• This American-French troper averts this trope completely. He never had a girl confess to him, and the two French girls in his class are effing ugly.
  • Inversion: This French-American troper was once told a girl wanted to go out with him (in France), being the only American, and not a very good-looking one at that. At the time it seemed to be an elaborate joke pulled off by my male classmates, so I declined.
  • This troper is part French, but is, uh... A little on the ugly side.
  • This troper definitely has a thing for French chicks; he created the pages for Marion Cotillard, Audrey Tautou, Eva Green, and Melanie Laurent.


  • An admin of a forum I regularly visit had the following conversation with his girlfriend:
Admin: Hey, (This troper) is spreading Nethack love on the forum. You should send him naked photos.
Girlfriend: Yeah! But wait. Is he 18?
Admin: Who cares, he's in Sweden. Nobody cares about 18 in Sweden.
Girlfriend: That's true! But is he hot? I don't want to send him naked photos if he's not hot.
Admin: I already TOLD you! He's in Sweden!
  • Scandinavian men, anyone? Their tall heights, blond hair, blue eyes and gorgeous features... and those amazing deep voices. Mmmmm, those voices. Similar to the story of the man who likes Asian women, this troper will run away screaming in fear at the mere mention of Irish men, because her ex-lover was mostly Irish (even though he was 1/8 Danish according to his sister, he was a terrible kisser)
  • This troper's obsession with Maggie Gyllenhaal(half Swedish/half Ashkenazi Jewish) borders on the creepy.


  • This Canadian troper does get the Australian appeal, but a childhood of Crowded House albums has left her with a stronger attraction to New Zealander accents. And, well, those Maori facial tattoos are really something...
    • Closest to that this troper can remember was a White Maori woman (as in someone of Maori heritage who nonetheless looks more Caucasian than Polynesian, that's what they get termed in Australia - I don't know the New Zealand term) who actually looked more Nordic as well (her father was British but descended straight from Norwegian emigres following WWII). Her mother's side that was not Maori dated back to convict colonists in the the Australian First Fleet. Nonetheless, she was a very good friend of his, but this troper had more than a little UST for her - which thankfully he kept under control. Somehow the features of those races blended well in her and she was beautiful, but in a harsh-looking way. But her Kuudere personality would have made him agree to be her boyfriend right away if she had have asked, despite the fact that while he was 23, she was 30...what is it with this troper and seeming to want Christmas Cake half the time knowing he nearly got sick last time?! Technically she doesn't count as she's Australian, but it's the Most Triumphant Example of the exception to his usual thoughts on Australians in a very long time...
    • Two Words: Zoe Bell.

(East) IndianEdit

  • So, what? I'm the only one who digs Indian guys? Sweet Bakazaru, have you seen Kal Penn? Or, for that matter, half the guys on my campus?

Middle EasternEdit

  • In This Troper's experience, a Middle Eastern guy, regardless of nationality, will be either incredibly hot or incredibly ugly. I'm a linguistics student, and nearly failed a Native Speaker paper/project on Farsi because I couldn't tear my attention away from how hot the Iranians I was talking to were! Screw you Three Hundred, I'm siding with Persia!
    • מה נשמע אחותי?
    • There are plenty of hot - and sharply-dressed - guys in Egypt, but sadly next to none of them work in the tourism industries.
    • Iranian women are pretty damn hot too - case in point; Sepideh Haftgoli.
    • I don't know what Alia Shawkat is exactly, just that I want a piece.
    • She's Iraqi.


  • Is this troper the only one who likes Germans? What about Germany? What about Medic?
    • You are not alone, I always get a serious case of "the giggles" whenever I hear a german accent, and I have no idea why.
    • This Troper's love of the German accent comes from Nightcrawler. Lots of Fetish Fuel and a sexy accent in one. I've lost count of the amount of times I've watched X2 just to hear him speak.
    • Ohhhh, Germans. -happy shiver-
    • This troper's girlfriend is from the US, while he is from Germany. Apparently, her telling her classmates that I were to come over caused some of the girls to ask if they could steal him, based solely on the fact that he's German.


  • A perfect example of an Oop North accent being fetish fuel: Malcolm McDowell, now pushing seventy, and definitely looking it. But his Leeds accent still slays the ladies.
  • This troper has a thing for British girls. Just the air of culture around them... I fell head over heels for the British girl in my Biology class, and she gets double points for being blonde and pale-skinned.
  • This troper sorta has a British accent fetish because of Stephen Merchant as Wheatley from Portal 2. I hope I'm not alone


  • Russians, Russians, Russians. Granted, this troper is panromantic and digs Russians of all genders, but that ACCENT. The R-rolling and the swallowed Ls accompanied by someone with high Slavic cheekbones and a killer smile...why hello there.



  • This troper is American, and while about a quarter of the girls I have liked are Americans, most of them are foreign, usually from east of the Iron Curtain.


  • This spanish troper speaks french nearly as well as a frenchman, so he decided to play a frenchman while on holiday. I can tell you it freaking works. In Spain it works better to play an italian. It guarantees you to get laid. This troper also speaks fluently italian.


  • This Troper is a sucker for foreign girls in general, but has a huge thing for girls from Eastern Europe and Asia. Hot diggity damn.
  • This troper is just a xenophile and accent fetishist in general, but particularly high on her list are German and Irish guys, closely followed by Scottish, Australian, and English ones.
  • This troper is ethnically French-Welsh, but culturally American. During a visit to Rouen, he met his first girlfriend in one of the locale. The second one was from Oregon, but the third(read: current) one is Brazilian. In general, though, he has a thing for Western European/Mediterranean women.

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