Some have called Farscape a Fish Out Of Water Space Opera. Warren Ellis once described it as, "The story of one American's descent into Australia's BDSM scene." Where to begin?

  • First, the Peacekeepers, a race of Super Soldiers who go about the universe in skintight red and black leather, and are, to a man, hot.
    • To a woman, for that matter.
  • Scorpius, the Wicked Cultured, half-Scarran exception to the hotness rule, resembles no-one so much as Mr. Burns in a gimp mask, and has a habit of licking the mooks he's exceptionally fond of... particularly his devoted, loyal and ruthlessly rank-climbing favourite, Braca.
    • In one episode, for reasons too complicated (and spoilery) to explain at this juncture, Braca has Scorpius drugged and scuttling beside him on all fours on a leash.
      • And snarls, "This is for all the times I had to say yes." Hello.
      • He also makes Scorpius lick Grayza's boot
    • Finger sucking. Just... finger sucking.
      • I still get shivers every time I recall Scorpius licking Braca's face.
  • So many bodily fluids, so little time. There seemed to be a particular preoccupation with vomit that bordered on fetish.
  • Sex between the human-looking main couple is rarely shown. Sex between villains, bizarre aliens and muppets, on the other hand...
  • In relation to all the above, the arguably most evil villain Grayza was in the habit of seducing and dominating her foes via a gland between her boobs that secreted... well, some kind of evil sex juice. The show did subvert the Rape Is Ok When It Is Female On Male trope, however, by having her forcible seduction of the lead character portrayed as her crowning moment of evil, and seriously mentally damaging for Crichton. We still get to see him tied up with leather straps, though.
    • And her too, for that matter. That two-parter was running on fetish fuel.
  • Aeryn. Black-leather-wearing sharpshooter with a tendency for ordering people around and beating them up... all she needs is a whip and she could make a mint as a dominatrix. She's awesome and hot.
  • Aeryn offering meaningless sex to John. "What are you afraid of, John?" *ZZZZIP* Also just moments before when he's refusing he puts his arms around her in the confined space and she shivers as he makes masturbating-style movements.
  • So. Many. Green- Blue-, Orange- and Grey-Skinned Space Babes:
    • Zhaan. Calm, tranquil and mature plant priest with very large breasts, no nudity taboo and a host of sexy techniques, including dream-sex and/or the "Fifth Sensation." She's very strong, but rarely uses her strength. And look out if the sun is high in the sky...
    • Chiana. Scatty, unstable (yet adorable) nymphomaniac with the slinkiest hips in the universe = Wolf Whistle.
      • Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure we get told she has a penis.
      • You people and your quaint little categories.
      • Uh, wrong Nebari. That was Hubero, Chiana's girlfriend in the episode "Fractures."
      • With Hubero in one episode and that cross-dressing mechanic in another, it looks like Chiana might have a fetish of her own...
      • Let's not forget that scene where Chiana kisses the sexy female alien of the week. Plus that alien turned out to be evil which makes it even better.
    • Sikozu and/or Jool. Smart, yet totally out of their depth scientists with masses of curly red hair. Want.
  • The show was oddly fond of dressing its men in drag. Notable examples include John Crichton waking up from a drunken bender in a window with D'Argo, being gawked at by passers-by and finding no problem with this... until he looks down, realises he's wearing fishnet stockings and a corset, and screams in horror.
    • And then there was "Coup by Clam", which, amid its assorted squickiness, has the definitely non-squicky image of Crichton in a purple fairy-princess-get-up, complete with flowing tresses.
  • In another episode (that is in fact an episode-long fantasy sequence), John is menaced by sort-of arch-enemy Crais (played by the goatee'd, hulking, six-foot-whatever Maori Lani Tupu), who steps out of a cop car wearing a police uniform, hat, and bright red stiletto heels.
  • In that same episode, a couple messed up scenes earlier, John is strapped down to an operating table by his love interest Aeryn, who is wearing a naughty nurse's outfit and wielding a huge needle. She is soon joined byZhaan and Chiana, who are wearing a tight leather outfit and a Catholic school girl uniform respectively ... and then all three of them are joined by frog-like muppet Rygel, who is wearing S&M gear and acting just as coquettish as the girls.
    • At the risk of your sanity you can watch it here. Very much not safe for work.
    • And then we've got that scene with Crichton and D'argo in the car where D'argo's acting coquettishly and telling John that he wants him to participate in a male bonding ritual with, er, whips, chains, leather straps, whipped cream, his Q'ualta blade, oh and Chiana wants to watch... I'm just saying.
      • The "little Luxan bonding ritual" was a shout-out to a series of John/D'Argo slash fanfics called "Blood Brothers" by Aiobheann in which John's declaration of himself as D'Argo's "ally" in "Till the Blood Runs Clear" was the catalyst for a D/s-like Luxan ritual in which D'Argo required John's submission...and yes, that involves exactly what you think it does.
      • There's ALSO the scene in that episode when John's dead mother is asking him what an "Oedipus Complex" was, while wearing almost no clothes.
  • Does anyone else find watching Aeryn shoot things hot?
  • The leather! John is probably the best example, but they all rock the leather at some point. Leather pants, leather jackets, leather bodices... Forget fueling them, this show has probably created more than a few leather fetishes.
    • This troper has difficulty remembering any costumes that didn't have at least some leather involved...
  • The body swap episode...Aeryn: You were in my shoes, I was in your pants...
    • Claudia Black playing with her boobs, like they're the most fascinating thing in the world.
    • The John/D'Argo Corridor Scene. "I want someone to *go* *with* me." Even knowing it's Rygel-in-John, and even knowing that it's Chiana-in-D'Argo... still hot like fire. Stupid sexy Ben and Anthony.
      • This was a Shout Out to all the Slash Fic writers, most of which was John/D'argo pairings.
  • The scene in the episode "Crackers Don't Matter" where a crazed Crichton pins Chiana against a wall, nuzzles her ear, and tries to intimidate her into going along with his demands using the implied threat of rape made this troper wish to switch places with Chiana, and then immediately feel guilty and wrong for enjoying that scene so much.
  • Natira.◊ Just... Natira. Somehow, they managed to fuse Fetish Fuel and Nightmare Fuel perfectly in this character. And then there's the voice...
  • Aeryn's cold-as-ice sexual manipulation of Crais during one episode. "He wants me. (to Crais) You always wanted to take me from John... here's your chance." Made hotter by the fact that immediately after she goes psycho.
  • The episode "Revenging Angel" saw John able to use a giant "pencil" to change cartoon Aeryns appearance, Marilyn Monroe, Jessica Rabbit, and all with Claudia Black's voice.
    Aeryn I get it, I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way.
  • It seems like D'Argo, being pretty alien and odd-looking, ought to be immune to this sort of thing, but a Proud Warrior Race Guy with tentacles, a thing about being chained up, and a four-foot-long tongue has an inarguable effect on fangirls. Plus I think he's the only character whose nipples were actually licked on-camera, so that counts for something.
    • Maybe this troper has just watched too much science fiction, but he didn't seem too odd-looking to me. He was actually pretty hot.
    • Hetero male troper here who, despite a years-long crush on Chiana, constantly has to fight off Stupid Sexy D'Argo moments. ...And stupid sexy Crichton ones for that matter. Goddammit, that whole show is just HOT.
    • This hetero male troper agreed wholeheartedly with the above about Chiana until he worked for a few days on Farscape and discovered that the makeup looked strangely unattractive in person, sort of dry and scabby after a long day and many touchups.
  • This troper always found the moment where the twinned Chiana are lying against the door in "Eat Me" to be oddly... pleasing...
  • The pilot episode, which had Crichton tied up and manhandled quite a bit, maaaay have influenced this troper to continue with the whole series (and she loved it all).

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