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Have a fetish that you wouldn't mind satisfying? Chances are that you'll find it in this series. And then some.

  • Disgaea: Etna and Flonne, Really Seven Hundred Year Old Pettanko lolis. "Everyone is loli for Etna" indeed.
    • Etna's theme song doesn't help matters. Also: Check out the translated lyrics.
      • What's more is that Adell's nine-year-old sister wants to grow up to be just like her, "only sexier." Adell, naturally, is horrified to hear this.
  • For those on the other end of the spectrum, the succubi and kit kats are well-endowed enough that Laharl is allergic to them and are scantily (if at all) clad.
    • Believe it or not, they wore less in the concept design art — They had to be tarted down. These designs were done by the artist that did the Marl series for Nippon Ichi, and is particularly Noticeable in the succubus sprite, which gains or loses pants based on what pose she's taking.
      • Tarted down, nothing. The Felynn were originally going to be completely naked. What's funny is that they're not the Horny Devils.
      • Were? My friend, the Felynn ARE naked. But what I find funny is that the Horny Devils themselves have actually gained more clothing circa Disgaea 3. Though I'll admit this, I do have a thing for the Beast Tamers. Beast Tamer/Felynn/Succubus threesome anyone?
      • Given that they were Nipple And Dimed into a Fur Bikini, I think that counts as a "were". At the very least, I agree on the Fetish Fuel state of the Beast Tamers.
  • Really, between the Stripperiffic-ness all across the board (Laharl wears even less than the aforementioned Etna, if that's even possible), the frequent use of both Pettankos and Gag-Boobed Horny Devils, and the fact that you can literally give any non-story character a sex change on the spot, the entire game can count as fetish fuel.
    • Of course it's possible. The Zettai Ryouiki alone should be enough to put Etna's coverage ahead of Laharl's, or close to it...of course, this favors Etna.
    • Speaking of Stripperiffic, at least one person has noted with amusement that Adell's outfit bears a suspicious resemblance to the uniforms of some male strippers...and that's not even getting into the fact that it looks tight enough to have been painted on. No wonder why Etna initially mistook him for Rozalin's boy toy.
  • Of course, this is all because the character designer is a well-known hentai manga artist.
  • There's a scene in the anime of Jennifer shackled up by her father (albeit adopted) and crying, "Don't use me anymore!" ...Whoah.
    • Of course, we also can't forget her suggestively overactive imagination.
      • Not only that, but Tentacles are an equipable monster weapon! The in-game description even says that they are perfect for groping!
      • Which has serious implications given that several human characters (usually cameoes or enemy-only) are treated in-game as the monster-type...and thus may have tentacles growing out of them. I find it amusing that Jennifer herself is one of them, at least circa Disgaea 3.
  • Jennifer's offer to teach Laharl Sex-ed when she confused his reaction to her body for naivete makes her sound like a dirty girl, nevermind that Laharl is technically much, much older then her.
  • We can't forget Rozalin; a busty demon princess with a taste in elegant gothic fashion and a special attack called Kneel Before Me. If that's not enough, the hero's brother and resident Cute Shotaro Boy begs to be her slave.
    • Kneel Before Me is a powerful buff- you use it on your allies...
      • Exactly!
      • Concerning the gothic costume◊ Roz has a backless dress. Detached sleaves. A massive and over-elaborate gown with giant ribbon around her neck. And a deadly combination of high heeled sandals and stockings.
  • Mao from Disgaea 3 gets way too excited at the prospect of Mad Scientist experimentation for it to not be sexual. Almaz, his newest lab rat, is entirely aware of the implications of the Slave-Master relationship Mao signed him up for — particularly when he starts examining him in...inappropriate places for newly acquired demonic features.Almaz: Princess...I think he just violated me.
    • Mao also totally gets off on the idea of experimenting on himself. After learning that his butler, Geoffrey, has been doing things of that sort to him in his sleep, he demands video of it.
    • In one of the later DLC's, Gig says that Mao's new nickname is "Pervy Four-Eyes", and with good reason.
  • Did we mention that there's an equippable Gag Penis in the game? Because there's totally an equippable Gag Penis in the game.
    • A horse's gag penis.
    • An awesome, early-game attack raising equippable horse's gag penis!
      • An awesome, early-game attack and hit raising equippable horse's gag penis that you can Level-grind!
      • An awesome, early-game attack and hit raising equippable horse's gag penis that is feared by Laharl that you can Level-grind!
      • An awesome, early-game attack and hit raising equippable horse's gag penis that is feared by Laharl that you can Level-grind and whose optimal users are girls (archers)!
      • An awesome, early-game attack and hit raising equippable horse's gag penis that is feared by Laharl that you can Level-grind and whose optimal users are Pettankos (archers)!
      • An awesome, early-game attack and hit raising equippable horse's potentially LEGENDARY gag penis that is feared by Laharl that you can Level-grind and whose optimal users are Pettankos (archers)!
      • Oh God, with the penis jokes!
  • Sapphire's treatment of Raspberyl. And by treatment, we mean boob hugs and - in the art at least - wearing each other's clothes. Les Yay indeed.
    • Speaking of wearing someone else's clothes...the Disgaea 2 manga has Flonne dressed up as Etna. It's as insanely hot as you'd imagine.
      • The anime series features Etna and Flonne swapping personalities with their clothes. Grab a hanky before you watch this one.
  • And don't forget the ability to do Gender Bender transmigrations to your army.
  • Disgaea 3 shows that quite a lot of the teaching staff in demon schools are Succubi. At least some of them enjoy being "punished" by their students.
  • Yes, there's some serious Fridge Logic involved, but Taro and his milk...yeah.
  • The Clone tiles in the Item World. An entire map made up only of Etna? Yes, please.
    • The game has a hard-coded limit of something like 40 sprite objects (characters and Geo Symbols). Clone panels won't let you go above that. Of course, you can definitely get up to that. Just don't let Lex Luthor near your 40 Etnas. Because he'd take all 40 of them. That's as many as four tens. And that's terrible.
  • Am I the only one who has a thing for the well-endowed healer/nurses? Possibly pious and modest in personality yet have a killer body, and then Disgaea 3 brings us Cheerleaders in the form of belly dancers! Those outfits, with the loincloths and the sandals. Oh man, I need a cold shower. :P
    • This Troper actually draws Cheerleaders quite often, only without the thongs under their loincloths.
  • The main character of Disgaea 4 looks like a sexy anime vampire. *nosebleed*
  • ThisTroper seriously wants to get her freak on with Princess Rozalin. But really, can you blame me?
    • I see your Rozalin and raise you Sapphire. Actually, can we get both at once?
      • Yes, but only if you throw in Sapphire's adorable Woobie boyfriend.
    • Laharl all for me, then? I feel so lucky!
      • Damn me for being such a pushover! Oh well, please save a piece of my eternal lord and master for this lowly troper!
    • So, I get Mao all to myself? Sweet!
      • No, no, share please! D8
      • We all know Mao will be more than glad to "examine" us all...So throw me in!
    • No love for Etna and Flonne? Why hasn't anyone...oh, right.
      • Hey, I freaking love Beryl and she's more loli than either of them. I am also not afraid to admit this to my friends.
    • I'm all for the generic Samurai, personally. Wouldn't mind having one of dem fighters with the belts and everything either.
    • All we have is one teaser picture for Disgaea 4 and I'm already seriously PSL-ing over that sulky wolfy guy on there. Even if you can only see his back. He has pretty white hair okay!
      • UPDATE: There's an actual picture of him now, and he's even more delicious then expected. Onomnomnomnomnom.
      • UPDATE AGAIN: His VA. HIS FREAKING VA. Sec, off to the showers.
      • I've never liked vampires.Especially now. Disgaea 4's new main character was badass enough to change this.
    • This Troper demands to know WHY THE HELL ADELL WASN'T MENTIONED YET?! AnimeHair+IdiotHair combo? Check.Red hair+ BlueEyes ULTRA COMBO? Check. cute scars? Check. Tight as hell/practically see-through clothes? OH GOD...CHECK. This Troper now realizes why she stopped the game just to stare at him in the cutscenes.But now she is wondering if she is the only one who sees all this.
      • Actually, you're not alone. *starts drooling*
  • If you guys are calling characters...I call the female archer! She's a loli with DrillHair who can weild a bow. How awesome is that?!
  • This straight troper isn't ashamed of saying he would enjoy being Gig's bitch. And if he could have some sexual healing from female Revya right afterwards... * drools*
  • Marona really, really needs some love. I'd be happy to oblige.
    • Care to share?
  • Etna, Flonne, Succubi, and Kit-Kats all do it for moi. Can I order some mana so I can get at least the latter two? Also, Flonne is the TropeNamer for LoveFreak, so does she have qualms over exactly how she shows love? Etna would be the difficult one to get to, but I'd figure it out.
  • Prier from La Pucelle has been the source of many naughty thoughts for this troper. Huge boobs, great hips, sports a sexy nun outfit that shows off her curvaceous body, and after her demon transformation, sports a demon look so sexy she could give Morrigan] a run for her money. * nosebleed *
  • If everyone's claiming characters, then, Valvatorez, the newest main character, is mine for the taking. [Window?] Check. [Before Reason?] Check. [Neighborhood Vampire?] Oh, so, check. You can keep your lolis and shotas, Val is mine.
  • You can have Val, as long as I get Volcano/Artina *big grin*
  • Am I the only one who likes Desco? She's just so cute. Oh well, I guess that just means I get her.

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