"Dear Penthouse..."

  • No way I'm the only one who has it bad for The Emperor, especially the Light Emperor◊. Amazingly powerful and ethereally beautiful and eeeeevil while being holy and the wings and...mph.
    • Not to mention his appearance as David Bowie in Dissidia. His voice in both the Japanese and English versions is incredibly sexy, especially when he does his smug laugh as he summons a giant star to smash your brains in.
    • Also, my goodness he had Hilda as a hostage for an awfully long time.
      • This troper has an Amano art book. There's only one Final Fantasy picture in it: Hilda chained up, kneeling before the Emperor while he holds her face. Amano totally ships it.
      • For the love of fluffy bunnies, the name of that art book, please.
      • Amano's Mono: Shadow of Heroes. It is literally the only Final Fantasy picture in the book, and it was apparently in the novelization of FF2, 'Labyrinth of Nightmare.' Yes, this scene is CANON.
      • You can have the picture right here.◊ Technically there are several plot differences between novel and game, but there's certainly nothing in the game saying it couldn't have happened...
      • So clearly we can add Huge Guy Tiny Girl to the list of fetishes covered by the Emperor/Hilda pairing.
      • Um, perspective?
      • And was prepared to give her away to the first guy that could kill Behemoth. Sorry, you're not convincing me that he was that interested.
      • Yeah, as part of a trap. He had no intention of actually letting La Resistance have its leader back.
  • Hilda in general, man. She's drop-dead gorgeous.
  • Betting money the lamia queen trying to seduce Firion turned SOMEBODY on. Or just the lamia queen in general.
    • Me. The first time I saw that scene, well, I went straight to my bunk.
  • How about Minwu? Dark skin, long robes, cool turban... * drools*
    • It's his eyes that do it for this troper. They're lovely and striking.
  • Maria of your team is a Stripperiffic who is wearing something like a bikini in all versions. In NES version, her red bikini makes her even hotter and she's possibly the sexiest girl in NES era, especially when she's in her "critical" state.
    • Speaking of Maria, she's got a nude scene◊ in the aforementioned novelization. The illustrations don't seem to be shy about the fanservice.
      • Well, apart from actually showing anything.
  • How about Guy? As someone notes further below, "I like 'em big and stupid." He wears a only a midriff-baring chestplate, a pair of bikini briefs, and a cape in his artwork and the PSP version of the game. Rawr.

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