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Leather coat, white hair, pretty and evil.

  • What about Loz? That is one of the hottest men for this troper.
  • Tifa not only had her famous big, bouncy chest, but also seems to get tied up just slightly more than the rest of the characters (Including one scene where she's strapped to a chair, and has to wiggle around to free herself). For the ladies, it had Sephiroth, who ran around in bondage gear. And let's not forget the crossdressing scene in Wall Market.
    • This troper would go lesbian for Tifa, not only because she is so fricking GORGEOUS, but because she can kick ass any day with her SUPER-STRENGTH. Now that's hot!
    • Tied up nothing! THE SLAP FIGHT between Scarlet and Tifa, how was that forgotten on here?!
      • On the Junon Cannon, no less. Wonder how Rufus felt looking out the window and seeing THAT on his big ol' gun.
      • Tifa's a martial artist, Scarlet a random rich bitch. Was Tifa ever going to lose?
      • A one-sided slap fight is still a slap fight.
      • Y'know what would have been awesome? Scarlet has to slap her for ages to get her down, but one slap from Tifa? BAM. That's what you get for messing with Tifa, bitch!
      • Better yet: Scarlet slaps Tifa, and Tifa immediately slugs her, maybe knocking a tooth out, or breaking her nose.
    • Watching Tifa and Aeris get turned to stone is definately a turn on to ASFR folks (thought this could be any Final Fantasy game, this was the first one to do it in 3D).
  • And don't forget Vincent. As if being a Woobie and dressed in black leather wasn't enough, his introduction and design motif scores points for anyone with a vampire fetish.
    • Oh, does it ever. And don't forget the gauntlet arm! Suitable for clothes-ripping, flesh-slitting, back-scratching (of the sexy variety), and many other BDSM needs! Being forced to lick her own blood from Vincent's claws is the Whole Grains portion of this troper's Fetish Pyramid — six to eleven servings a day, please and thank you, sir. Also, while she's decidedly less keen on this point, the warped Hojo/Vincent dynamics have launched a thousand fanfics, 95% of which center around rape.
      • You uh, need a minute there?
      • Hey, it's not this troper's fault "I'll be in my bunk" isn't a trope yet...
    • And the fact he has the ability to transform into various things as his Limit Break. But not everyone was turned on.
    • Anything relating to Vincent and Shin-Ra Mansion if Roger Corman films, Edgar Allen Poe, and/or Vincent Price is your thing. Can you imagine Vincent reciting The Raven? Hot.
    • Something about SephirothxVincent has this tropette drooling all over herself. So much leather, blood play, mental play, knife play and just general oddness and goodness for this pairing. Not to mention her ideas of what their kids would probably look like. Not that it'd ever happen, but, you know. It's nice to imagine. ... now, if you'll excuse me.. Must go drool. Hnngh.
  • We must take a moment to mention our resident Big Bad, Sephiroth, who is a Bishonen who launched a thousand fics. From that leather dom attire to his unrelenting Foe Yay, you can understand why fans are infatuated with him. (Sometimes to really, really scary levels.) Japanese version gets bonus points for having his seiyuu be Toshiyuki "BL Emperor" Morikawa, meaning that... resourceful fans can find facsimile moans to listen to. Plus, in the fighting games Ehrgeiz and Dissidia: Final Fantasy he'll even take his coat off to be completely shirtless.
    • Say what you will about the English dub, but god damn George Newbern's voice reduces this troper to a quivering mess. Oh yes, you can tell me to beg for forgiveness any day.
      • This tropette will second that notion. She will happily do whatever he'd tell her to.
    • Also, Sephiroth's boots, in and of themselves. They're thigh-high and are held up by belts around his knees. Genesis improves this concept in Crisis Core by wearing similar boots, only with 3-inch heels.
    • For this troper, it's the hair.
      • I second the hair. I don't why it is, but guys with long blonde/white hair presses her 'so hot' button really hard. It got even worse when they did his hair in much nicer CG over the years.
      • Thirded. Sephiroth has to be the one that started this tropette's fetish for villains; men with long hair, who wear leather or are just in general evil and whatnot? Yeah. All thanks to Sephiroth.
    • Kadaj looks like a much younger Sephiroth, dressed in skin-tight leather, with Peek A Bangs, an inferiority complex and a mother complex on top of that. Oh, and he's also batshit insane.
  • Don Corneo has a fully functional torture dungeon, and you can find one or both of your scantily-clad female companions in it.
    • The fact that it's Don Corneo makes it significantly less appealing...
  • Don't just leave it at Corneo's torture dungeon. The whole part involves Aeris forcing Cloud to crossdress as a whore, who the people in Wall Market consider very attractive - it's subtle, but he gets significantly less awkward as time goes on, going from walking around very stiffly and staring at the floor, to walking around in his normal gait, to (at the end) flirting with men shamelessly and playing up his sweet innocent girl credentials for no reason at all. He even rejects a roomful of unwanted suitors by demurely teasing them, and then yelling 'I'm not interested in a bunch of scrubs like you!' - rather than, you know, telling them he's a man. And that's if you don't get the good end, where you can have Cloud give Corneo a massive boner and then cruelly reject him by telling him 'her' true love is Barret. And it helps you get the date with Barret in the Dating Sim minigame, too.
    • Holy crapcakes, you're right! How much do you wanna bet he put up an outraged reaction in front of the girls but was secretly playing it up while he was on his own? I'm not sure what's funnier, him doing it for his personal amusement or because he really liked it. Either way, I'd say that Tifa and Cloud would have a 'secret' trunk of girly things that aren't for her.
  • Yuffie and another female character (Elena) also have a scene where they're tied to a wall.
  • In Advent Children Complete we have the new additions to the Cloud and Sephiroth fight. Sephiroth stabbing Cloud, leaving him dangling impaled on Masamune before he throws him up into the air, only to send him crashing back down to the ground all bloody and ripped up? ohyesplease.
  • Aside from being just generally hot, Cid appeals to anyone with a liking for machines or smoking. And despite common knowledge, those goggles definitely do something for a troper or two.
  • This Troper know at least one friend which is turned on by Red XIII, the smart talking native American red lion-dog. Ahem.
    • Oh well, it was bound to happen anyway.
  • And this troper has a thing for Barret and Cid.... preferably together (nyeh!).
    • I wonder if Cid can do more with his spear...? * giggle*
    • Quite a bit of art of Cid bulks him up quite a bit. Not that this trope minds at all...
  • Towards the end of Advent Children Cloud suffers some plot-relevant Clothing Damage. It's just to show his Geostigma in time to see it cured, but the sight of him ripping off his sleeve is pretty hot, especially if you have a thing for bare arms, as this Troper does.
    • Zack always has the bare arms thing going on due to his uniform, he's giving free tickets to the gun show in the manual's cover render. The FFVII cover art render, an early CG Cloud in the same pose from behind, has an unusually large bicep for the typically scrawny Cloud on his right arm. And a dark spot which is either shading or armpit hair under the left. YES THIS TROPER PAYS ATTENTION TO WEIRD DETAILS, OKAY?
      • For it to be the latter, Cloud would have to dye his hair.
      • That Anime Hair defies so many laws of logic (except Rule Of Sexy) so that's not actually true. Or he could just dye it. Although this troper fails to see how armpit hair could turn anyone on. Those blond spikes are nice, though.
      • Armpit hair, chest hair and many other kinds of body hair can easily be fetishes, you know
    • And in Advent Children Complete the Clothing Damage is increased when Sephiroth goes stab-happy, resulting in large slices in his clothes all over himself, including a rather long one running along Cloud's right thigh. Mmmmmm.
      • That can become a very subverted trope when you realize the fact that Sephiroth impaled Cloud through said leg from his foot, up through his calf and out of his thigh. This troper had to rewatch that about five times to actually comprehend that.
  • Crisis Core was certainly good for people who like Ho Yay with their wing fetish. Fics in some communities will even be labeled with "Wing Kink" if they appeal to that fetish.
  • How has no one touched Dirge Of Cerberus yet?
    • The Tsviets are one swastika away from being Nazis, if you're into that kind of thing.
    • Shalua spends about 3/4's of the game in a cryogenics tube.
    • Shalua dresses rather skimpily for a scientist.
    • Shelke. She's Older Than She Looks, so there's no need to feel guilty.
    • Nero is wearing a straightjacket for God's sake. Hullo Mister Bondage.
      • Not to mention his whole relationship (hello incest potential) with Weiss.
    • Rosso not only has an accent and a revealing outfit, but she's also Ax Crazy.
    • Azul has large muscles. Very large muscles. Also, he turns into something resembling a giant dog mixed with an armadillo.
    • Look at Chaos! From VII to Dirge, he got a major sex appeal upgrade...
      • This tropette is utterly shameless about loving Dirge of Cerberus because Chaos got so gloriouslyly sexy. ... that and the fact that you get a delicious shot of Chaos!Vincent's ass sends her into fits of fangirl delight.
    • The entire plot of the online game involves three men who have implanted chips into almost everyone's brains that will stop you from disobeying them. Uhm...
    • And Weiss, with his lack of shirt, unconsciousness and subsequent possession. Lets just say this troper fell head-over-heels.
    • Nero's obsession with Weiss - his brother - involves quite a lot of touching on his part. Then at the end, Weiss absorbs him into his own body so they can be "one forever".
      • Delicious, delicious incest. Hngh. This tropette doesn't even bother trying to NOT read the subtext between Nero and Weiss and firmly (and happily) ships them as hard as she can.
  • The amount of Ho Yay in Crisis Core is staggering. The teacher/student Angeal/Zack pair with its parallel Zack/Cloud, and the Foe Yay of Sephiroth/Genesis are just the tip of the flaming pink iceberg. There isn't a man in that game that hasn't been paired with another man. This Troper has even found Hojo/Hollander.
    • Uhm. Ew.
  • Okay, how about the fact that Cloud is, like, the ultimate woobie? His largely tragic life coupled with his awkward and melancholy demeanor just instills a desire to want to make it all better.
    • His sad face is too beautiful dammit!
  • Someone at Square has an emo fetish, because the Compilation jams him right back into angst mode. Enjoy, if that's your thing. Oh, and he looks more androgynous, too.
  • VII wasn't the first game to allow players to shrink their fellow party members with the Mini spell, but it was the first to depict them in an attractive manner while doing so.
    • Not to mention a monster who's entire combat strategy is to shrink and eat them.
  • Yuffie's unbuttoned shorts in the first game... they kick-started this Troper's open fly fetish.
  • How about the fact Cloud and Zack have some of the most beautiful eyes you ever did see? Not to mention they often get paid special attention to, particularly in Advent Children. Enough to make you fall in love at first sight, eh?
  • The secret ending in Cerberus, where Genesis, played by Gackt no less, which deserves special mention all by itself, picks up the sleeping (and still shirtless) Weiss and holds him tenderly, before flying off with him into the distance...
    • Could be a Sting and Sequel Hook. .. Doesn't change the fact that it makes one squee in glee at it, however, and set off a major ship.
  • Reno. His hair, his voice, the way he leaves his shirt open at the top, his cocky attitude, his nightstick (wonder what he can do with that thing?), his relationship with Rude. And the movie implies that he's much more flexible that he looks.
    • Oh GOD yes. Even before the Compilation made him a pretty boy, this troper had a thing for that crazy red hair and the cocky/prankster attitude. Hell everything about Reno oozes Fetish Fuel
    • This troper read a Renox Shelke (yeah, that's right) doujinshi where he kept prodding her with the nightstick. Erm... While the fact that Shelke is NINE squicked this troper out a bit, the idea of electric stimulation...
      • Teeeeeeeeechnically, she's frozen at nine but is chronologically seventeen or eighteen. Something like that. ... Reno's into lolicon?
  • Hojo's plot to breed Aeris with Red XIII. Proof that one man's Squick is another man's Fetish Fuel.
  • How about the Turks in general? All wearing spiffy immaculate suits, their smooth snappy theme music, their badassery ... they're just the best Punch Clock Villains ever goddammit!
  • What about Red XIII in general? The Furry Fandom is all over him. Not to mention that a fair few slashfics pair him with Kimahri from X.
    • He's also practically a genius contemplating life and his own place as the possible (but disproved in the after credits scene/Advent Children) last member of his race. Some find the smart thing attractive.
      • Before Crisis, if this tropette remembers right, actually had Nanaki meeting another of his kind. Who is conveniently female. ... but hey, their babies are ridiculously cute, so it's all good.
  • Elena: Hot chick in a badass suit, who for some reason I picture being played by Kirsten Dunst.

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