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Sexiest video game character EVER!

  • Quistis is a glasses-wearing SeeD instructor (position of authority) whose Weapon Of Choice is the whip. For further fun, she has a mostly female fan club.
  • Squall Leonhart getting tied up and electrically tortured by Seifer. Someone who wears that many belts has got to be into bondage. Oh, and let's not forget how he appears in Kingdom Hearts, where he wears the belts around his bare arm. There is currently a three-month waiting list for bunks.
    • Oh, gosh, the torture scene. This Troper's main fetish being Bound And Gagged, this scene nearly caused her to make her sister to stop and save the game to a new file. Unfortunately we didn't, and it is now This Troper's goal to find a way to readily access that scene.
    • It's called YouTube.
    • Squall might as well be batting for the Ho Yay after Dissidia. That feather lined Cloud-half-skirt does nothing for his supposed masculinity. (Okay, he is the most masculine lead of ANY Sony FF).
    • This troper was won over instantly after she saw the dance scene and now regularly cosplays Rinoa in hopes that she'll find a Squall who also knows the dance.
      • Haha this troper learnt to (ceroc) dance because of that scene, and occassionally cosplays Squall and hopes that he'll find a Rinoa that also knows the dance
    • Let's not forget Squall loves to dress in leather, and he looks damn good in it.
      • This troper knows it too, still saving up for that stripperific uniform of his.
  • Irvine: Resident man-whore cowboy with a heart of gold. And then there are the Squall-Irvine fan fics for the Ho Yay inclined. Or the Squall-Irvine-Quistis... Because everybody loves a cowboy.
  • Ward for the Gentle Giant lovers in all of us.
  • No love for Kiros? Elegant and snarky, with a gorgeously fluid fighting style and skin-tight leather armor? Not to mention his loyalty in sticking with Ward and helping him communicate...
  • Rinoa: Long, dark tresses with some interesting highlights. Those tasteful yet just about skintight clothes. The "angel" motif of hers, her dog, the fact that she loves to read (brainy girl) - yeah, she's fetishriffic, too.
  • Oh Edea... that lovely black skin-tight dress with the low neck line...
    • Not to mention those delicate, almost claw-like fingers...
  • This female troper admits that Adel's rather interesting looks are actually a huge turn on to her. Not to mention the Junctioning.
  • Ultimecia. A time-controlling Hot Witch with white hair, Facial Markings, wings, and a Funetik Aksent (that makes me think "Russian") clad in a breast-baring red dress that features slits that venture dangerously near her navel and crotch. She undoubtedbly proves that Evil Is Sexy. Bonus points for her depiction in Dissidia, which drops the accent and propells her straight into Vamp territory. I'll be your knight, Ultimecia! ^_^
  • No love for Laguna? He is a major crouching moron hidden baddass , beautiful green eyes and long hair that many a troper must have wished to run their fingers through. Not only that, he is very dedicated and will do anything for or to find those he cares for. Not to mention he IS Squall's daddy, so there's all the benefits of Squall's physical attractiveness without his emo whining His character models for dissidia are looking pretty beautiful too, especially that Galbadian Uniform for his alternate costume... phwoaaaarr!
  • What about Seifer? He's pretty hot.
  • While Selphie's pretty low on my list for this game, there's just something about a tiny chick who wears gigantic boots,
    • What really turned me on was her victory dance. putting her weapon over her shoulder, placing her hand on her hip, and shaking her hips in an almost seductive looking manner. at least to me it was seductive.

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