Beatrix final fantasy ix by b03di-d3378ux
  • Freya Crescent. If you have a thing for dragoons.
  • Two words: Prehensile. Tail. I can't be the only one who wonders about various "off-label" uses for said anatomical oddity...
    • You're not. Well, tails in general. Not ears, not the rest of the body, just tails.
  • Kuja. Come on, he's an androgynous guy in a thong. In the world of fandom that's fetish on both sides...
    • He's also the only male in EXISTENCE that could pull off Hartman Hips... and what hips. There's also the Stripperiffic thigh-high boots he wears... and the scarlet make-up.
    • And his voice in Dissidia mmm...
  • True, Final Fantasy IX might not be the most popular in the series, but it is still an absolute travesty that it has been ten years and no one has mentioned Dagger's booty yet. (About 1/6 down the page)."That is undoubtedly one of the most lovingly-crafted derieres I've ever seen in a video game. I'm kind of curious about how many man-hours went into sculpting and perfecting that particular part of Dagger's model, but not sure I'm prepared for the answer." —Pat
    • Not to mention that she once dress like a white mage very early in a game. Also, her Important Haircut stuff.
    • Booty is obviously a requirement for Alexandrian women, just check out their Amazon Brigade.

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