Apparently, some people have a fetish for the e-surance spy-girl.

  • The commercial with the guy being toonized, and obviously harboring a crush on the aforementioned spy-girl, particularly.
  • This Troper always found Erin Surance vaguely attractive, however had no idea at just how common this was until using Google image search for "esurance" and not needing to add anything else.
  • The most shocking thing is just how much of it pairs her with the Geico gecko and the Aflac duck
  • This straight female troper would gladly become a toon and "switch sides" for her. Particularly in the new commercial in that art gallery, she is just too hot for words.
  • This troper doesn't swoon over Erin Surance often, but couldn't help but do so during the Star Trek commercial. Animated in CGI and wearing a form-fitting space suit? Can't go wrong there!
  • Sadly, her massive sex appeal has apparently become too much for the company.
    • To summerize the article, Esurance doesn't understand the concept of Rule34.
  • And for some of us, she lost the appeal when it turned out the pink hair was a wig.

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