Yes, eat, Nigella. We want you bigger. It will please us.


Need help with those dishes?

Giada de laurentiis

This channel brings a whole new meaning to "Food Porn".

Nigella Lawson/Nigella BitesEdit

  • Big Girl You Are Beautiful
  • Black and White Beauty
  • Buxom is Better
  • Erotic Eating: Isn't shy about eating on camera.  And, apparently, the camera isn't shy about getting as close as possible when she does.

Rachael Ray/30 Minute MealEdit

Giada deLaurentiis/Everyday ItalianEdit

  • Baby Got Back
  • Buxom is Better: Has one of the most famous cleavages on TV.
  • Cleopatra Nose
  • Erotic Eating: Helps that she has a tongue like fucking Gene Simmons.
  • What Beautiful Eyes: Big anime eyes

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