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  • This troper has managed to integrate her fondness for Meganekko into a science fiction setting where, given the overall level of medical technology, vision-correction procedures would be widely available, reliable, and cheap. The justification is that interplanetary travelers wear special lenses to help their eyes adjust to lighting conditions drastically different from those of their homeworlds, and, given the social prestige of off-world travel in this universe, non-corrective versions start being marketed as a fashion accessory to give that cosmopolitan look.
  • This troper used this in handwaving why a particular country in a science fiction short story outfitted most of their Good Looking Privates in er, fascist-styled uniforms, when that country's particular hat was strength in genetic and cultural diversity. It may or may not have worked.
    • Since putting on the reich is used primarily due to the need for imposing, intimidating and otherwise psychologically striking visage, it's always useful. Plus who doesn't like a partner with "ways of Making them talk."
  • This troper's particular fetish for women who can fight is usually pretty easy to work into everything from his writing to his artwork.
  • This troper is writing a series of short stories spanning the late 1800s to the early 2300s. He subtly includes mention of the fact that, with the rising technology, physical activity is less necessary and cures for the symptoms of being overweight are common and simple. Thus, he reasoned to his English professor, it makes sense for his immortal protagonists to become steadily plumper accidentally at first and eventually fatten up intentionally, just to fit the style of the not-so-far future. The fact that he is known for preferring a larger lady himself, especially one who is willing to gain, has nothing to do with this irrefutable logic. His English professor agreed whole-heartedly and enthusiastically. Of course, the fact that she is a large woman herself had nothing to do with her opinion.
  • This troper went to the fuuuuutre the other day. It only has as much fetish as we do now.
  • An unpublished short-story written by this troper involves an army of blue-haired red-eyed female clone assassins in skin-tight bodysuits. ... While it's doubtful anyone will actually believe me, the fetish-laden nature of the plot wasn't actually intended either. It was meant as a pretty typical cyberpunk outing... it just... uhm... Let's just call it Author Appeal seeping through while the author remains oblivious, eh?
  • This author is writing a story that...let's just say will unavoidably turn a lot of people on to somnophelia. In a weird way, I'm looking forward to it.
  • This troper is doing a furry story about a macrofurry (giant furries) dominated future, as what happens when a massive, government sponsored mad science experiment gets loose. The result is 200 foot tall furries (with the mindset of wild animals) ravaging the world, and the (now significantly reduced) normal-sized population (also furries) holed up in fortified cities. When the story takes place, though, a large chunk of the giants have reverted to a much more civilized mental state. The result is a world split up into separate areas, classified among three classes: one where giants and normal-sized folk live in relative equality, one where normal folk live subservient to the giants, and one where still-feral giants hunt the remnants of that areas' civilization. Needless to say, various aspects of the macrofurry fetish appear in some form.
  • Janessa in Jason X. Apparently, in the future, nerdy Jewish girls are all going to be massive tramps, presumably making this a Utopia.
  • In Frank Miller's Hard Boiled, (not to be confused with the John Woo/Chow Yun Fat movie) a female robot(which apparently has the "equipment" for sex with male robots) plugs her nipple to something, I forget, and then spazzes out like she's have an orgasm.

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