• How can this page last this long without a mention of Dracula. Vampire Fetish, Hypnofetish, wanton women, and dark, dangerous, predatory men? yuuuum.
  • Even at a young age, when Count Dracula was very, very quietly going about strategically trapping poor, virginal Jonathan... this troper knew something was up. If Jump Start3rd Grade can't be blamed on my future kinkiness, getting Dracula in my Christmas stocking aged 11 certainly can.
  • Add that the way Dracula literally threw the women off of Mr. Harker in a manner that in modern eyes would look like a raging fit of jealousy, especially when he roared at them that Jonathan is 'his' and 'his alone'.
    • This troper currently runs with her own Mass Guessing theory that had Jonathan not been able to get away, he'd be in the same position of subservience as Renfield, if not closer. And Dracula obviously likes him a lot more. How else to reward a worthy servant?
    • This troper just had a mental orgasm at the idea of the above WMG
    • I would give my right eye to see that fic written. Well. And long. Well, maybe not my left eye— perhaps the little finger on my left hand?
  • And, um, if you count Dracula's Guest as continuity... let's just say, the annotated version of Dracula has quite a bit to say about things. (When they excised that from the novel itself they actually did get rid of a line about how Jonathan's neck was hurting from being... licked by the Big Badass Wolf the count sent for him. And there's hand-kissing, too.
  • I liked the forced complicity of the scene where Jonathan finally asks to leave. Then Dracula, never verbally acknowledging that it was ever not his choice, basically forces him to demand to be locked in again.
  • The fact that the Brides' luscious lips are given copious details, how descriptive that their breaths on his throat was, then compared that to what scant detail that Jonathan gave to describe nice-girl Mina is a little suspicious. Not to mention they came in threes. (in most film adaptions, they turn one of the brunettes into a redhead to fetish them even further)
    • Compared to how rather prudish Jonathan is (appropriately for a Victorian man) they're also very aggressive... it's nummy.
    • In retrospect, probably the reason why this troper keeps paging back to that scene every time she reads the novel is that not so much that the Brides are aggressive— though they are— but that Jonathan is so shamelessly submissive. And helpless. Did we mention helpless? It greatly adds to the Nightmare Fuel Unleaded of that entire passing of time, along with the realisation that Jonathan's internal clock has gotten royally screwed up by living with the Count— so that he sleeps in the daytime, and is up and about at night, too polite to do anything but basically blog about it. (To make this a more legitimate comment, there's some major Fridge Logic Fetish Fuel in the thought of what happens after the Bride scene. Jonathan swoons, and the Count happily carries him back to bed and undresses him before folding his clothes for him and leaving.)
  • Some may find Renfield's zoophagus as another source for Vore Fetishists.
  • Some noted how Lucy wished a woman didn't have to marry only one man, suggesting she has hidden desires for polyandry.
  • What got me is that Dracula is just so damn polite and charming... before he goes crazy after Jonathan cuts himself shaving, that is. Who wouldn't want to stay in that guy's house? The way he referred to his books as his "friends" also triggered something for this Bookworm.
  • I'm no fan of Draco In Leather Pants when it comes to Dracula, and I absolutely don't ship him with Mina or find metaphorical rape to be at all consistent with female sexual liberation, yet I find his To The Pain speech before he forces Mina to drink his blood to be the sexiest passage in all literature. I'll take my vampires thoroughly evil and without sparkles, thank you very much.
  • Am I the only guy who had a man-crush on Frank Langella in the 1979 movie?

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