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Over, sideways, and under / On a magic carpet ride

Because princesses are hot.
  • The Little Mermaid:
    • Ariel's seashell bikini is arguably sexier than if she was outright topless.
    • This editor once heard someone talking about how, in college, they interviewed numerous lesbians with foot fetishes as part of some sort of paper, most of whom apparently cited the scene where Ariel wiggles her newfound toes as a major inspiration.
    • Also, Ariel got a scene where she was captured by tentacles in the sequel.
      • In the original, Ursula gropes Ariel's seashells with her tentacles.
    • But possibly the best example of this trope: Ariel gets legs... but no clothes to hide her now all-too human groin area. Of course, the movie goes through great pains to distract you from this interesting fact...
      • We-eee-eell, except there's this bit where she tries to stand for the first time, and falls over into the water while Sebastian laments "Just look at her! On legs! On human legs!" And just at that point, Ariel opens said legs, and though to us everything is hidden by the water, Sebastian appears to be staring straight at her crotch and he sort of shrieks. This troper always thought it was intentional.
    • Don't forget Ariel throwing her hair back when she first comes out of the water with legs. That scene inspired my hair fetish... but with dudes.
    • Ariel's daughter Melody from Return to the Sea is a dedicated barefooter as well. For Ariel, there's even a close-up of her bare feet stepping out of her shoes, and in the final scene, she is barefoot though otherwise fully dressed.
    • No one remembers Ariel's sisters (or any of the other mermaids on that matter)? I'd certainly like to go for a swim with them, if you know what I mean...
    • Ariel transforming into a polyp is fetish fuel for a small handful of people.
    • This scene◊. It looks suspiciously like Max is checking Ariel out...
  • Cinderella's glass slippers, which are probably amongst, if not the main reasons clear is such a common color for fetish heels. Supposedly there is a translation error in the original story rendered them as "glass" when in fact the slippers were made of fur. This isn't true, but it's also prime fetish material.
    • "fur slipper" is also a... very thin euphemism. (and the fact that the prince has to recognize the girl by trying her "fur slipper" on, gives the story quite a different meaning.
    • For a movie revolving around a lost shoe and glass footwear, Cinderella provides surprisingly little in terms of fuel for bare foot fetishists, unless one likes the stepsisters' ugly cartoonish feet, and the climactic shot of Cinderella showing she fits. However, one of the sequels, Cinderella III: A Twist in Time opens with a close-up of Cinderella's bare feet gliding down the stairs.
  • Jasmine's regular outfit is like a harem girl's.
    • Let's not forget the animated series, which featured episodes where hypnosis is involved multiple times, as well as one episode where Jasmine turns into what is, essentially, a Lamia (half girl half snake).
      • Aladdin briefly shares her fate at the end, for those who like their snakes to, snakes.
      • This troper much preferred the episode where Jas turns into a surprisingly cute Mrs. Brisby-esque rat.
    • Or the episode in which the animators overemphasized Jasmine's breasts. Off Model animation never looked so good...
    • When Jafar takes over, she is given a different, even sexier outfit and chained up like a Homage to Slave Leia.
    • Not to mention when Jasmine thought she was Abis Mal's daughter and dressed like a dominatrix, complete withwhip...
    • This troper is not sure why, but the sight of Jasmine in her Jafar outfit slowly drowning in sand in her hourglass tomb was very...interesting. If it was not the cause of this troper's danger/asphyxiation fetish, it definitely helped, at least.
  • This troper noticed that Aurora went barefoot for almost the whole of Sleeping Beauty.
    • Man, as if Aurora wasn't super-hot already, what with her hourglass figure and all.
    • The scene where Malificent bewitches her into touching the spindle probably spawned more than a few hypnofetishists...
  • Snow White. Pale skin, black-midnight hair, red lips... Fetish Fuel Up To Eleven.
    • Some folks attributed their desire for curvy women not to Monroe, but to Snow White - who had a more Reubenesque figure (and is presumably shorter) than any of the other princesses that followed her.
  • Giselle from Enchanted goes barefoot in her animated form, though this tendency does not carry over to her live action counterpart.
    • Some find her hot, but only in her animated form.
  • Pocahontas is often criticized for looking like an exotic porn star, as Disney turned her into a six foot goddess with huge lips, huge breasts, and Voldemort's nose. A Fan Nickname for the poor girl is Poke-ma-hot-ass.
  • Bare feet seem to feature very prominently in the Disney Animated Canon:
    • Pocahontas, Esmeralda from The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, and Princess Kida from Atlantis: The Lost Empire are also barefooters, although they all wound up wearing shoes in their respective "cheapquels".
    • Jane from Tarzan also provides some material for foot fetishists. After one of her boots is stolen by a mischievous ape, there is a scene where Tarzan holds up and examines her now bare foot. She spends most of the rest of the movie barefoot after that. (And for those who like male feet, there is Tarzan himself.)
      • Also, the bit where Tarzan listened to her heart, with his face between her breasts. Amazingly, the set-up for that joke, where he did it earlier to his gorilla mother, was actually used in promotional stuff because it's "heartwarming". (Hmmm, a pun... sort of) Also, there was a scene where Jane was in her underwear (by 19th century standards) and the camera looks up at all the gorillas, and you're supposed to be like, "Wow, look at that amazing panorama" but actually I was like "Wow, look at that amazing rack".
    • And now we can add Rapunzel from Tangled.
  • Despite how badly Atlantis: The Lost Empire was received, some people found the Dark Action Girl and/orBaroness figure hot in her cold, authoritative way, not to mention she easily kicked the asses of many of the men. There is also the Dark Skinned White Haired Pretty Girl princess.
    • This Troper originally thought that Princess Kida from Atlantis was a prince, based on a trailer. She does look fairly androgynous in it, and would totally make a sexy drag king. Of course, in the movie I was proved wrong about that... but somehow, that just makes it better. Plus, Milo started my glasses fetish/nerd fetish/fondness for linguistics and linguists. You know what they say about people who study tongues...
      • And that little bit in the movie where she strips down in a sort of Atlantean bathing suit. I think I know how Milo must have felt :D
  • There is no denying it- tall, slim, Snark Kight Meg from Hercules is the one Disney female this troper would actively become a lesbian for. Her anti-love songs are sad, her waist is tiny, and her hair... just, the tendril hair... The great figure and mild case of Hartman Hips don't hurt either.
  • Belle has such a Hot Librarian vibe...
    • Plus she has that stray strand of hair that she's always pushing back! Dunno why, but that one action ups her hotness factor about tenfold.
    • As a Pretty In Mink fan, and Belle wearing a fur in two of the movies, she is definitely one of my favorites (after Ariel).
    • That and Beautiful, well endowed, the way her yellow ball gown has an Impossibly Low Neckline in some shots, herSlipknot Ponytail scene when she's chased by wolves in the forest, smart, not afraid to stand up for herself,Hartman Hips...
    • Lovely as Belle is in her Hot Librarian blue dress, what's done it for this troper since she was a kid is that off-shoulder yellow gown. Not so much anything else ablout it, but the way you can see the curve of her underarm turning into her breast... hmmmm.... amazed they let that in a Disney movie. Or maybe not so amazed.
    • Belle helped usher This troper into fierce heterosexuality at the impractically young age of four.
  • Also not really a princess, but sometimes counted as one (don't know why); Tinkerbell. This troper has a fetish for pixies in the first place, but the way she's always so jealous at Wendy is especially cute.
    • And then you have the scene where she's stuck in the keyhole, and the camera spends enough time focused on her rear end.
      • If this is any indication, a few Deviant artists found that scene pretty hot too...
    • Even before that, there's the scene where she walks onto a mirror to admire her reflection and is noticeably shocked at the size of her butt, even holding up her hands to measure it. I've always had a thing for big asses, but somehow, a girl being self-conscious about hers just makes it even hotter. (Face it, we've all been smitten with at least one beautiful girl who couldn't stop worrying about the size of her butt).
    • Everything about Tink's fairy get-up hits my fetish buttons. The blonde hair, the sweet-but-bratty attitude, the revealing stockingless tutu, the cute ballerina hair bun... I was never into dance as a kid, but I think Tink had something to do with my ballerina fetish as an adult.
    • And now she's a Tsundere Wrench Wench Gadgeteer Genius! Drool!
    • And if I'm talking about Peter Pan anyway, those Mermaids there are also a source of Fetish Fuel for this troper.
    • How about when Peter rescues Tiger Lily from Hook, and he's flying with her in his arms. I think she'd do about anything for him at that point. Then Peter is made a member of the tribe, and does eskimo kisses with Tiger Lily . . . Sigh. Just the whole context of the movie intrigues me. A boy whose attention is competed for by a sexy fairy, a dark girl in an indian costume, and a whole host of seminude mermaids.
    • Also when he rescues Wendy from falling. Fuels a fetish for dangerous situations/rescue and people being carried bridal style.
  • Let's take a look at the first promo image◊for Tangled. A barefoot girl wearing a corset tying up a hot guy with a goatee up with her long hair. Disney is making this too easy.
    • That's some pretty tough hair to hold him like that.
      • Actually, standard human hair has about the same tensile strength as copper wire. Or so I hear...
    • and after seeing that I'll um. be in my bunk...
      • Agreed. Guh.
    • The rough draft of the first trailer is no less kinky, with Rapunzel's violent Prehensile Hair and all its potential.
    • If Mother Gothel looks anything like her storyboard design, with that hourglass figure and lidded eyes, we might have another sexy villain on our hands.
    • And she's a Moe. I really hope that I'm not the only one who likes her huge eyes...
    • The teaser poster.◊What exactly are they doing all wrapped up in her hair?
    • How about the scene where she clings to Flynn's back like some barefoot, clingy thing?
    • And her getting wrapped up in her hair three times over the course of the movie.
    • Rapunzel is just criminally adorable. She's probably surpassed even Ariel in the naive cuteness department.
    • 50 feet of blonde hair is lovely. 50 feet of wet blonde hair warrents time to myself.
    • When they kiss at the end, she dips him.
  • Tiana. Gorgeous, self-sufficient, packing a delightful amount of junk in her trunk AND she can cook. And her gal-pal, Charlotte, is no slouch, either in the curves department.
  • Does Mulan count here? This Butch Lesbian troper blames her strange kink for pretty girlsattempting topass as male◊(and especially in fullbattle armor◊, yum) on this film and on the Alanna Books she read in her youth. There's even a bonus of seeing her chest bindings!◊And a certain scene of her absolutely naked,swimming with a bunch of naked men whodo not realize even then that she is a woman. The troper also understands a large percentage of straight women share Mulan's expression◊upon seeing Shang shirtless.◊Conversely, the scene of Mulan being bullied◊into getting her hair done◊and into that painful-looking waist cinch◊is Nightmare Fuel for her, but the film makes up for it later by having her hang out under the Great Stone Dragon◊in tears, utterly soaked to the bone...
    • And this Bi female troper not only blames her sword-fighting fetish on this movie, but her flower-in-the-hair fetish (that winsome smile with the orchid comb behind one ear? Meow!).
    • Wow, Mulan gave me both of those fetishes too, as well as causing me to be strangely turned on by the scene where she cuts her hair short with a sword.

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