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  • Fang, Lightning, Snow, Vanille... this game has a very sexy cast.
  • Oerba Yun Fang:
    • She was originally supposed to be a guy, and Lightning was supposed to be much sexier, according to Famitsu.
    • Even better: They transferred Lightning's original amount of sex appeal to Fang like it was some sort of actual physical substance! Or not.
    • This troper would listen to her just because of the accent.
    • Let's make a little list about Fang, shall we? She has a cool name, has a sexy Australian accent, is considerably tanned (possibly Arabian), is a Badass Action Girl, avoids Anime Hair by having a relatively normal hairstyle and black hair, doesn't seem to be very feminine, has incredibly blatant Les Yay moments with Vanille and even a few with Lightning... Good God, she hits about every single one of this troper's fetishes! ARE YOU READING MY MIND, SQUAREENIX!?!?
      • And let's not forget the fact that she's incredibly well-toned, fights with a spear and serves as a lancer (meaning she has powerful leg muscles), is not just an Action Girl but the strongest physical attacker in the game, and gets borderline sadistic with some of the stuff she says in battle...oh, and she flirts with everyone, including the mooks.
      • Three words, "On your knees!"
      • Three more words: "You're gonna squirm!"
    • Even The Girls Want Her, my friend. Even The Girls Want Her.
  • Wait, no mention at Ch. 13 Fang? When she turns into an incomplete version of ragnarok and tries to do her focus, would this qualify as evil fang being sexy as well?
  • On the topic of Fang/Vanille LesYay, if Fang saying "We'll still have our talk" just after she closes Vanille into a safe room while she holds off a bunch of enemies alone (Heroic Sacrifice? Possible, but PLEASE NO.) doesn't make people ship them, nothing will.
    • Game has been released. The scene described by the original troper is actually one of the tamest instances of Les Yay featured between Fang and Vanille. I refuse to believe it wasn't intended.
      • It probably was written when Fang was still a male character.
      • Probably not: she was changed to a female pretty early in development.
  • Lightning:
    • Her armpits◊.
      • Even more from the scene where that screencap comes from. It's near the end, and the way she says "Maybe" (in that pose), and then "Nice gun" as he soldier's prodding her with his...gun, and then especially the "bring it on" (or come hither) look at the very end. Pure unbridled Fetish Fuel.
    • Funny thing about Lightning, she has a masculine yet pretty face that is appearently based on Cloud Strife's. This takes the crossdressing scene in FFVII to a whole new level.
    • In one scene, Lightning is fed up with one of Snow's (evidently numerous) hero rants, walks up to him with a no-bullshit expression on her face, and doesn't slap him but punch him. Like, three times! Lightning's tall for a woman, but this is Mr. 33cm we're talking about and watching him get smacked around was very, very interesting.
    • Panty Shot and Magic Skirt be damned, the instant this troper learned there were biker shorts under Lightning's skirt, it...yeah.
    • This troper noticed that the changes made to Lightning, while making her less similar to Cloud, did give her more of a resemblance to Uma Thurman with red hair.
    • She doesn't ride Sleipnir into battle, for Norse Mythology purists. This is Square Enix—if they wanted a horse with six legs, they would have made one. She. Rides. ODIN.
      • This troper looked up Odin on the FF Wiki and thought that she would be riding on top of the knight in armor Odin, who would be riding on the horse. That just brings up even more Fetish Fuel.
    • And appealing to a fetish rarely tapped into by video games: she's relatively covered up. She's wearing a vest with a turtleneck sweater underneath (and you know what they say about Sweater Girls, and with her boots and arm-bands and such, she's wearing a lot more clothes than the norm, which only serves to make her sexier...
      • On top of that, she's got a little something that can surprise you if you got good eyes: She's got a navel piercing! You can actually find it if you look closely enough in a few cutscenes and moving the camera while exploring. SEXY!
    • Anybody else seen the trailer for the just announced sequel? Lightning's new look?◊ UNF.
  • Snow Villiers:
    • The dev team has nicknamed him Mr. 33cm—13in, for the Yanks in the audience—which refers to his... Shoe size.
      • They revealed his "shoe size" even before they told us his name.
      • Snow is a martial arts fighter. He is one of the only male leads in Final Fantasy to not wield a ridiculously huge sword. Are the developers hinting that Snow doesn't need to compensate for anything?
      • And if you compare him to FFVII's martial artist... wow, Serah is so lucky to have Snow.
      • So she can get 13 inches of snow every summer? If you know what I mean.
    • Snow's shirtless scene.
      • The minute that scene pops up and this female troper goes into fangirl mode. That's saying something, as this troper despises fangirl-ism to the point of genocide. God... I blame the next degree of visual detail they put into this game.
      • This troper requires a link, because a Youtube search failed her.
      • Snow is... special to this troper. This scene might have had a part to play in that. Starts around 1:30-ish, spoilers abound.
    • Snow's summon, the "motordyke". They are the "embodiment of his heart", and they blow kisses to him!
      • Also they're supposed to be symbolic of Lightning and Serah... Just—think on that for a second.
    • Snow's hat (err.. bandana ...thing.)Also, his gloves.The guy in general is squiggly feelings incarnate for this troper.
  • Oerba Dia Vanille: Has red hair in Girlish Pigtails, a bare midriff, and a brown fur Showgirl Skirt.
  • Sazh Katzroy is a Dual Wielding, Guns Akimbo Papa Wolf with an adorable Chocobo in his afro who calls himself "Daddy" and sports a Badass Longcoat. Someone has to love this guy.
    • But Sazh being awesome is common knowledge!
      • Even though he's probably the single worst character in the game, stats-wise, people have been known to keep him in the party for this very reason.
  • I'm even more surprised no one has mentioned Serah. Even the creator calls her "the cutest girl" in the game, and given the connotations of cuteness in Japanese culture... Yeah.
    • That outfit's pure Fetish Fuel though. No sleeves, schoolgirl skirt lined with black lace, a see-through, um, let's call it a vest—again, also sleeveless—thigh-highs and high-tops boots (just reading what it says in the article), and did we mention the complete lack of sleeves? Also, because she couldn't be bothered to wear even short sleeves, she has to use a bandage to hide her l'Cie mark, on her upper arm. Also, that side-ponytail is cute.
    • Not to mention she's voiced by none other than LAURA BAILEY.
      • Wha. Although it won't happen (and as wrong as it sounds), I am now envisioning Laura voicing Serah with her Lust/Cloud of Darkness voice. Oh dear...
      • What makes it even weirder is the fact that Troy Baker plays Snow. Meaning FRANK ARCHER and LUST are in a loving relationship!
  • And of course, there's Jihl Nabaat. Sure, she might have crossed the Moral Event Horizon and later gets killed before making much of an impact, but she's a beautiful lieutenant colonel, has Boobs Of Steel, wears glasses and high heels, possesses flowing locks of blond hair that reach her knees, sounds British/Australian/something, and looks somewhat like XIII's equivalent of The Baroness. Evil Is Sexy, indeed.
    • She looks like an evil version of Quistis from VIII. That is sure to appeal to someone.
  • As long as Jihl's getting an entry... this troper could listen to Director Rosch talk alllll day. If you get my drift.
  • If you have a thing for tall men, this game was tailor-made for you. Snow crowns them all at being 2m/roughly 6'7", followed closely by Cid Raines, just one cm shorter. After that comes Gadot, a beefy 192cm/6'4 1/2". Yaag Rosch is next, 190cm/circa 6'3", followed by everyone's favorite, Sazh Katzroy at 188cm/6'2". After all that, Yuj and Rygdea, at 181cm/just a hair under 6' and the latter just a cm shorter, are practically dainty.
    • And the icing on the cake? If your fetish for tall men is also accompanied by a fetish for size differences, the game is on your side, presenting both straight (Vanille, Serah) and slashy (Maqui, Hope) options for your pairing pleasure.
    • And on the other side of the height fetishes, if you have a thing for tall women, there's Lightning (just short of 5'10) and Fang (a few inches taller, putting her around 6'). And if you like the opposite of certain tropes, Hope stands at a mere 5'0. Consider how you can have Lightning, Fang and Hope as your normal party—and that at least for storyline play, they're a pretty high-tier party as well...
    • Muscly Gadot is definitely channeling some Wakka with his midriff-baring shirt. Mmm...
  • No mention of Cid Raines◊ beyond his size? Really?! Not only does he have the most amazing eyes but then he goes One Winged Angel on the group and manages to lose a shirt in the process (granted, he gains a large chunk of crystal in place of one arm, but even that appeals to someone. He was far sexier than Snow.
  • Equally, the apparent neglect of Hope◊. That's some damn fine Shota right there.
    • This gay troper found himself unable to resist Hope's mother, Nora◊.
    • Hope's father is pretty cute, too. What a nice family!
      • Basically every character is absolutely gorgeous and, at the very least, appeals to their own distinct niche.
      • Even Dysley?
      • What Dysley lacks in beauty, his voice more than makes up for.
  • On stranger shores, is anyone else wondering just who is/was lovingly crafting the ass-hugging leather shorts worn by feral Behemoths? And how they're getting them on?
  • People, people! How can we forget Lebreau? Her clothes are eye-catching, she knows how to handle guns (And I know some people are into that) and finally, she's as hot and beautiful as a female volleyball player. And bear in mind that last element is Fetish Fuel worthy material. *Sigh* If only she had more screentime...
  • There's something about Alyssa Zaidelle.

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