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So, where do her clothes go when she changes like that?

  • The first time we see Celes for more than an instant, she is chained to the wall of a dungeon... and getting beaten up. Later, she wears a wedding dress for the famous opera scene.
    • Well Celes is wearing a Green Leotard with a Cape, Man Locke is So lucky to have her.
    • And Celes's Costume that was designed by Yoshitaka Amano is Nice too.
    • There's the whole Lady of War thing. The being a Defrosting Ice Queen thing, and she can apparently sing! Square needs to make a fully voice-acted version of the opera scene, like now.
  • Terra, when she morphs into esper form, appears to be naked.
  • Let us not forget Siren, who in the original Japanese version, sported naked buttocks (which were covered with clothing when the game was localized to North America).
    • A few of the female monsters were covered up in the North American localization. The painting girl (that smoke didn't cover a whole lot), the Critic monster (she wore a 2 piece in the Japanese version), and Goddess (whose strategically placed ribbons were much smaller). Starlet/Lakimshi was also dressed all skimpy in the Japanese version.
  • There's a particular dancing girl in one of the later towns who has a lovely time making Cyan incredibly flustered.
  • In the imperial palace you can make the lead character use the toilet. With the other characters right there. And watch Kefka use the toilet in prison. He doesn't even seem to mind.
  • Speaking of Kefka: Misanthropic psychopath that enjoys the suffering of others and wears make-up - Now that's a thrilling combination.
  • A spell turns you invisible.
  • Maduin and Madonna having a kid.
  • Not to mention some female enemies make characters take their hits with a cry of 'Protect me!' regardless of gender.
  • This Troper wonders why Locke's ability to steal an entire change of clothes of a person in a single successful Steal hasn't gotten him any interested fans?
  • A monster whose sole purpose is to eat your party, sending you to a dungeon.
  • A character of ambiguous gender: Gogo - Is it a man, a woman, or should we ask?
  • So this game includes a Sharp Dressed Man with long, pretty white hair, a man who would likely be very handsome were it not for his badly scarred face and (probable) albinism, and as such becomes a thousand times more visually intriguing than a simply, typically handsome man. This man is fabulously wealthy, the pilot of a combination airship and casino, and a cool-acting, cool-talking gambler. Oh, and he likes to abduct beautiful women in the manner of a Gentleman Thief or Phantom Thief for likely nefarious purposes. How the heck has Setzer stayed off this page for so long?
    • Some chicks dig scars. Anyhow, this troper heartily agrees with the above -if she had a car that ran on Fetish Fuel, Setzer would absolutely be the man at the station. My hormones suddenly like the idea of getting kidnapped. Thanks, Square!
  • Ultros is a Joke Character, however, that doesn't clear up the fact that he's a purple octopus with tentacles with pervert's smile..
  • Relm is a Token Loli who will draw a potrait of you.
  • No mention of big, sweet, muscly, and adorable Sabin? Oh and the equally handsome and suave Edgar.
    • And by our powers combined...Twincest?
  • The Charm spell. Gau can actually use it on Kefka. And it's an instant win. Take the yaoi Up To Eleven by having Relm sketch Kefka, since everyone knows she's a YaoiFangirl.

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