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Welcome to the WikiEdit

Are you... You're getting some kind of sick, sexual thrill off this, aren't you?

–Stewie, Family Guy

Awww. We're havin' a baby! A slightly weird, kinky baby, but that's probably to be expected.

–Fast Eddie, TV Tropes

Do you ever watch a TV show, play a game, read a book, etc., and nothing directly sexual is going on, but you're still turned on anyway? That's Fetish Fuel, which is basically when something in a work of entertainment is fueling your fetishes.

Sometimes this is deliberate. People who make these things are often fully aware that things will turn people on, without being directly sexual. This often leads to what is known as "fanservice". Yet sometimes it's accidental, as in a show is meant to be PG at most, but that doesn't mean something won't turn at least someone on. After all, wearing leather isn't limited to bondage gear.

This also has the funny side effect of even happening with children's programming, but to the kids watching it, not the adults. It doesn't mean they are experiencing sexual arousal (unless they are "early bloomers"), just that they might feel they are enjoying a part of a show a bit "too much". Why this is funny is that some people get up in arms about family friendly programming not showing anything dirty, but they seem to think it's limited to a princess's dress showing any sort of cleavage, not whether a princess is hypnotized.

So come here and let us know whether something in the listed media just happens to be a turn on for you... but there are limits. Again, it can't be anything directly sexual, and there are still some lines that shouldn't be crossed. After all, even perverts have standards.



See Special:ListUsers/sysop for those to contact for help.



  1. Replies to an already existing example go under it, on the next tab stop. New examples go at the bottom of the page. You can practice formatting at our Sandbox.
  2. Considering the topic at hands, things might get steamy. That said, this is not a porn site. Use your judgement when editing this wiki. We don't want to be kicked out of wikia!
  3. All pictures must contain no nudity.
  4. Except for the Fanfiction section, no examples from porn will be allowed.
  5. No explicit examples about characters and actors under 16
    • No content at all about characters under 14 will be allowed.
  6. Posting someone's private information without their permission will get you banned. That includes collaborator's real names.
  7. One person's turn on is another person's nightmare. That doesn't mean you can go around deleting entries or harassing people, whether you are for or against something. Remember: YKINMK.
  8. Have fun! Yes, that's a rule. You better follow it, punk.

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Table of Contents

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