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  • Renamon is a good example, since she's not only a fox (and foxes, as the joke goes, are the condoms of the furry world), but she's also a strong, independent woman who has a lot of fan pics of her being dominated.
    • This troper does not find her foxy in that sense, but there's an image circulating with the caption "Everyone's furry for Renamon".
    • This troper finds the whole "strong, independent woman" thing rather attractive on its own, and also think that the ratio of domination to normal pictures of Renamon is around average... wait, Too Much Information. Sorry.
    • And of course, there's this running gag on some conventions that Renamon's so hot that "gay people are straight for her".
  • LadyDevimon is dressed in skintight black leather. And has HUGE breasts.
    • In fact, Tai and Izzy were watching with rapt attention during her fight with Angewomon, for tolerably obvious reasons, even in the English dub
      • Angewomon was also very well-endowed...
    • Although she evolves from a male-like digimon. Instead of amplifying the fetish, it could have Unfortunate Implications.
      • Nah, it CAN evolve from Devimon, just like Angewomon can evolve from Angemon, but LadyDevimon's previous form is BlackGatomon .
    • Cracked had it spot on when they figured out which Digimon represented all their bondage porn.
  • Myotismon is a vampire, uses a red energy whip as a major attack, and has mind-control abilities which at one point had an entire city of sleeping victims arise zombie-like to chant his name.
    • Which doesn't even touch on where his "true form" is found when he digivolves.
    • Not to mention he's a vampire, with all the seductive biting that implies. One scene has a woman see his carriage, be drawn to it, and romantic music plays as they move toward each other, and...! The entire time, Myo didn't say a word. Despite all the flashy battle scenes he gets into, this is definitely his Crowning Moment Of Awesome, and there are fans who think there are definitely worse ways to go.
    • Speaking of that scene, before going out to hunt, he notes that human blood tastes better with a touch of fear in it.
    • That red energy whip is, according to the analyzer, his own blood.
  • Ken, the Digimon Emperor. In his bondage suit. With his whip. And dark rings that control you if they get on you. And getting Davis to beg while on his knees. (This troper may have thought ENTIRELY too much about this.)Digimon Emperor, to Davis: "Seeing you squirm is so delicious."
    • There's a scene where Ken tries to whip TK into submission, and TK just smirks and takes control. Anyone who tells me that's not super hot is a liar, sir.
    • No disagreements from this quarter.
  • Digimon Tamers has the kids physically merge with their Digimon. Within, as well as during some of the transformation, they're depicted as naked with Anime Anatomy. The same goes for all five kids within Susanoomon in the last few episodes of Digimon Frontier.
    • And the animation for that is practically begging to be 'shopped. Not that there's anything RIGHT with that, given that the characters are 10 years old...
      • That's debatable.
      • There's no sexual activity or exploitation going on, so it's not wrong according to our legal system (hence its, y'know, being allowed to air.)
      • AVERTED during some frames. The boys are totally endowed - you can see Takato's genitalia here and Henry's one here. Rika shows her nipples (barely) as well during her biomerge.
  • Any episode where the Numemon are fawning over someone (usually Mimi, although there was a point late in 01 where it was Hikari.) Not so much the slimy little Digimon themselves, but the way they worship these girls. Actually, the same thing happens to Mimi throughout almost all of 01.
    • And yet this wasn't involved in episode 17. Throw away the fact that the bad guy of the episode is named Cockatrimon (it's named after a mythical creature called the cockatrice)...and you still have the five males and their Digimon turned to stone and the two girls battling the unfortunately phallic-named villain clad nothing in bath towels (after a nice little Trail Of Clothing scene). Also, humongous cacti. The first of which was a hallucination... by a ten-year-old girl. Am I the only one wondering what exactly was going through her mind there?
  • Has anybody forgotten Silphymon? Besides from that armor, he's practically naked. Stupid sexy Silphymon.
    • Silphymon's a Fusion Dance of a male and female Digimon, so s/he is Squicky territory for some.
      • But there are still fetishers for this.
      • DNA/Jogress doesn't work that way. It's the process of one digimon giving up their power to another to allow that digimon to digi/evolve further. Think less Goten and Trunks, and more, Cell and Android 17/18. In the show, it's: Stingmon absorbed by Exveemon, Gatomon absorbed by Aquilamon and Angemon absorbed by Ankylomon. There's even a reversed version for Exveemon and Stingmon, Dinobeemon.
  • Also, Flamedramon◊. No wonder why he's so hot (sorry for the pun).
    • Flamedramon is not amused.
    • Interestingly, Flamedramon and Magnamon appear to have the same body beneath the armor; the armor's just different.
      • "This isn't the kind of attention I want!" Wait, it says something that both I and the above troper must have been logged in with the mature content filter off in order to see the above comic, right? :P Don't worry, it's pretty much safe for work, but has some parody pixelation.
  • Leomon? Rosemon? Lilymon? Sakuyamon? Bueller?
    • Lilymon, and her Savers/Data Squad Expy, Lilamon. Mmmmm.
    • Rosemon is basically a plant-themed dominatrix. The trading card makes you say "Uh, I thought this was a kids show?" and then she actually appears, and we find out what her special attack is: It's called Forbidden Temptation, and it basically involves her clothes being fired at the enemy as rose petals, leaving her in Transformation Sequence Anime Anatomy mode. Her attack is, in other words, basically weaponized stripping.
  • Oh dear... WereGarurumon and his clothing...
    • For any who don't know/remember, it's best described as Garurumon back from a punk-rock concert.
  • Beelzemon. The skin-tight suit, the black leather jacket, the eyes, the tail, even the GUNS — and Blast Mode throws in those massive black wings.
    • And a new, bigger gun!
  • For years as a youngster, this troper had a crush on Wizardmon, fueled by his utter devotion to the one person he cared about. Who wouldn't want that directed at them?
    • Oh man, this troper isn't the only one! Of course, the crush hasn't gone away... Wizardmon is just... gah.
  • In Frontier, Ranamon has Zoe and Tommy chained to a wall with their arms above their head uses disembodied hands to tickle Zoe on her exposed midriff and lifts Tommy's shirt to tickle his.
  • Dear Lord, this troper seconds that!!!
    • Oh Ranamon... if this troper wasn't a furry before Ranamon popped onto the scene, he certainly was after the fact. Renamon had it all, the Cute Monster Girl appearance complete with green skin, the cute face, the satisfying bust,the skimpy swimsuit outfit complete with the gloves and bare feet, the (dub voice) wonderfully cutesy western accent, and of course, the fact that she has hoards of adoring (in-universe) fanboys. It's true what they say, desiredness breeds desirability, or something. I'm sure there's a trope for that.
  • Arukenimon, and her being the queen of the Hannibal Lecture. She can turn up in your bedroom among creepy shadows to use your fears and angst to keep you sweating for the next five episodes... or simply lure you away to your doom without ever saying a word. She's either Fetish Fuel or Nightmare Fuel. Or both.
  • Lilithmon, no wonder Evil Is Sexy.
    • Plus she's one of the few anthropoid Digimon that doesn't hide her face. Which looks very nice. :)
  • Bastemon / Persiamon, for the Cat Girl lover in you.
    • Ye gads, Persiamon. She fulfills about a hundred fetishes. Not only is she a catgirl, she's also a harem girl, and her harem pants are leopard-spotted at that. And she has two tails, lots of gold jewelry, and dark, well-tanned skin! And a very well-toned midriff! There's probably a reason she's never appeared outside the card game and one somewhat obscure game...
    • Rejoice for she appears in Xros Wars.
    • "It loves to be showy and has a sly personality, and its specialty is using its charmingly sparkling eyes and the jewels worn all over its body to bewitch the opponent, allowing it to pull their strings as it desires. Generally, if one becomes the victim of Bastemon's glamour, they are completely eviscerated (...) Its Special Moves are beguiling the opponent with the bewitching charms of its belly dance (Helter Skelter), and getting close to the opponent while dancing, then sucking out all the blood in their body, down to the last drop (Vampire Dance)"
  • Kazemon/Fairymon and Zephyrmon/Shutumon are basically winged lingerie models. Every shot with them is a Parental Bonus or contains Male Gaze. Notable Kazemon examples include the Love Tap attack, her transformation sequence, bending over to pick up a Trailmon, getting frozen up to her chest, the suggestive moaning she makes when Gigasmon demorphs her...
    • Also Izumi the one who uses digivolves into them is just as hot.[1]◊
  • Guilmon: a big fat dinosaur digimon with a large maw and calling everyone "something-mon"...there has to be an audience for that.
    • Guilmon is also a rather popular digimon, but it's more about his Naivete and cute demeanor. Basically, he's a Woobie in dinosaur form. His love for peanut butter is also legendary.
    • That and bread...
  • Digimon is one of those series that waves big red fanservice flags that are ignored in favor of cuddly cute things. Gatomon was the fandom bicycle before Renamon started shaking her foxy tail (that is a Pune, or play on words). Likewise, Patamon gets a fair amount of action in fanfiction, and Veemon was the stud of the 02 set. You'd think that they'd go for the Digivolutions in those lines that actually had breasts or packages, but love is apparently fickle.
    • Maybe in your neck of the woods, but for those people who are into lots of beefiness, it's the Mons like Wargreymon, Leomon, and Weregarurumon are the main attractions.
    • I think the Gatomon thing is mostly the dub voice, although I haven't heard the original so it might just be mundane cat fetishes.
      • Banchou Leomon is the epitome of manliness... and he's a Mon! Look at those abs!
      • On the other hand, unlike Banchou, Leomon is totally bared from the waist up. Totally hot. Also, Dinohyumon is on his way up Mt. Hotness, if he'd gain a little more muscle (unless those are his abs, not his ribs).
      • Speaking of it just this troper's opinion, or do a lot of monster series have Mons whose middle evolutions are hotter than their highest evolutions? Leomon is hotter than Sabreleomon, Weregarurumon is hotter than Metalgarurumon...Pokemon has Machoke, who is hotter than Machamp...
      • How about Leomon X? Bonus points for being drawn more realistically.
    • Yeah, but they were talking about the rookies being the main attractions. Ones that had some pretty nice-looking Digivolutions (Angemon, Angewomon, Paildramon...)
  • Speaking of Wargreymon, he and BlackWargreymon tend to crop up in lots of Twincest scenarios.
    • Not to mention the metal thongs that they both wear in the dub as well.
  • Victorygreymon diserves mention from the infamous panel in Digimon Next where his curvatious endowment◊is nicely shown.
  • Speaking of Gatomon, her evolved form is... pretty damned hot.
    • So is Patamon's.
  • Adventure has an episode where everyone stays at a a mansion that is mostly illusionary, including the robes that take to bed. The illusion gets dismissed and we get gratious shots of everyone's underwear.
  • Am I the only one who wishes they could marry Yoshino?
    • Marriage is a bit much, but I would lay her down in a second.
  • Where to begin. Let’s make a list.
  • The Adventure 02 version of Ishida Yamato. Let me repeat: Ishida Yamato.
  • Young Oikawa. Holy CRAP he was sexy. Too bad that getting possessed apparently turns you into a living zombie. But even with stark white skin in the scene where he got possessed, he was still really hot.
    • Also bear in mind that he looked like that (albiet with crazy eyes) up until a few months before he shows up in the Christmas episode looking as he would for the rest of the series. There's a flashback of him watching Arukenimon and Mummymon in the Digital World, and he's his sexy self then.
  • Renamon, anyone?!
    • Leomon, Weregarurumon, Dinohyumon, Flamedramon...
  • God dammit, their angels are different... and so SO damn hot. Angewomon is just a fetish fountain, pair her with Lady Devimon... and get me new pants.
    • Oh, and Angemon - Magnaangemon. My first man-crushes.
  • Am i the only one that explores the possibility of having a Matrix Evolution with a digimon of the opposite gender? What would be the result?
    • Or a genderbent Spirit Evolution ?
  • Nene in Xros Wars, no really just look at her in the manga[2].
  • Holy CRAP, am I one of the only people who preferred the humans to the digimon?! Because I know Matt and Ken have been mentioned (and I admit that they're very nice :D)...but I like me some nerdy boys. In 02, my preferences are:
    • Izzy is just HOT, man. The red hair, the constant bowling us over with his nerd powers...yeah. It's his enthusiasm for everything that made me swoon, really. Prodigious, indeed.
    • Joe was pretty nice too, for similar reasons, as well as the fact that he was always willing to hurl his pasty stick body at whatever danger was around.
    • And Davis was a HoYay magnet. Pretty frigging sweet.
    • Don't forget Tai. Hnnnng. But yeah you're not the only one.
    • In response to the above troper, I must agree about Izzy and Joe the most--they got a delightful bishonen upgrade in Digimon Adventure Tri, too. Heck, Joe, at least, is hotter than MATT now!
  • Venusmon. A Digimon of love and beauty, indeed. The card art for her is even worse (or better, depending on your viewpoint). Yes, you can see her panties in the official artwork. And yes, the card art gives an even better view on them. She wears a clothing with almost nothing on the backside. Not to mention the impressive front side...
  • Apocalymon, the big bad of the first season: he's apparently naked, has two throbbing tubes emerging from his crotch, cuts himself, and tentacles sprout from the polyedron to which he's attached.
  • Mimi loses one of her boots in Seasick and Tired when Joey steps on it from behind.
  • Digimon Adventure Tri's art style change has made both the girls and guys significantly more mature looking and, in the process, sexier. Most noteworthy are Mimi and Tai--Mimi wears the more revealing outfits and isn't afraid to show off (or get all grabby with her new gal pal) while Tai has apparently been hitting the gym between seasons, seeing as his two shirtless scenes have revealed that he has really nice abs.
  • The second film in the Digimon Adventure Tri series has an extended hot springs scene with the boys. We get to see Tai, Matt and TK in (fairly short) modesty towels, a brief and partially obscured look at Izzy's bare butt and Tai's teacher in his underwear.

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