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This is about as safe-for-work as images of these two get.

  • All our brave heroes change their outfits whenever they adopt the job classes. Cara/Krile gets cat ears when she wears the robes of the White Mage, and Faris's Dancer and Mystic Knight outfits don't leave much to the imagination.
    • You seriously forgot Lenna's Berserker outfit? I believe her tiger bikini speaks for itself.
  • Reina/Lenna gets mind-controlled by a female boss during the 3rd act of the story. Oh, yeah...
    • And said boss is nude. And covered with snakes.
    • Melusine. By the way, there's at least one image online of her girl-raping Lenna.
  • Then, there's that scene in one of the pubs, where if you sit on the unoccupied chair in front of three dancers, they dance for you, then leap off the stage on onto your character's lap with a "Whoo! <3" and a rose-tint to the whole scene, regardless of whoever's leading the party.
  • And the fact for the last part of the second part and all of the last part of the game your party is a guy and 3 girls now tell me you can't think pure thoughts about that.
    • I wonder how they manage to share a tent or cottage at night without, well, distractions...
  • Bah, bugger that: Galuf in a sheep costume, or a Robin Hood one, among others? It's like it's catering to all my fetishes!
  • Gilgamesh has that whole "self-sure ronin" angle going on, and then he transforms, gaining four extra arms in the process. Goro, eat your heart out.
  • Bartz's Dancer outfit. He's wearing an open shirt with nothing underneath and tight leather pants and heels!
  • Krile and Lenna's Monk outfits are a Chun-Li-like ensemble. Rrowr.
  • Calofisteri, the blue-skinned demon chick you fight in the cleft. If you've ever watched porn in Windows Media Player with the Hue completely reversed...

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