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You get your own page when you know you're this pretty.

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Knowing his fans, a backdoor surprise is probably on the horizon.

  • I don't know about you guys but groping hugging a soaking wet Doug sounds appealing.
  • He's got a nice ass as well, as shown (it was, of course, unintentional but it was still very much appreciated) in Spoony's Day Three Vlog. And he wasn't exactly helping himself there either, always bending over, crawling around the floor or lifting up his jacket while standing just to the camera's side. Damn that distracting tease.
  • As a DVD extra, he acts like getting out of his wet Ghostbusters clothes on camera is a striptease. Awesome enough. BUT ALSO... for the main menu, he acts and dresses like an Air Hostess. If those reasons aren't enough to get the DVD by themselves, I can't help you.
    • Did we mention that the striptease was done for his brother? And they apparently do this often?
    • And while we're on the subject of the DVD, am I totally insane for finding his sore-throat voice in the Alone In The Dark bloopers unfairly attractive?
  • During the early hours of the Donation Drive, he acts like the Donate button is blowing him. And, oh God, his face... someone please tell this troper that she wasn't the only one who wanted to make him look like that again?
    • Good Lord, definitely seconded. He also made some really... interesting noises, if I'm not mistaken.
      • This Troper is going berserk trying to find said clip. Help a sister out?
      • Part One of the Donation Drive, about 30/40 minutes in.
      • Thanks, but the video stops after a few minutes. My kingdom for a clip! Please?
      • It just got put up a few hours ago on youtube.
    • Speaking of, he mimes giving a blowjob at least twice. You guys know where I'll be.
    • And not just that. The sheer amount of Ho Yay he had with just about everyone was unbelievably awesome.
  • But we seem to have forgotten something amidst all the funny-and-fanservice-laden entries... the guy is ridiculously Adorkable. And very giggly, if you've seen any of the Premium Area bloopers.
  • He should really wear tight jeans more often. And because I enjoy being redundant, he has a nice ass.
    • In general, both Doug and Brad are ridiculously sexy in the "Disgruntled Mimes" video - they look really hot in their respective outfits, and the make-up and jaded attitude don't hurt either for some reason."I'm often mistaken for that V for Vendetta guy..." - that's because you're that hot, Doug! The sarcasm with which he says "You are turning me on with that outfit!" to a NC cosplayer is somehow, also, HOT - and does he say she is giving him a hard-on? I can't quite make it out, curse that sentence not being subtitled...
    • The first video starts with one long continuous shot of his backside while he's dancing. There is no getting over it: that man's ass is glorious indeed. (Rob even comments that he needs to wear tighter pants. Thanks for that, Rob!)
  • After finishing the Reverend Nutjob business at UCONN, he comes in again (with tight jeans *cough*) and walks up to the stage like he was a little rockstar. It's absolutely adorable and should really be seen.
  • He's a six-footer. This troper has a thing for tall men...
  • In "Brad Tries Pizza Beer", he slowly works his way around a lollipop while saying things like "I just love having Jimmy Dean's meat in me". He's also barefoot, for those of you who like that kinda thing.
  • Tell me the truth (and I'm so very late, I know), I'm ridiculously pathetic for wanting to give him a big hug because of the Boys Beware riff, right?
  • This picture◊ of him acting like a kitty. It's just so cute and silly, and at the same time, strangely arousing.
  • He went to Catholic School as a kid. Is it just me or does that make his deranged sexualness in Ask That Guy With The Glasses all the more... appealing?
  • Both the responses at Shadocon (to the question of if Doug was just acting completely pissed in the It review) where Rob and Egorapter said that if he was actually sloshed, there'd be a lot more clothes-taking-off involved, and of course the Donation Drive where he flirted with everyone, seems to imply that he's a slutty drunk. Yum.
  • This troper appreciates times whenever he's wearing a black t-shirt. He has nice arms and its always good to see them get shown off.
  • In the second donation drive, he fellates a lightsaber twice and makes a show of erotically eating a banana. I don't know why he does these things but I love him for it.
    • While this is probably way too much thought put into a Fetish Fuel page, I've figured out why I love his blowjob jokes so much. Most guys who do them just do hand gestures and it's obvious their mind is solely on the girl sucking them off. When he does them, even when he's acting out being on the receiving end; his face, the way he does it, the objectification is all on him, not someone else. Hot.
  • He's starting to name-drop tropes like Fan DumbTitle Drop and Nightmare Fuel. If he really is One Of Us now, then the fact that he might have read this page is both awesome and slightly terrifying.
  • He just seems very... secure, is probably the right word. He knows he's funny and he very likely knows he's a hot nerd but he's sweet and amusing about it, not a total dickhead like some guys are. Not to mention the rampant Ho Yay/Faux Yay with nearly any man in sight.
    • Seconding. And with regards to all the Ho Yay, is it bad of me to hope that he's batted for the other side at least once?
  • All these notes seems to have paid off for him: he proposed to his girlfriend.
    • Is it bad that my first thought was 'sweet! threesome!'?
      • Can we make it an orgy?
    • This is going to sound nasty, but after seeing what his fiancée looks like (pretty goddamn large), it gives this Hollywood Pudgy troper hope that she'll find a sweet, cute, loving guy like Doug someday.
    • This troper's been hearing a lot about the proposal and is a little unclear as to where this was posted. Help a fellow troper out?
      • It was on his old facebook, around the time of the Animaniacs tribute. They're apparently one of those couples that get engaged but wait a while before actually getting married.
  • This may be sort of an odd one, but this troper thinks Doug has enviously beautiful, sculpture-perfect arms and hands and absolutely cannot get enough of looking at them.
    • Seconded. I love large hands with long, girly fingers. His fiancée must be very lucky.
    • Doug seems to be reading this page, as Critic has lately expressed a fondness for fingering pretty girls. Such a pleaser, that one.
  • Anyone for ponyplay? And Doug, dude, if you're reading this; telling your brother to "ride you" breaks our brains. Please continue.
  • Doug's whimpery little "no" when Rob asked him if he really wanted to do the "Secret Of NIMH 2" commentary by himself. It pleased me.
    • Even better, he had been a brat up until Rob was stern with him. Pleasing indeed.
  • Doug at fourteen had an adorable babyface. And you wanna know the crazy thing? Slim him down, cut his hair, add a growth spurt, make him grow a goatee and you'll have him as he is now. Damn you, man, why can't the guys I know be like you?
  • This video. He's all scared and intimidated and obedient and the sonic screwdriver is right there against his eye and just... unf.
  • He did the "flirting with everyone" thing again when he was at anirage. (Type in 'anirage' and 'Doug Walker' into youtube and you'll find it.) Don't you just love a guy who's such an unrepentant whore? Hell, he's even called himself a whore.
  • This video. Not only do you have Doug doing a sexy voice and crying at the end, but you also have him saying that Transformers 2 fucked him so hard that it came out of his mouth, only instead of semen it was oil.
  • This feminist loves the fact that he's the only guy she knows to get called a whore, fap fodder, a slut, "asking to be raped" and so on for basically being a tease. It is immensely satisfying to see how everyone, including him, keeps on pushing.
  • This fangirl had the pleasure of meeting him at a convention. Not only does he give the best glompy-hugs ever, he's just as cute and hilarious in person. And holy fuckbunnies is he tall.
  • The main DVD menu of the Volume 2 DVD: Rob surprises Doug in the shower to explain how the menu works.
    • Plus there's some slight smug satisfaction in how Doug's not the one in bottom-y control for once.

  • Fact: Doug literally bouncing in his seat in excitement for a new Twilight and Tommy Wiseau film is cuter than a pile of kittens.
  • This troper got multiple crazy bear hugs from Doug while he was at UConn, both years. And man, his hugs are absolutely amazing. He gets really into them and seems to enjoy them as much as the fans do. And he even PICKS THEM UP if they're small enough. SO CUTE.
  • Doug is a Scorpio. :3c
  • At Anime Milwaukee, he lay down on the stage in a model-esque pose and let everyone swarm around him to take pictures (mostly of his crotch). The other guy called him a prostitute while he said he's just a manwhore. All wonderful things, but what made it fetish fuel for me is how... okay he was with getting objectified.
  • Is it weird to say that Doug is pretty much my ideal man?
    • Only if you believe you're the only one who thinks that.
  • In a livestream where Film Brain read out this wiki, someone asked him if Doug was okay with this page. His response? Doug feeds on stuff like this.
  • Apparently during one of the donation drives someone called in and basically asked Lewis to bitchslap him. I still can't find the clip (which causes me a certain amount of rage), and he didn't, but still, wow.
    • It appears that the other contributors know full well that people like seeing Doug/Critic hurt so they'll cater to it lovingly. They promised him a pink belly after the drive, with Lewis even hugging him from behind.
  • Doug at the end of "Kyle Hebert is an ASSHOLE". Smothering Kyle with a pillow, lying on his stomach on the bed, glasses off, nice grey t-shirt and casually saying he'll probably see us into ten to twenty years. I know everyone loves him subby and slutty, but that was pretty hot.
  • It's highly likely that someone found Doug making himself tear up in the OTHER Titanic movie by attaching clothespins to his scrotum appealing.
  • This girl fell in love with Doug properly when she saw his top twenty tv shows. He's just so cute and insightful - perfect combo.
  • From the Moulin Rouge bloopers, the image of Doug in girl panties is... nicer than it should be.
    • He's mewling and batting things like a kitty, God help.
  • On radio dead air, he's flirting heavily with Tara and she's flirting right back. Two reasons why this fuels me: 1) They've never even met before. 2) his fiancée is in the room with him.
  • At the end of Doug's Disneycember review of Oliver And Company, his voice goes a bit growlier in the best possible way as he sets up the episode for TheLittleMermaid.
  • That ultra-IncrediblyLongNote in the Holiday Video Greetings video. Sweet fucking Jesus.
  • And now we have Doug showing off his nipples and acting as Ralph Fiennes' character in Red Dragon for the best of TGWTG Vol. 3 promo. Speaking as someone who was kind of attracted to that character, this video gives me loads of squiggly feelings.
  • On the actual DVD, Doug in Critic gear intelligently talking about how he makes these videos is an epic GeekyTurnOn. Talk editing to me, baby.
  • Don't the boys look handsome in their tuxes?
  • For as lovely as Doug's niceness is, I've got to admit that I want to ride him when he gets all trembly and angry at a serious subject like abortion or child abuse.
  • Doug at the end of this. Take me now, soldier.
  • How about the fact that Doug himself is one of the few genuinely nice guys in the world? And, I don't mean people who suffer from Nice Guy Syndrome. He's a really sweet man.
  • Wherever Doug lies on the Kinsey Scale, his lack of gender preference when acting like a tease is quite attractive.
  • He's gotta wear black sweaters under his black suit jacket more often. Meeeeow.
  • He's got this whole naive innocent/depraved slut deal working out for him. That's awesome.
  • He's pushing the tease even further in the AT vlogs, with being all over Jason and then pretending to freak out when Jason touches back.
  • Let's be honest, the only reason why any TGWTG fan would watch the Sonic movie is to see him dirty, bloody and on his knees with a gun to his head.
  • This video. That he's in his "if I gave you a blowjob I'd bite it off" Depraved Bisexual persona is all you need to know.
  • When he flails about at cons, he has a tendency to end up on the floor, flat on his back, breathing heavily and with his legs spread.
  • In the behind the scenes of Christmas Story II, Doug posing and flirting in the cheerleader outfit. As Malcolm says, he makes a fine cheerleader.

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