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  • This troper discovered the, uh, joys of hybristophilia round about the time she realized that she had a thing for Carcer.
    • Personally, I think the entire Discworld fandom has TMOH to blame for this. This troper is pretty sure encountering Teatime so soon after getting out of Yu-Gi-Oh fandom gave her a fetish for fair haired prettyboys with glass eyes. My brain. It hurts.
      • I (the above troper) am TMOH, and that's for sure my Old Shame. I'd like to think I'm messed up in a slightly more mature way now, though. Possibly. A little.
      • Nononono. As the original idiot commenter here— we have you to thank. Well, we have Pterry to blame and you to thank for actually making something of it simultaneously terrifyingly insane (rather than Draco In Leather Pants) and terrifyingly tasty.
    • How is it that we haven't mentioned Thud!? Angua the werewolf and Sally the Vampire, both really on edge, naked, moving through the mud below the city, getting really angry at one another...
      • Afterwards, they end up surfacing in a pole dancing establisment, and end up walking back to the watchhouse in ...hem hem....dancer's outfits.
      • Oh, Thud!... This Troper was far more turned on than she'd ever like to admit by the lengthy, intricate description of Sam Vimes shaving that starts the book... She has a shaving fetish, and has had it for years...
    • I am shocked and disappointed over the lack of human Greebo. And of Adora Belle Dearhart...and Wolfgang...
      • Oh, god, human Greebo. To paraphrase the book describe him by saying his smile spoke of the downfall of FEMALE saints. Yum.
      • Anyone else go a little... funny... during the bit at the end of The Fifth Elephant where Angua and Wolfgang were whomping the hell out of each other? Just this troper, then? Okay.
    • This troper can't help but get interesting ideas whenever the werewolf Angua in Terry Pratchett's Discworld-novels compares herself to Captain Carrot's dog. And it raised his eyebrows to learn in The Fifth Elephant that she apparently once had a relationship with an ordinary wolf (in loose sense of the word) meaningful enough for him to travel across half the continent to tell her that her family is plotting something.
      • And did we mention that, even in human form, she wears her police badge on a leather collar?
    • Also—Monstrous Regiment. Polly. Mal. Made of win. (This troper is also strangely captivated by Adora Belle Dearheart from the Moist von Lipwig books. There's something about her badass allure. She's turned on by ancient languages? ... so am I. Well, I am now.)
      • Severely plained dresses? Check. Short temper? Check. A tendency to inflict physical violence on people? Check. I'm not quite a full-on whips-and-leather submissive, but... I'll be in my bunk.
      • Moist once wondered if she could "put into into the rest of [her] life the passion she put into smoking a cigarette." My mind... went places.
    • This troper loves languages in general and Rincewind's knack for them is definitely Fetish Fuel for her. It's probably a Geek Turn On thing.
    • Unseen Academicals reveals that probably the most powerful Vampiress in Uberwald was recently given a leather and rubber dress.
    • When Susan walks through a gentlemen's club in her schoolteacher outfit and black high-heeled boots, the gentlemen, knowing that you don't get women in the club, assume she's a figment of their imaginations. The narration even notes it's an easy mistake to make.
    • How has no one mentioned Vetinari yet? This troper refuses to believe that she's the only one who gets squiggly feelings in the extreme whenever he screws with people's heads. I mean, come on, he all but admits in Making Money that he gets off on mind games! And the eyebrow, and the Magnificent Bastardry, and he's so calm all the time and I need to stop now before I have to go and have a lie down.
      • There's something particularly... fun about Vetinari turning his manipulation skills on Moist. Because Moist knows he's doing it, but can never quite get out of it, and, well. Those two need more scenes together, is all I'm saying.
      • This troper was recently knocked sideways by the realization that Vetinari and Lady Margolotta must have first met well before she stopped biting humans. Knowing what we know about Discworld vampires, and having met the young Vetinari who turns up in Night Watch... woof.
    • In The Last Hero, Rincewind appears wearing only a loincloth, strapped down to a revolving wheel. It sort of Makes Sense In Context, but that doesn't make it one whit less fetish-fuely.
    • In a sort of Nightmare Fuel-ly example, Thief of Time does involve a nude, beautiful woman making a swan dive into liquid chocolate. The mental image, particularly the idea of her climbing out, still nude and dripping chocolate, sort of distracted me. (It also meant it took me a few moments to figure out what was going on, at which point it got less enjoyable. Anyone have fanfic wherein she survived?
  • Vimes. Just Vimes.
    • Oh GODS yes.

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