And, amazingly, none of that skimpy outfit ever gets blown off. Unfortunately.

  • Several scenes feature the heroine Rosa in bondage.
    • Not to mention several towns featuring a dancing girl who will throw off her dress!
      • In at least one town in the DS version (this troper didn't want to risk it later), s/he is what appears to be a middle-aged male in full pirate garb under the dress. (Still, RuleThirtySix.)
      • It's in the original Super Famicom version, sad to say. However, he was a monk in Fabul.
  • You could even buy an expensive pass to an * ahem* "special" club, which serves no purpose but to watch girls dancing as suggestively as 16-bit-ly possible around your lead character. This eight-year-old troper went in totally unsuspecting, and was so embarrassed afterward that she gave the pass to the Fat Chocobo for the rest of the game.
    • It has a purpose now. There's an Augment to be had.
    • Hilariously, it returns in Final Fantasy IV The After Years... but the girls turn out to be a bunch of old women in robes, who proceed to beat the crap out of you or do something else the hero of the chapter considers to be just as bad, as his HP drops to 1 afterwards. Likewise, there's a purpose for the pass here as well, and another 2 of them have been added: the second one lets you see a proper version of the show and allows you to buy a set of what's heavily implied to be bondage gear that has bad defense but protects the user from numerous Standard Status Effects, along with a whip needed for a Band which involves a 4 young women (a Kunoichi, a Black Magician Girl, a secretary/scholar and a Staff Chick) assaulting an enemy together with whips and turning them into a pig, the attack itself being called Call Me Queen. The third one instead lets you gain access to another floor with no NPCs in it, and this dance routine culminates in the dancing girls spelling out the name of the hero while the shy Staff Chick comments that she "could get used to this" and a treasure chest appearing with a rare item inside.
  • Summoner Rydia whips it good.
    • And goes from loli to babe. And you know the green hair is Fuel for someone. Not to mention that Rydia and Rosa, the two casters you finish the game with, do not do the "loose flowing robes" thing.
    • This troper proves everything above except for the whip part. He now seems to have a fetish for, among other things, a hair color that does not exist.
  • Barbariccia/Valvalvis's outfit leaves very little to the imagination.
  • Cecil is a very attractive man. That's all.
    • Also, as of the DS remake, it is canon that he can dance as well as a professional. ...Professional exotic dancer, that is. Ladies and gentlemen, start your imaginations.
  • The first game in the series that allows players to indulge their TF fetishes by turning their fellow party members into pigs or frogs, or shrink them, whenever they want.
    • That and the fact that logically, you'd be nude upon restoration.
      • Going even further, before you win back your honor in Mysidia, there's a lady that will do a slow dance around you that turns the screen pink, makes you drowsy, and when you wake're a pig. TF as sexy punishment? Fascinating.
  • In After Years, instead of being ugly featureless dolls, Calca and Brina appear as a young boy and girl in prim clothes.
  • Kain. Mind Control. That is all.
  • For someone with a muscle fetish, seeing artwork of Golbez sans armor in The After Years is quite enticing.
    • Also, judging from the artwork, he wears a kilt! ...and not much else.
  • CGI Yang from the DS version for those of us who like muscles...
  • Near the end of the trailer for the PSP package of FFIV and its sequel, there's a scene where Dark!Kain manhandles Rosa before evilly smirking and giving her an implied Forceful Kiss. Hnnnnngh.
  • Edge is a very handsome man.
  • The lamia's don't have vaginas, but they sure have nice asses.
  • In the DS/PC version, when Rydia comes back, if you read Rosa's thoughts, she says, "Rydia...You've grown so much." Hello, LesYay!

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