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  • While this troper barely played Devil May Cry, she found the early cutscene where Dante is pinned to the ground by the Alastor sword and he slowly slides his body up the blade...special. The heartbeat in the background and the fact that it's showed from two or three different angles makes her wonder if it isn't deliberate. See it here, from 4:50 to 5:15.
  • There is the fact that Trish, Dante's canon love interest was made to look EXACTLY like his mother. Holy crap, Freud would have a FIELD DAY with this game!
    • However, the most popular pairing is Dante/Vergil - Twincest, and the developers heard it and upped the Subtext!
    • And I shit you not, there's even a subsection of the fandom that ships the weapons with their owners!
      • Well, considering that one of those weapons is Nevan...
      • Who is herself fetish fuel for being a topless vampire with blue skin who can use electricity. Plus the fangs and that hot voice.
  • sigh* Ah, Nevan... Now that's a real vampire.
    • How about Twincest fanart where Vergil has Dante impaled on his sword in both senses of the word? (And yes, it exists).
      • I've seen it. You can't look away...
  • The combination of White Haired Pretty Boy and actually looking traditionally masculine is niiiice... And don't forget Dante's Shirtless Scene in 3.
    • Shirtless scene? Hell what about the SHIRTLESS PLAYTHROUGH!?
    • I liked his "coatless" outfit....>_>
    • This troper starts new games on 3 just to watch the intro in HD. And the implied fact that he just got out of the shower? Mmm, gimme.
    • This troper recently started a new game of DMC 3. She's reminded that she can't watch the opening cutscene without giving a "Ooh~" of appreciation...
  • Pretty sure the scene with the Rusalkas "dancing" in 4 was massive Les Yay on purpose. They are meant to lure the teenage male lead in...
    • Dante is far more inclined to join in than Nero... Though he still sees the boss coming a mile away.
      • This troper took it as a ploy to lead the boss out, because Dante pinches his nose at the smell when he steps into the arena.
  • Also in 4, Gloria. Especially her introductory scene on the bridge.
    • And what about Lady? Classic schoolgirl outfit...
      • Her 'skirt' is ammo storage. Which makes it more awesome.
  • Note to self: Add Dante to list of people I would switch teams for.
    • This female troper wouldn't say no to Trish or Lady...
  • This one happens to like staring at Nero's legs, be it in cutscenes or his Kotobukiya statue. And that slow-motion shot of him grabbing Dante between his legs mid-air?
    • I will admit...he's got a nice butt.
    • Grabbing Dante between his legs moment, eh? That's my favourite part. Reowr. Although it's awkward when your showing friends... "This is one of the coolest cutscene fights I've ever se— Why is he straddling him? *blank stare*"
  • "First I whip it out! Then I thrust it! With great force! Every penetrates! Until...with great strength, I...ram it in! In the end, we are all satisfied. And you are set free."
    • I've never been so jealous of a slab of rock...
  • Playing as Vergil without the coat...* shudder* With those arms he's giving out free tickets to the gun show.
    • The dev team did it on purpose; this troper has the DMC 3 artbook, and the comment on Gun Show Vergil is "Well, we wanted to design him in such a way that he'd totally give all our female gamers nosebleeds." THEY MANAGED!
    • This troper is mostly straight, (on Kinsey's scale, I'm about a 5) and all he's going to say on the subject of Vergil's coatless outfit is a Ho Yay be-laden damn.
      • 5 isn't almost completely straight, its almost completely gay. But yes, I agree. Damn.
      • Whoops. I got the scale backwards, meant to say like 1 or 2. At any rate, I've come out the closet, and I'm comfortable saying I'm bisexual. And I would have Vergil's babies.
  • As a straight male I have to say it doesn't turn me on specifically (aside from Dante giving me Stupid Sexy Flanders occasionally...) but there's gotta be someone who noticed that Devil May Cry 3 starts with Dante coming out of the shower...
  • Lady, she's like a battle school girl, shame she has those spandex shorts under the skirt (of course I'm sure there's someone who likes that).
    • Oh, such an innocent troper above me. THAT MAKES IT HOTTER.
  • raises hand* Tight spandex on those bloody legs is nothing short of lovely.
  • Anyone else think Kyrie from 4 had a nice, big butt?
    • And I cannot lie!
    • Surely we're not going to discuss DMC4 and butts without discussing Gloria? Her first scene is a lingering, slow motion show of her ass.
  • Anyone else notice how Dante appears a bit plump in 4? Fat? Muscle? It just doesn't matter either way. Rowr. =D

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