A Scottish actor with a penchant for making his fans very happy.

Angels & DemonsEdit

  • He plays a priest. I could say more but it wouldn't make a difference because he plays a priest.

Big FishEdit

  • That fake American accent. Unf.
  • In one scene, the boyfriend of the girl he's wooing discovers what he's been up to and proceeds to beat the crud out of him. But, because the woman he loved asked Ewan's character to please don't hurt him, he doesn't even fight back. Now that is love.
    • After the man is done beating him up, Ewan's character, covered in bruises and still bloody, smiles at her so. Sweetly. This troper honestly didn't know if she wanted to kiss him or rough him up some more.

I Love You Phillip MorrisEdit

  • Could Phillip Morris have been more of a typical uke?
    • No. No, he could not. Nor could he possibly be any cuter.

The IslandEdit

  • Not only he plays a virgin, but his character doesn't even know what kissing is! Admit it, you wanted to corrupt him too.


  • After spending a long time away from his lover, James Joyce starts sending her dirty letters. The scene in which he reads several of them outloud while touching himself was... Very interesting *fans self*

Star WarsEdit

Obi wan

"Yes, Master."

Episode I - The Phantom MenaceEdit

  • "Yes, Master." Nngh. How this fan wishes he was her Padawan.

Episode II - Attack of the ClonesEdit

  • This troper wanted to rub her face all over that beard.

Episode III - Revenge of the SithEdit

  • The scene after he defeats Anakin. Palpatine has taken over the Republic, most Jedi Knights have been killed, he'll have to go into hiding and, what's worse, his own Padawan has betrayed him. There was such raw pain in his face as he saw Anakin burn. It's a powerful scene, and Ewan sells it perfectly.

Velvet GoldmineEdit

  • Him. Singing. Clad only in leather pants.
    • Then he takes them off.
      • And for the record? Mister McGregor has, ahem, a lot to be proud of.
    • The way he moans at the beginning of that song...
    • One word: Glitter.
      • And glue. Oh, how I wish I was glue.


  • These pictures with Jude Law. The best part? He used to share a flat with him.

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