Ewan McGregor

Kilts originated in the 16th century in the Scottish Highlands. They are the traditional dress of men of this region. Nowadays they're worn on formal occasions and at sport events. However, a movement to adopt kilts in fabrics such as denim or leather as an informal garment has been growing in recent years. They are usually knee-length, made of wool in a sett or tartan pattern.

They're also pretty damn hot. Much like shorts, they're a good way to show off a nice pair of muscular legs, with the added advantage of granting the wearer easy access, so to speak. Since ignorants often confuse them with skirts, daring to wear a kilt is also a sign of self-confidence, which can in itself be sexy. Add to this that they're traditionally worn without underwear, and you've got yourself a recipe for pure Fetish Fuel.

This page is for examples of men in kilts, NOT skirts. That's a different trope.


  •, a site that sells modern kilts, features pictures and videos of some very attractive men wearing their product.


  • Famously worn in Braveheart a film loosely based on the life of sir William Wallace.
  • This, guyliner, piercings and a badass mohawk come together to make the already hot Jensen Ackles even sexier in Ten Inch Hero.

Live Action TVEdit

  • Lafayette Reynolds, a cook, construction worker and gay prostitute, is seen wearing a modern one in the first episode of True Blood.

Real LifeEdit

  • David Tennant being Scottish, often wears them to red-carpet events.
  • John Barrowman famously tried to wear one for his prom, only to be ditched by his date. Thankfully, that hasn't stopped him from wearing it for weddings and galas alike.
  • Ewan McGregor looks way too good in a kilt.
  • For your viewing pleasure, this Troper brings you George Takei in a kilt.
  • Alan Rickman. Yes. As one commenter from that site puts it: "The only thing better than a man in a kilt is a barefoot man in a kilt."

Web OriginalEdit

  • JewWario mentioned in his stream that he owns a kilt and that he usually wears it the, ahem, traditional way. Even better, he said that while flirting with this troper. *swoon*
    • He's worn a kilt on the livestream. Unfortunately, you couldn't see it most of the time because the camera was chest-high, but still....
    • BWAH, don't even get me started. As if I didn't already have a thing for him, that just made it that much worse.

Troper TalesEdit

  • This fanperv once found herself in an English airport the day before a big sport event. There were men in kilt everywhere. She doesn't know how she managed to get out of there without embarrassing herself.

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