...You should hear her getting a back-rub.

  • Pretty much everything in Final Fantasy X-2 was designed to be Fetish Fuel for someone, including pretty much every outfit.
  • They were also kind enough to throw in three blatantly cheesecake male characters to mirror the female main characters, plus plenty of Brother and Buddy goodness. Orgy, anyone?
    • I'll give you Gippal and Baralai, but Nooj's bodysuit is... less than appealing.
      • All the more reason to want to see him out of it as soon as possible. Or do you mean the mechanical limbs? That's just icing for some...
  • Two words: Massage scene. If you're a straight male, don't tell me you don't have a save file just for that scene, or that you don't screw that scene up over and over again on purpose.
    • This lesbian pleads guilty.
    • ...This straight girl pleads guilty too.
    • It doesn't help that Leblanc sounds like she's having an orgasm.
  • For some reason, Yuna with guns gets this troper. The outfit might be part of that, but mainly, it's the guns.
    • That cutscene where Yuna flips around and goes trigger-happy on... person-I-wasn't-paying-attention-to... made this female troper feel fuzzy inside. Not only because it was badass, but a well-trained dancer (which Yuna IS) would be able to do that in real life.
    • Not really, unless it was already choreographed, otherwise she would end up wasting ammunition and getting shot in the end in real life.
  • This. Seems like most JRPG's have to have an obligatory Hot Springs Episode. Lucky us, eh?
  • Mmmm, Brother's tattoos. The scene where he got injured rescuing the girls early on made this hurt/comfort-fancying troper very happy, especially since you can choose to comfort him...or step on him, producing some adorable little whimpers.
  • The Lady Luck dressphere is the personal favorite of This Troper.
  • This one likes him some Thief Yuna.


Final Fantasy X-2 Leblanc Mini Game01:15

Final Fantasy X-2 Leblanc Mini Game

Massage Mini-Game

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