For you transitional furries...

  • And Final Fantasy XII keeps up the tradition, with Fran the bunnygirl. This Troper has her several levels higher than the rest of the party, partly because she's a great mage and archer, but mostly because of the furry appeal and interesting camera angle options.
    • Only if levelled above everyone else. At level parity, Fran is the second-worst mage in the game and has a special penalty that makes her slower with a bow than everyone else. Apparently she's only there to be decorative!
    • This female troper has Fran as her party leader, even though she's aware her stats are comparatively poor, because she enjoys staring at her ass too much for her own good. With a party consisting of Fran, Basch and Balthier everyday is Fanservice day in Ivalice.
      • Same here. Straight and female, and will happily admit that Fran has a fantastic ass. As does Balthier, but then again, everything about Bathier is win.
      • Fran has a fantastic everything. Although I really prefer Kjtn's (Ktjn's?) outfit; it's just...cuter. And she seems more innocent. >_> However, I agree on the Balthier = Awesome statement. Who doesn't love an upper-class rebellious Brit who can handle a gun? (Fact: am female)
      • This female troper enjoys playing a party compiled of Fran, Balthier and Penelo. Visually appealing and practical - Balthier with his high physical stats (and badassery), Penelo with her magick stats full of ownage (and cuteness), and Fran who fits in with her being a Master Of None (and sexiness). Balance is everything, my dears.
  • The Vieras as a whole are Fetish Fuel. They're a One Gender Race of Scantily clad bunny girls. Their village is the Play Boy Mansion of Ivalice.
    • According to in-game encyclopedia entries, there are male Viera, but they hide whenever non-Viera are around. This has undoubtedly inspired more than one fanart community, but I'm too afraid to get confirmation.
      • Yes, people draw male Viera. And it's hot. Also, you're a little off on the manual info - Male and female Viera live in a sex-segregated society where females live in one village and males live in another. So bring on the bunny-people Ho Yay!
    • Not everyone was turned on.
  • Ashe is hotter.
  • There is a comic featuring some rather, um, interesting uses of the game's Gambit system - the system that allows you to control the actions of your other party members. This troper with a hypnofetish is still looking for the "Absolute Obedience" gambit.
  • This troper is quite the fan of Balthier's pants. The character is entertaining, too, but it's the pants that are the real star here.
    • I feel you, fellow troper. Some men were made for leather pants.
      • Balthier, Captain Tightpants of the FF world.
    • Really? His pants make me laugh more than anything. Though I fucking love that vest. And that shirt. And that hair. And, obviously, the way he holds his gun.
    • Oh yeah, definitely have to say it was his pants. You can put that down. His pants, and right where his pants... meet his vest. Tha— actually, that whole area. That, and... and above it...Have you seen what he wears?
  • No mention of Basch? He wore a vest over a bare chest, had a Shirtless Scene, a twin brother...
    • Don't forget his increadibly sexy voice!
    • Let's not mention that pink frilly garb of his. It made me laugh.
    • A shirtless scene, in chains, with his twin brother around. I'll be in my bunk.
    • Twin Threesome Fantasy. Hell yes.
    • Plus he knows something about cages. Hoyeah.
  • Talking about pink. How can we forget swask-buckling Reddas and his sexy tight pink spandex shorts?
  • Balthier on a whole. James Bond meets Han Solo. This for me was the only motivation to actually finish the game.
    • What about the scene where Ashe practically begs him to kidnap her? "Then steal me." Works in two ways: either a willing kidnap victim, or being 'stolen' by Balthier...
    • Balthier was this troper's whole reason for PLAYING. Dear God. The voice, the whole ladykiller act, the leather pants... Never had a VG character in my Freebie Five, but damn, boy.
  • This troper never minded having to go through the tutorial—not when Reks was there. His voice actor sounds like he used to do porn; it's all heavy breathing, grunts, and moans every time he so much as turns his head. If he's that loud just walking around, imagine how noisy he is when he's... exerting himself.
  • What about Penelo◊ in FFXII:RW? Her trousers are so low slung that we are given a strong indication of her, ahem, grooming habits.
    • Penelo in the original as well, with her tasty looking yellow and blue, tight, short jumpuit...
  • Are we seriously going to ignore Mr. "I don't need a shirt" Vaan?"
    • I feel you fellow troper. I've always had a thing for Vann.
  • This is, of course, not getting into the ...weirder territory. This troper can't be the only one who thought the half-naked, bound women were the real reasons for getting and using Zalera and Mateus, right?
  • Revenant Wings gives us the Aegyl, a race of impossibly attractive Winged Humanoids - especially Llyud, who has very red hair and doesn't wear a shirt.
  • There's also Elza, one of Reddas' subordinates at Balfonheim Port. A buxom blonde with the kind of fashion sense that makes Britney Spears look like a nun.
  • Let's not forget about Larsa who has been mistaken for a girl qute a few times.

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