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Has your brain exploded yet?

Well, what did you expect? This is Joss Whedon we're dealing with here. You knew it wouldn't take long for Dollhouse to get its own Fetish Fuel page, right?

  • Echo and Perrin, shirtless and cutting each other's GPS trackers out. phwoar.
  • Where do we start? Um... how about in the opening sequence. There's quite a bit of Fanservice running along with that theme song...
  • The entire premise fuels the mind control fetish, from the machines that wipe minds to the hypnotic triggers in Actives.
  • And then there was the pilot, where despite normally being able to see just fine, Echo's latest imprint requires her to wear glasses. Her outfit is also a bit Hot Librarian and when she tells the head of security if he talks out of term again she will "scold him".
  • talks "out of turn".
  • Episode four, where she appears to have been assigned to be a, ahem, "Companion", and shows up entirely clad in leather, pairing thigh-high boots with a miniskirt for an effect that is lamentably rare in the western world. Then subverts it by kicking the security guard's ass, still in the thigh-high stilettos and miniskirt, and revealing the true nature of her latest imprint, a thief.
    • Zettai Ryouiki comes back in Echoes, complete with Echo riding a motorbike. Um, yeah.
  • And, of course, the copious Shower Scenes, at least Once An Episode. With one community shower for all actives, male and female. *eyes widening* Whoa...
  • In Needs, when there's the dream sequence of Paul and Echo making out. Especially the bit where she moans "Oh, God..."
  • Then there were the outfits that Rayna and her backup dancers wore...which Echo spent a little too much time changing into. Hm. Well, muscle memory could explain how she became such a quick-change artist by the next episode, unless, of course, you subscribe to the theory that the Actives retain some memories each time—wait, this isn't WMG, this is Fetish Fuel!
  • If you've got a wounds fetish, there was plenty of that in the second episode. Actually, there's usually someone getting hurt pretty badly in every episode, but the second one actually had a game of cat and mouse as a form of courtship. That's... kinda hot, really.
    • Wait, what? That wasn't courtship, he was actively trying to kill her. The courtship came first.
    • There's also Doctor Saunders. Amy Acker is drop-dead gorgeous anyways, but somehow, those checkerboard scars all over her face actually add something. Her shy, quiet demeanor doesn't hurt either.
    • Saunders as Clyde 7.0 in "The Hollow Men". An attractive Magnificent Bastard in a suit who can kick major ass? HOT. Of course, the fact that she has a male mind is a bit of a turnoff.
      • For who?
  • Barefoot, drugged-out Adelle DeWitt sprawled on the floor, eating chips while having a spaced-out conversation with Topher? I have no idea why I find that sexy, but damn.
    • You are not alone.
    • DeWitt + trampoline = a very hot and flustered troper.
      • DeWitt + trampoline = a very hot and flustered Topher.
        • Topher is a troper?
    • It's the way her hair became dishevelled.
    • And Topher wasn't wearing any pants, either. I wanted them to have hot, angry sex right there.
      • This troper is totally convinced they did.
      • This troper says Adelle and Dominic were both still high when he got back, and there was hotter sex than any Doll/client fantasy. Perhaps on her desk.
  • Oh, and if you have a foot fetish, this will become your favorite show on TV. All the dolls have bare feet whenever they're in Blank Slate mode, sometimes even when they're on missions, and as mentioned above, even DeWitt managed to get her shoes off during her head trip in episode seven.
    • Seriously, this show treats shoes the way Fan Service-oriented Anime treats blouses.
  • Many of Echo's side missions seem to involve getting her into transparent stockings and stiletto heels...
    • The sexy schoolgirl outfit in Episode 7.
      • And Kiki. And Sierra as the fangirl in a Season 1 episode.
  • The fact that Echo is Eliza Dushku. This troper probably wouldn't have been hooked if it hadn't been for her.
  • Sierra, in the third episode, dresses up in a school girl outfit, and speaks in a ridiculously cute accent. Which is apparently her natural one. This troper couldn't watch the episode in one go, because he needed some time in his bunk.
  • Topher, being forced into his own mindwipe chair at gunpoint by Caroline!Echo in Episode 8. It's the first real emotion we see from him in the series, and it's sexy sexy terror.
  • Echo starts episode nine in full-fledged dominatrix gear. The leather, the skin, the whip... Whipping Victor's handler for no apparent reason was definitely fanservice.
    • The same episode had Adele and Victor fencing. Real fencing gear is sexy enough, but fencing vests with no arms?
    • Same episode, Dr. Saunders treating a bra-only-top Adelle certainly pushed my buttons.
    • Especially the way she wanted to be there the whole time for Dominic's thing. She has a anger!sex thing with Dom, and then Saunders tries to keep her sane and loves her and worries Adelle doesn't feel the same and Saunders is pleased that the scars apparently mean nothing to Adelle. Or maybe they both have a thing for her and she has no clue and Saunders is still there (like the Goa'uld saying "Nothing of the host survives" in Stargate SG-1 and is heartbroken as Clive 2.0 does these horrible things and Adelle feels guilt and Clive 2.0 perves over Adelle.)
  • Arguably (or not so arguably), the entire concept of the Dollhouse is fetish fuel. When someone uses a doll, they are exactly what the customer wants them to be, no role playing or falsehood involved. Every fetish that one could possibly imagine can be indulged and the doll will truly enjoy it, with the added bonus of actually having feelings for the customer if the he or she so desires.
    • The whole idea of being a doll... Every day you're someone different, someone else's perfection, being everything they need and want, even if it's just for a day. Maybe its part Mind Control fetish, maybe it's part fantasy, but there are people who would sign up to be an Active if given the chance.
    • Alright, I'll say it - a relationship with an imprinted personality could have a very interesting definition of monogamy attached. Say there's a particular imprint you fancy, but instead of having them be in the same body all the time, you have them imprinted in different Actives. Very different, if that's what you're into. If it's the same "person" but different bodies, does that even count as cheating?
      • If you are paying for it, then yes.
    • If episode 9 is any evidence, the Dollhouse canonically gets used for the purpose of providing fetish fuel.
  • Ballard and Mellie's sex in episode ten. It's incredibly disturbing and sick, but yet at the same time...
  • Anyone else find Sierra's "Topher's friend" imprint incredibly hot?
    • Well, that was the point, wasn't it?
      • Yes, but it's still hot.
    • Not quite as hot as Sierra's "bounty hunter" imprint.
      • Oh hell yeah. Dichen Lachman can seduce me anytime.
  • Echo in full riding regalia and riding a horse. I don't know why it seemed sexy, but it was. And then when she nuzzled the horse afterwards... Mmmm...
  • I'm just going to say everything about Adelle DeWitt. I'll take a strong, confident Chessmaster over a Doll any day.
    • Agreed. Good to see that This Troper isn't the only one who finds the idea of a powerful women who is simultaneously pragmatic/hyperrational and lonely/emotionally vulnerable to be appealing.
  • 1x11, "Briar Rose". This troper is fairly certain someone's turned on by both Boyd vs. Ballard, and Alan Tudyk's large, semi-muscular Alpha.
    • I'd never been turned on by Alan Tudyk before, but in that skin-tight shirt that accentuated his muscles... *swoon* And then his scene(s) with Echo at the end, yeeeeaaahh...
    • he's Axe Crazy which makes it even more interesting for this troper
    • That scene where he becomes more and more Alpha-like as he shuts down the Dollhouse's systems . . . it was the deepening, growling voice that did it for this tropette. I spent most of his evil!screentime attempting to deny how turned on I was. The tight shirt and the insanity and the forcefulness and the genius . . . damn.
    • Alan Tudyk is just a very attractive man. Homicidal mania really complements it, somehow, though.
  • Whiskey. Number one Active indeed.
    • As someone on the Dollhouse main page said: "Dr. Saunders, who cares about the Dolls far more than is healthy for anyone in her profession and hasn't left the Dollhouse since her gorgeous face was carved up by Alpha, desperately needs a hug, a mug of hot chocolate, and to be told that everything will be all right. The line for volunteers forms at the left." This troper would be pleased to confirm for her that she is indeed still beautiful. And the scars? Well, you could really go two different ways with that.
  • The scene in Omega starring Whiskey, a tied-up client, and Alan Tudyk's muscles. It manages to hit nearly every BDSM kink, not to mention Whiskey in what looks like leather leggings.
      • The beating wasn't that nice, but essentially the client got what he wanted, right? I certainly would pay a lot to have Amy Acker and Alan Tudyk make out on top of me...
    • "What do you think of the suit?"
  • "Omega" gave this troper squiggly feelings about a possible Echo/Caroline/Alpha threesome.
  • The Estrogen Brigade Bait that is Victor. Enough said.
    • Hell, this troper is male and wants him, if only for his ever-increasing pile of Crowning Moments. One has to wonder why Enver was cast to play a secondary character when he's this good at being a chameleon and slipping into roles so naturally.
    • Good god, yes. Blank!Victor is made of adorable, and so many of his imprints add to his charm. I'll just repeat what I said on the Perverse Sexual Lust page: Competent, well-dressed, personable NSA agent? Want him. British-accented, sweet, caring dream-boy who fences? Need him. Down-to-earth, curious, soft-spoken horse breeder? Be still my heart! And all beautifully acted, which just adds a talent crush on top of it all.
  • "Epitaph One". A twelve year old girl getting a tattoo. Right in the "tramp stamp" zone too. Didn't help that we later find out she has the mind of an adult imprinted in her. In fact that may have made it worse.
  • From the start of one scene we have Mellie in Sexy Shirt Switch get-up all hot and pleasing for This Troper then after her trigger word is activated we then get Mellie/November as a Femme Fatale in Sexy Shirt Switch so doubly hot, and finally after reverting to "normal" we get Mellie as Woobie in... you get the picture - I know I do.
    • Seeing DEM CURVES being thrown around a room = awesome. Seeing DEM CURVES beating the hell out of the attacker and killing him with a single blow to the back = pure ever-lasting Fetish Fuel
  • Incoming Fetish Fuel for the second season: Summer Glau has been cast as "Bennett," a programmer like Topher. That means that we're going to be seeing a geeky Summer Glau in the second season.
    • And if the preview pics are anything to go by, she wears glasses. Squee.
    • You had me at "geeky Summer Glau". *choir sings* HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH!
    • She's also got one hand bound up in a tight elbow-length leather glove, and one of the promo pics shows her apparently experimenting on a female Doll who is strapped down to the table. (whimper)
      • The Doll is Echo. And Bennett is smiling while doing... whatever it is she's doing.
      • And the glove-thing is because that arm doesn't work, for all of those who like their girls "wounded".
    • And don't forget the part where, after getting done torturing Echo for the moment, Bennett stops, leans over her very closely, and gently wipes her tears. And later she kindly gives Echo some water. The sub/dom implication there is so thick you can cut it with a knife.
    • The way she delivers this line alone:Now's not the time for 'why.' I like this void. This evil, simple world. Just pain. Over and over again. No reason, no end, no in-between. You can't even pass out. We shut down everything that stands between you and blinding, searing pain.
    • As of "The Public Eye," Bennett has made her debut. Not only is she incredibly timid and geeky, she also turns out to be an Ax Crazy Torture Technician.
    • I believe Topher and Topher!Victor put it best:

Topher!Victor: "Glasses?"Topher: "Glasses on a chain!"Topher!Victor: "For the win!"

    • Her return in "Getting Closer" had flashbacks to her college days with Caroline. In addition to the glasses, she was also rocking Zettai Ryouiki in the first flashback of the episode. Also, there was mad Les Yay Subtext going on between the tough-as-nails Caroline and the timid Bennet.
  • What about Victor imprinted with Topher? It's just something about Topher squared, specially at the end of the episode with the two of them together (you know what I'm thinking).
  • Sierra, imprinted as a snooty English bigot asking to be tied up and spanked by Ivy.
  • Whiskey and Echo in bridal dresses, rubbing each other. It's a Crowning Moment of Les Yay.
  • Echo dressed in nothing but a satin sheet, getting sexily out of bed and asking "Martin" to come back to bed. It made This Troper consider putting a clip of that scene on infinite loop.
  • Sierra. Just... Sierra. Every time she's on the screen, I just want to hold her. And Mellie. And Doc Saunders. And Agent Ballard just a little bit, too. But mainly Sierra.
  • And now we have... Virtual Echo. [1]
  • Echo's "Kiki" imprint is not so much fetish fuel on her own, but then Kiki ends up in Victor's body...
  • You've also got the mindgames between Whiskey and Topher. And, oh yeah, in "Vows" Whiskey tries to rape him.
    • That was Fetish Fuel for a whole different reason for this troper, who has found that when she has a crush on an actor/character, good acting in itself is really freaking sexy. And she already had a giant crush on Amy Acker. So any of her scenes in that episode... Yeah.
  • Adelle has always been a strong woman, but in "The Left Hand," she cranks the FemDom vibes Up To Eleven.
    • "Now tell me I don't know how to bluff."
    • Which makes the scene in the subsequent episode where Alpha terrifies Adelle completely by simply standing next to her even more impressive.
  • Given that the second half of Season 2 focuses primarily on Echo's accelerated evolution, Sierra and Victor are left with the task of providing Fanservice. And boy, do they deliver:
    • "Meet Jane Doe" (2x07). Sierra as a HotScientist and Victor as a shy, geeky Meganekko. They also immediately start making out with each other the very second they get a free moment.
    • "A Love Supreme" (2x08). Sierra as friggin' Marilyn Monroe, complete with an absurdly sexy New York drawl, and Victor as a delightfully twisted psychologist.
      • I don't think she was supposed to be Marilyn Monroe, more a generic film noir Femme Fatale. Still works though.
  • Echo, Victor, and Sierra in the Attic beds hit a ridiculously high amount of fetish points. They're clothed in white bodysuits, unconscious, lying down in a couple inches of blue liquid, stuck with acupuncture-esque needles, and wrapped up, bed and all, in an incredibly tight clear plastic sheet. And that's not even getting into the very interesting noises they make when they're brought out of their Attic dreamstates.
  • Caroline and Bennet's suspiciously affectionate relationship, complete with Caroline carefully washing Bennet's hair.
    • Considering Bennett seems to want to hurt Caroline explicitly because she left her - not because she abandoned her to die or hurt her arm, or anything like that - Bennett may in fact actually have loved Caroline romantically. It's iffy on whether it was reciprocal, though....
      • She even puts on that really sexy skirt that Caroline bought for her, just because. And don't forget she turned on Rossum only because Caroline wanted to take them down, because she was Caroline's "friend." I'm 99% certain Bennett was lesbian for Caroline.
      • Yeah, given the way the first scene showed Caroline driving off a group of Libbies that was bullying Bennett, I definitely got an Onee Sama vibe from it.
  • This troper has a bit of a thing for girls who he is one head taller than, so I get a little excited whenever Echo and Ballard appear onscreen right next to each other. She just looks so adorably short next to him!
  • In Jane Doe when Echo says what the house taught her: "Sexually agressive and incredibly inventive in bed..."
  • The time Echo and Paul train together. Very close to rough sex. Very. Ohhhh.
  • This troper is truly astounded that nobody has yet mentioned Alan Tudyk (insert your own joke here) as Alpha. I mean all shirtless and crazy? almost makes me wish... and this is coming from a guy secure enough in his sexuality to admit it.
  • Alright, admit it. Somebody found the tech-heads from "Epitaph Two: Return" hot.
  • raises hand*
  • How has no one mentioned episode 2x09 yet? It went from Victor on Adelle love to several minutes of shirtless Victor, to kidnapped Bound And Gagged Victor. The last one being what this troper wants delivered to her house, promptly.
  • Your Mileage May Vary, but that borderline-Squick scene of Dr Saunders sneaking into Topher's bed?! Wow.
  • Speaking of Dr. Saunders. In the penultimate episode, she gets imprinted with the personality of a man, requiring Amy Acker to act masculine, wear a man's suit, come on to Adelle and fight Echo.
    • Its hard to believe that this did not appear earlier as a client's special request.
  • The scene where a reprogrammed Doll grabs Bennett by the throat and pins her against the wall, and then just holds her there got this troper's feelings all squiggly.
  • Man reactions.
  • The Hollow Men - Adelle's voice, raw as she refuses to say Mellie's trigger words. Adelle with a gun. Ballard crying and swearing to kill Adelle, not recognizing that it was a recording (although he knows there is a recording of the incident), believing in Boyd, who is the actual bad guy and actually has insulted Ballard to the rest of the group.Epitaph One and Two, Adelle not in stilettoes and pencil skirts. Adelle taking care of Topher. Adelle with a gun. Adelle gardening. Dominic trying to get a reaction out of Adelle (pinning her and almost choking her, shooting at the bar, accusing her of causing the thoughtpocalypse) and totally failing. Adelle looking lost and yet still strong after Topher sacrifices himself, while Zone tries to help whoever 'Ivy' really was, all the released people mill around, and everyone else go off and do their thing.

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