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Fanfiction. The last frontier. When it comes to Fetish Fuel, it has at least one advantage over its source material: the lack of censorship. With no producers or moral guardians to please, fanwriters are free to do anything they want with their stories. Since this is the internet, they usually want to write smut. Glorious, glorious smut.

This is the only place in the wiki were you can list examples from porn. Share the sexy! Don't just list fics you like. Explain why they turned you on and if you can, link to the story at hand.

  • This chapter of an X-Men fic briefly shipped Cyclops/Rogue for a really steamy dream sequence. Scott dreams about Rogue surprising him in bed one night, sneaking into his bedroom wearing nothing but thigh-high stockings and leather gloves. The really hot part? She takes him against his will (at first) and spends the first part taunting him because he can't touch her or break free .'s basically "bondage without the bondage". And the whole time, Jean's watching them have sex by reading Scott's mind, and she gets so turned on by it towards the end that she starts touching herself as she watches. That whole fic is gold, but that was my favorite chapter.
  • This tropette would just like to say - the actual fanfic may or may not be lost to the mists of time - that she absolutely blames a Fire Emblem fanfic she read maybe three/four years ago for her liking of bloody kisses. In the fanfic in question, Florina rescues Lyn from danger and when they land, they make out while absolutely covered in blood. *fans self* I'm not going to blame it for my liking of f/f, that was completely inevitable, but there's no other logical explanation as to why something that I'eps and Goths: Trapped in Lust." d probably otherwise consider quite unappealing is major enough fetish fuel that it's even snuck into my original works.
  • I never liked FoeYay AT ALL, and didn't really have a thing for biting until I read this Sirius/Lucius fic. Hot damn.
  • I have been seeing Michael Myers in a very different light after reading this. Yes, I mean the serial killer.
  • Oh dear. Crossdressing used to squick me and my corset!kink was confined to girls. Then I read this Kurt/Will fic. Guh. Also when reading fics with spanking my reactions have varied between squicked bored and moderately interested depending on pairing/quality of writing. Then I read this (also Kurt/Will) and my brain broke from the hotness.
  • Bruises/pain etc were not really my thing, but this Cobb/Arthur fic changed my mind.
  • Is it weird I'm a little turned on by the thought of Tara Gillesbie cutting herself and crying due to people "flming" her?
    • Let's not forget that "Volfemort has [Draco] bondage!" 
    • And for any smoking fetishists out there, Enoby and her friends do "pot, coke and crak".
  • "Preps and Goths: Trapped in Lust" is a oneshot Total Drama Island fanfic, the latter half of which having a VERY descriptive lesbian sex scene between Gwen and Courtney. I highly reccommend it for yuri fans everywhere!

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