from Wicked.
      • Link please.
    • In the rifftrax of Bible Black, Vixen quotes the one of the blonde sluts and says, "All I think about is holding your dick!"
    • Have you seen the Strawberry Panic bloopers? THERE IS KISSING! Both Rabbit and Vixen give kisses to each other's cheeks. It's fcking adorable *cough*HOT*cough*.
    • Just recently, Vixen cut her hair. It was getting kinda long but, she now has a short bob. It adds a lot of cuteness!
    • Vixen usually dresses up to match the theme (or a character) of whatever she's reviewing.
      • She wore a kimono in her Pet Shop of Horrors review
      • She wore arabian princess garb for her Aladdin review, baring her tummy~
      • She wore a fetching yellow dress(?) in her Beauty and the Beast review, aiming for a loose cosplay of Belle.
      • She did her hair super cute in her Fruits Basket review. Like a shorter version of miss Tohru's hair
      • In her review of Nana.. there were multiples of her. Need I say more? There was rock n' roll Vixen and pretty schoolgirl Vixen
      • In her review of "Panty and Stocking with Garter belt" Vixen, Rabbit and Lady Fenrir at the end undergo a transformation Sequence and all appear as sexy angels
    • People who can speak French are sexy. Vixen did an entire review in French, gracefully. Thankfully, she also showed her generous side, and gave us English subtitles.
    • Vixen aspires to be a video game designer. If that didn't make you nerdgasm, GTFO.
    • If you've watched her Q&A's, you would know Vixen wears glasses. That's totally a turn on.
  • Arkada is a tall talky Mad Scientist with a tendency to burst into song and an infatuation with Crispin Freeman and Steve Blum.
    • Can act rather well and has a decent voice range.
    • Ark has multiple personalities. The gay side of him, William, is super smexy.
    • He's CANADIAN. Everyone swoons because he pronounces asphalt like "Ashphalt"
      • Yea he is Canadian but nobody is perfect.
      • Also, at Acen 2009, he wanted a double big mac. When he was told those don't exist here the expression on his face was to die for.
    • When he drinks tea, his entire persona changes. He can do one hell of a Tamaki impression while under the influence.
    • He's blonde. Period.
    • He recently cut his hair after a barbor unintentionally cut it too short. Now he's got a different Cute goin'.
    • Two Eye colours, and has the most magnificent smile ever. Also, he spins leeks like a champion.
    • Clever, cute, wears a long coat, William, has a pretty singing voice, and most importantly, he's man enough to like Princess Tutu. Yep...that alone makes him hot.
  • Professor Otaku has a rather dashing Nice Hat and extensive knowledge on obscure anime. Did I mention that he's a professor?
    • Rumors are there is nothing below the torso though.
      • That rumor was dissolved after the Acen videos came out. He has a nice pair of legs.
      • A counter rumor spread that those legs were stolen off an old man after profs torso beat him to death for liking MD Giest. Those legs have since rotted off his upper torso.
    • Duh, he wears glasses in real life. It takes a sexy man to pulll off glasses!
    • He sang "Fly Me to the Moon". It was BEAUTIFUL.
    • He recently put a few vlogs out. He needs to do more, I love the real thing!
      • In his Black Friday Vlog he showed off his room. It is every anime nerd's dream.
    • He isn't old he is experienced.
    • This gay troper absolutely adores him for his annoyed, strict voice and handsome smile. I wouldn't mind studying Otakology under him, especially once we come to the boys love part, hrhr.
    • The Prof has beautiful, heart-palpitating smile (those few times he uses it); woeful be the day when a show wipes it off permanently.

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