Emp describes the comic perfectly.

Empowered started out as a series of comissioned drawings of a tied-up superheroine. In other words, porn. With time Emp gained a backstory, a personality and a few issues, but this English-language manga never stopped being a mine for fanservice.
  • Empowered. My goodness me, Empowered. Even by the Stripperiffic standards of most superhero costumes, her suit is literally so tight and clingy that it's practically a second skin (to the extent that it's established that she needs to shave her pubic hair otherwise it'll push through, which is a fetish fuel all by itself), and it's frequently torn, meaning that she's frequently either near-naked or actually naked. Since her powers are linked to her suit being in one piece, and her suit is so thin and delicate that it's often torn, she's frequently depowered and spends much of the time being tied up - hello, bondage enthusiasts! Added to this, she's a gorgeous full-figured blonde who, naturally, possesses the Most Common Super Power, and her boyfriend is often heard talking about how much he particularly appreciates her rear end - there's practically nothing about the poor girl that doesn't scream fetish fuel. However, she's also at least partly a deconstruction, as within the world of the text it's established that all of these fetish fuel points have at least contributed to her being a messed-up neurotic with severe body issues and almost zero self-esteem or self-worth.
    • She was created as Damsel-in-distress fetish fuel. Then she gained a personality and, as a consequence of her origin, all the neuroses.
    • Despite all that, she likes costume play and the 'D' of BDSM, as evidenced by her and Thugboy playing Spartan/slavegirl in the bedroom.
      • Speaking of cosplay, why hasn't her Hot Librarian outfit been mentioned yet? Given that it was meant to be an in-universe source of Fetish Fuel... You've got Meganekko, Girlish Pigtails (braids, actually, which is even better), Zettai Ryouiki, Stripperiffic... Simply put, it was initially used as bait to capture a supervillain, and has since been brought back twice due to how thoroughly it turned on all the male characters. Behold.
  • Her best friend Ninjette, who has somewhat less severe issues (or at least hides them better), has managed to combine Stripperiffic attire with mammary underdevelopment to impressive effect.
    • Ninjette racks up some more in Volume 5. Ninjas can impersonate anyone, but she was so good at that she once consummated a marriage whilst disguised as the groom. And she let a girl disguised as a boy kiss her and feel her up. So that's... *ticks off on fingers* athletic, shapeshifting, impulsive, stripperiffic, flat-chested, cuckolding (yep, that's a fetish), gender-bending/genderfuck, exhibitionist... At this rate she's going to overtake Emp in "amount of FF in one person".
    • Adam Warren stuck Ninjette in Emp's librarian costume, and you know what? It's hoooot. Glasses, braid, hairclips, Dem hips - huuuaaaarrr *drool*. :-D
    • The fact that she's a tough, snarky ninja in booty shorts, with a butt like a dancer in a rap video. Two of my fetishes that have no right to overlap...but when they do, I don't complain.
    • Shuriken-shaped pasties. No idea why that turns me on, but boy does it ever.
  • I don't know why discovering that F*cking Oyuki-chan has red hair in pigtails and dark skin pushed me over the edge. All I know is that combined with the knife in her cleavage, the foul mouth, the leather-wrapped bare feet, the blood spatters and the blank expression she affects, it adds up to utterly fascinating.