Fetish Fuel: Dragon QuestEdit

  • Dragon Quest IV's Maya. And she's part of a pair! Winged Humanoid Orifiela is a cutie too.
    • There was a rumor circulating for a while that if Maya gained the confused status ailment in battle, a message would come up saying she started stripping and distracted the rest of the team. This has become the plot of many Dragon Quest doujin.
  • In most RPGs, the characters' appearance doesn't change significantly based on their equipment. Not so for Dragon Quest VIII. There are several items that can change Jessica's look, including the Bunny Suit, the Dancer's Costume, and not one but TWO corsets (one of which is made of leather and has a heart-shaped... rear peace, and the other is more on the blue and gold side, with a garter, miniskirt and angel wings). Hell, Jessica alone could have her own entry here.
    • Not to mention one of her weapon types is the whip.
      • And one of her skill sets is "Sex Appeal", which occasionally allows her to fascinate or paralyze monsters.
    • Also relating to DQVIII, "Puff-Puff," both what is implied, and what actually occurs.
      • And in DQIII, it's a trap!
    • Not only that, but Level-5, the developers of DQ 8, also developed Dark Cloud 2, and added in the same costume change opportunities for the female protagonist therein.
  • Costume change goes back to DQIII, where bikinis changed female sprites. Yes, 8-bit pixellated titillation.
  • There is also a rather pronounced fetish on the internets for the Slimes.
    • Close. There's a fetish for anthromorphic girls made of slime (aka "goo-girls", "slime-girls", etc). The amount of material for this is staggering.
  • Maybe not Slimes, but there are certain monsters that are... interesting. Particularly Hipsters (male, shirtless almost-human-looking things with tails) and Witches (who have Puff-Puff before Jessica gets it). This Troper spent a LOT of time looking at their bestiary entries and pressing X to make them, uh, move.
  • The muscle-bound S&M blacksmith NPC who appears in practically every game has a surprising amount of fans.
  • Dragon Quest IX's Equipment system really drives home just how fetish-tastic some of the 'armors' are. It's one thing to just have the name "Dangerous Bikini" or "Dancer's Outfit"; it's quite another to actually see someone wearing it. Plus, they've added a fair amount of new questionable equipment, and brought back Jessica's corsets mentioned above, among many, many others.
    • The main reason that This Tropette bought the game is bacause of the 'Wear-with-all' award. Simply put,it allows you to crossdress. A team of male maids? Yes,please!
      • Actually, the maid outfit is already a unisex piece of clothing. Check the game, there's no male or female symbol next to the name.
      • Really? Well,that's good to know!
  • Dragon Quest IX has Transformation Corvus. A hyper-muscular, extremely masculine, demonic twink wearing leather briefs and nothing else? Gay Troper needs to Change Equipment just thinking about it.
  • Dragon Quest V has a fair amount. Your wife becomes pregnant throughout the course of the story. You both get turned into a pair of statues...
  • Let's add the manga as well Dai No Daobuken has Crocodine, who, origninally a villain, becomes a good guy after being defeated by the heroes. Obvious furry appeal for being a large, anthromorphic crocodile. Just like Doggie Kruger, he's almost always drawn as submissive, not helping is the fact that he's pink.

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