• Lulu's outfit.
  • Also, we will not say anything about the part where Rikku slowly removes her wetsuit...
  • Personally, Wakka makes my trousers tight. As Julie Brown says... "I like 'em big and stupid."
    • On the one hand, there's the obnoxious Fry hair...on the other, ooooooh, those shoulders.
    • Shoulders, arms, chest, and his stomach. Rawr. Wakka's outfit unfortunately only barely avoids showing his nipples.. :(
  • Personally, I'll go with Rikku. Bubbly, cheerful, Genki Girl with short shorts and her own "stripping" scene.
    • Then there's the dog paddle thing she does with her hands, and her Verbal Tic, you know. What's not to like.
      • Not to mention patting her butt at the enemies in her provoke animation. Am I the only one into that?
  • Yunalesca wears nothing but a metal bikini that gives her quite a bit of cleavage, both of the breast and ass variety. And if you're not creeped out by her One Winged Angel form, you're probably thinking impure thoughts of her Combat Tentacles, or are a Nightmare Fetishist for the giant Medusa head that she rides on top of.
    • Appearance-wise, she's Sephiroth in a bikini ... with large breasts. Somebody is bound to like that!
  • This foot fetishist was quite turned on by the scene where Yuna walks barefoot on the water.
    • And this one only played the game long enough to get the ability to play that FMV repeatedly. -coughs-
  • Auron. Me likes em Tall Dark And Snarky. Me likey very much.
    • I personally adore his scar and his dark brown eye just melts me (probably because I have brown eyes myself)
    • Ohh, and that wonderfully gravelly voice...
      • Amen, sister. I could listen that voice all day long and never get tired of it.
      • Thirded. Much thirded. That voice makes this tropette fall all over herself. .. and the hair. The stubble. The gunshow. ... Yeah. ... yeahhhhhh. Ahem.
  • crooked grin* SECONDED.
    • The fact that he spent his youth traveling around with two other hot guys is wasted on few. What's a little threesome action between friends?
    • There were times where I'd enter a battle with weak-moderate strength enemies and have everyone but Auron flee, and then do nothing but let him get hit just to see him reel back and grunt from his sexy sexy Guardian pain. >_> And yar, Yuna's dad...has got it goin' on...
    • Those arms. Talk about free ticket to the gun show.
      • Indeed! When I saw the Fan Service AMV where Auron swings his coat off his left arm at the start of battle, revealing those amazing muscles, the only thing I could think was: "...take me."
    • Let's just face it; Auron will make just about anyone consider necrophilia.
  • No love for Seymour, Tidus, and Jecht? One's a tall, muscular Bishonen with tattoos and an open shirt, one's a tanned, well-built athlete with bleach-blond hair and an open shirt, and the third is a tall, muscular athlete with tattoos, scars, and no shirt.
    • Seymour's voice (English version) was quite... stirring.
      • I probably shouldn't tell you this, but my archaeology professor last term looked and sounded alarmingly like Seymour Guado. It made handing in assignments very entertaining.
    • This troper would also like to make mention of Seymour's long, long fingers and long, long fingernails. Ooohhh yes.
    • Let's not forget that Seymour is the most magnificent of MagnificentBastards.
    • Seymour's way of being almost whimsical and possessive over Yuna made this troper squirm in her seat. She liked it far more than she should have and a lot of her kept thinking "Goddamn, I'd pay to see what their sex would be like". And seeing him dressed up for his wedding.. yeah.
  • That one scene in the beginning where Tidus is dripping wet waiting for the blitzball game to start? Square sure knows how to take care of the ladies!
    • For some reason all this troper could think about at the beginning of the scene in Lake Macalania was how strong and brown Tidus' neck and back looked...
    • He, along with all the other blitzball players, are capable of holding their breath for long periods of time. Don't tell me you haven't thought of other uses for that...
  • Kimahri. Hulkspeak, a PettingZooPerson, an incredibly large...spear, that wonderful butt-shot in the FMV when you fight him, that deep voice and sexy roar, a body to die for... A large number of Slash Fics love to pair him up either with Biran and Yenke (yes, they were like brothers), the Ronso Blitzball team, Wakka, or Tidus. A story series involving the last, "The Scent of His Mate", is particularly arousing. There's even a subset of people who like pairing Kimahri up with Red XIII through various Alternate Reality, A Wizard Did It type plots.
  • It's Yuna's Mismatched Eyes that do it for this troper.
    • There's a lot more.
  • Barthello, the big, dumb muscly guardian who unquestioningly follows his summoner Dona's orders. He wears some kind of bondage harness-kind of thing and he's also a fanboy of Auron.
    • He, well hey! For all WE know, Dona's OWN outfit could be that world's equivalent of what a dominatrix would wear!
  • This tropette cannot be the only player of this game who found Shiva beautifully attractive.. before kicking into the fetish side of things. Temperature play, the rings in her hair made for pulling and the fact that she's all but naked, save for some creative ice and cloth placement. Honestly, Shiva was made to be fetishized in FFX.

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