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Hmmm, tissues?.

  • The sheer amount of Ho Yay between the Eds on occasion.
  • Jimmy's at times Camp Gay-like behavior, his hanging around with violent Tsundere Sarah (it's implied he has a crush on her), his initial Shrinking Violet personality, can go into an Unstoppable Rage if badgered enough, has shown in one episode to be quite the Magnificent Bastard...
  • Nazz being the most popular girl on the show, and attractive enough that most of the boys sweat and literally melt into piles of goo in her presence. Her tendency to go sunbathing in a bikini, Kevin's obvious crush on her (to the point of blushing a lot)...
    • In the episodes "Boom Boom, Out Goes The Ed" and "A Town Called Ed" Nazz is featured wearing just a T-shirt, slippers and panties for an extended time in each.
    • In another episode Nazz loses her pants (revealing that she wears boxer shorts underneath) and ends up stuck in a tree.
    • A flashback in "Every Which Way But Ed" shows she was once obese.
  • In "Smile For The Ed," Sarah is seen wearing a frilly dress (waiting line for her class photo) which rides up to show frilly panties.
  • Oh Boy... the Kanker Sisters. By all accounts they could fit an entire page. They're reasonably attractive enough (if Lee would take the time to brush her teeth for example) but they also have a tendency to tie their victims up (namely the Eds who they each have a crush on, Kevin in another episode, Kevin, Rolf and Nazz in the movie), capture and smother the Eds in kisses (resulting in the Eds being covered in lipstick marks)...They've also forced the Eds to marry them on one occasion (they even stripped them naked for the wedding ceremony!) and made them act as horses on their wedding carriage (and as if that weren't enough, in the last second or two before the episode fades to black, you can hear the girls cracking a whip, followed by the Eds yelping in pain!) They've put them in stocks and forced them to play footsie. In their first appearance, they took off the Eds' clothes while they're knocked out, and replaced them with their dad's bathrobes. They've stuck them to the ground with rubber cement so they could kiss them to their hearts content. They've locked the Eds in the girls bathroom with them and made out with them in the stalls...
    • In one episode Lee confronted Eddy while he was taking a shower (they were both clothed thankfully) and we see Eddy scream and slam his hand on the fogged up shower door and slide it down, May tackling to the floor Ed in his own kitchen and telling him to "put those lips together and make like a fish!", and Marie tying up Edd with hishat before telling him to "pucker up, oven mitt!"
    • Like to beat up or torment the others kids for their own sadistic pleasure...
    • Frequently fight amongst themselves which tends to involve hair pulling, grappling, punching, tackling to the ground...
    • Lee always having her red hair styled in such a way that it completely covers her eyes...
    • Marie's punk rocker/gothic appearance.
      • Seconded. Marie is the only one This Troper finds attractive.
      • Thirded.
      • Fourthed.
      • Fifthed.
      • Sixthed.
      • Seventhed.
      • Eighthed.
      • Ninthed.
    • No love for May?
    • Their default habit of stalking the Eds and cornering them.
    • In one episode, Ed makes up a story involving the Kanker Sisters eating radioactive mashed potatoes and turning into giantesses.
  • The fact that most of the kids end up getting the crap beaten out of them or bullied at various points in the show must appeal to those with a Woobie fetish.
  • The show has a habit of getting the characters wet with something(usually water) from time to time.
  • Then there's Edd. Let's see, a nerd, Ur Example for The Woobie in the show, gets Ship Teased with 4/5 of the female cast (and some of the guys), his feminine-ish appearance, has Cross dressed a few times, the implications of what the hell is under his hat is quite disturbing,and not to mentioned in one episode he strips similar to a likes of a pole dancer.
  • Eddy is hinted to be a juvenile pervert, as he has (or had, thanks to Ed) a porn stash under his bed. And crumpled tissues.
  • "Ed... Pass It On" has Ed as a roast turkey, featuring him completely naked with an apple in his mouth and pouring gravy over his head.
  • And how are we forgetting "Look into My Eds" and the considerable amount of Hypnosis?
  • The countless times where commonly Double D or Eddy wears a mask of some sort.
  • What, no love for Rolf? The guy's got killer muscles, and unlike Ed, who seems to have been blessed with super strength at birth, Rolf gets it from hours of devoted toil lifting large rocks and sowing fields on his family's farm, occasionally wearing only jeans. Not to mention his Ho Yay with Kevin. And the fact that he talks an awful lot about weiners.

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