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  • This troper has had a foot fetish for as long as he can recall...the earliest instance of it, he thinks, is when he used to play with his female teacher's feet at every opportunity in primary school. He loves to give foot massages, very much so, and likes feet that have high arches and good-looking toes. In addition, his (now ex) girlfriend had sensitive feet, so it was a real pleasure for him to, ahem, service her whenever she came over to visit. These days, though, he hasn't had much opportunity to practice his massage technique, but maybe the next girlfriend he gets, or when he gets married, hmm, hmm, hmm... :-)
    • Update: the troper has a new girlfriend who also has sensitive feet! ^_^
  • This Troper hates to have her feet touched. She also had an ex-boyfriend with a foot fetish. Needless to say, it didn't work out.
    • This (male) troper would like to know why.
      • She hates to have her feet touched, he probably wanted to touch them all the the math.
      • I think what the male troper meant is, why does the female troper hate to have her feet touched.
      • Yeah, probably should have cleared that up.
      • As a fellow "Don't Touch My Feet"-er, I can say it probably has something to do with being ticklish. Or just detesting being touched. Y'know, whatever.
      • Careful. Knowing that you're ticklish will make some foot fetishists want to touch your feet even more!
  • This troper has a foot fetish... ahhhhhh.....
    • If you haunt the foot focus page you probably do. Don't stress about it, it's actually fairly common. Having one doesn't make you a freak or anything. The only real problem comes when you don't respect people's boundaries. For example, staring at someone's feet isn't any more polite than staring at their chest, no matter how badly you want to look. If all you can talk about is feet you're going to come across as one dimensional at best and a creep at worst...just like if the only thing you ever talk about is breasts. Basically, don't let any aspect of sexuality run your life for you!
      • This foot fetishist troper believes the above troper speaks the truth. Heed the words of the Troper.
      • Meh. Tarantino makes it work. And in a more general way, everything Ayn Rand ever did probably tied into her Nazi-rape-fetish. So, there's that.
      • I personally don't hold up Tarantino as a good example. He's rich and famous and can get away with stuff that most people can't consider.
        • No kidding. In fact, that's the worst justification for a fetish I can imagine.
        • Rich and famous or not, VIP or not, the woman on the receiving end may simply be tolerating it for the duration, especially if there's something it it for her in return. There has been at least one woman who has wrote online about her experience with the famous director. It wasn't flattering. There are probably many such untold stories. As long as there's no genuine harm done, it is often quite enough for the woman to have a story to tell her friends back home.  Now whether or not the women involved must sign confidentiality agreements is another story altogether.
      • Also, Ayn Rand wasn't a fan of fascism any more than Communism.
      • Where is there foot fetishism in Rand's work? The main page doesn't say anything about it.
  • This Troper had a similar unfortunate experience with dating a foot fetishist. She goes barefoot all the time, all year (even outside in freezing rain and snow), which he loved. But the flipside of that coin is that he hated that the soles of her feet are always black and very tough and hard. This Troper started out the relationship loving the fact that he would give her foot massages all the time, but quickly got tired of the fact that he would always complain about her feet not being soft and pretty. So, yeah...
    • Deconstruction?
    • Fetishes don't EXACTLY work as simple as you'd think, especially for feet. Some want feet to be small, some don't mind them to be big, some are turned on by seeing someone stomp on objects, others are into the smell (even THAT tends to be a complex issue), some require the usage of certain types of heels or boots, some want toe cleavage, some don't, some like hardened cracked soles and others want them soft and/or pedicure-perfect. Even skin color can play a hand into the appeal of the foot. Really, the standards of a foot fetishist tend to vary from person to person. You can't just expect to show any ol' naked foot and expect the magic to happen. You wouldn't assume everyone loves the same flavor of ice cream or all beer lovers love the same brew, now would you?
    • Outside in the snow? I can't even make a snowball barehanded without my hands stinging like hell. I feel like so much less of a man...
  • This Troper has a foot fetish AND a tickle fetish. Much easier to work with, gentle poking of the ribs and teasing of the girl you're dating manages to be both fun and a turn-on, not to mention great for lightening the atmosphere. Especially if said female is kind enough to be showing off her feet, but that's just a matter of personal preference This troper remembers some really fun foreplay involving tickle fights to see what to have for lunch, good times...
  • Same for this troper, except she likes to be on the receiving end of a tickle since she is... very sensitive. She both likes feet and likes having attention paid to her feet.
  • This troper, while swimming at a party once, had a female friend tickle his feet as he passed by. That was pretty hot, but at the same time, a bit embarassing when you have a thing for feet and you're out in public...
  • One of my younger sisters has a friend who once said, while someone else was putting on socks or something right next to her, "Thank you for your foot in my face." Before reading this trope, I'd never thought of it like that... also, I recently noticed I have a little mole on the sole of one of my feet, and stared at it for about a minute. Neat place for a mole, no?
  • Well, this troper knew from very early on that he had a foot fetish. He has been very explicit about it, so as to let the other end of the relationship KNOW what to expect. Thing is, simply feet by themselves don't do it for troper, because he has come to regard feet as an extension of overall beauty - if there is a body attached and a personality that goes with it, then heaven is one "step" away (if you'd excuse the innuendo there). Of course, having learned the hard way that staring at peoples' feet is sometimes noticed and is very, very rude, he tries to keep his gaze to himself most of the time (it's horrible when you see someone shift because you are looking at their feet.)
  • This troper can fondly remember a time when he was at a resturant. I was sitting outside and there was this vaguely attractive guy in sandals who took his sandals off. I was in perfect viewing range of his feet. So of course that was all I was looking at.
  • This troper once had an attractive girl sit next to him during an exam, and a few minutes in she kicked off her flip-flops and relaxed her feet, wiggling her toes a bit. It took immense amounts of willpower to even finish that exam.
    • Same thing happened to me. I didn't finish my exam...
  • This troper remembers his first foot fetish experience was in first grade. He remembers looking at the cover for a children's book and noticing of all things that the girl on the cover was barefoot. This troper was fortunate enough to have a (now ex) girlfriend who would let him massage her feet. To me, feet are more an attractive part of the body, just like the face or eyes, and should be appreciated (and occasionally massaged) and not creepily obsessed over.
  • This Troper, like most here, has a foot fetish and has had one for as long as he can remember. back in high school, he particularly loved when warm weather rolled around, as most of the girls at the school would start wearing flip-flops and sandals; as expected, it was quite the eyecandy for him. Not to mention his short excursion on a college campus, which are havens for girls walking around in flip-flops. He had told two of his past girlfriends, and they were rather accepting of it. His most recent girlfriend even let him suck on her toes and kiss her soles. The twist—however—was that she took to doing the same to him as well. Surprisingly, he thought that it felt nice. No word on whether she developed a fetish herself; going into the relationship, she didn't even like her feet, but he managed to make her feel a little better about them.
    • In addition, there was an interesting situation at his current school back at the beginning of June 2010: A rather attractive girl in his class—as the weather warmed—started to wear more revealing shoes, going from ballet flats (another favorite of his) to strappy sandals.He especially liked seeing her playing with her flats with her bare feet. One day she came in class wearing what white flat thong sandals with ankle straps/buckles (contrasting her Black skin rather nicely), and her feet looked FANTASTIC in them. However, a situation with another girl in class ("bigger" and frankly less attractive) wearing flip-flops and making all sorts of noise while walking threw a wrench in the joy, as the instructor reported the bigger girl, who in turn ratted on the attractive girl; the school code forbid open sandals, but it apparently wasn't enforced much. Needless to say, the fallout was the attractive girl not being able to wear those wonderful sandals anymore. Therefore, for this troper, it was a one-time piece of eyecandy. What a shame... (Before anyone asks, she and this troper do talk occasionally. However, she is a mother and this troper does not know if she is single or not. Either way, he overheard other students talking about her and how she has no life outside of her child (who needs special attention, supposedly) and her mother, so he doubts there's even a chance of her or him making that leap.)
  • This Troper really loves girl's feet and has trouble focusing in classes when he sits near girls who wear flip flops and flex their toes, he has to stop and wonder what it would be like to massage them.
    • Brother, I can relate. A lot of girls during my university days walked around campus in slippers, sandals or flip-flops, so it wasn't like I could just look away. ^^;
    • I empathize with you both. I absolutely love women's feet. I my school days, I always looked out for the girls wearing slip on shoes because they had a chance of slipping off during class. And if they did, well, forget about trying to pay attention to the teacher. Now, I find myself so sad when the cold weather comes because it means no sandaled feet at work for several months. It gives me something to look forward to, I suppose. There are several women at my workplace with gorgeous feet, and it takes a lot of discipline to not look too closely.
  • This troper has a younger sister that she swears has a foot fetish. Everytime I lie down on the couch, she starts grabbing my feet, kissing them, and rubbing them against her. This is awkward being not only is she my sister, but she's a mentally handicapped 12-year-old girl.
    • D'awwwww...
  • This ad distracts me...
  • In this troper's high school drama class there was someone who had a severe foot phobia (as in, she would freak out at the sight of bare feet or of anyone touching feet.) Shoes aren't allowed in the drama room for some reason I can't remember, so she would frequently get upset. Particularly when another class member would stroke and tickle my feet, which he did all the time. (I still don't know whether it was because he had a foot fetish, because he knew I hate being tickled and just wanted to piss me off, or because he liked freaking out the foot phobia girl.) Also, this troper would like to add that, while she doesn't have a foot fetish, she does have a thing for high heeled shoes...
  • Jennifer Aniston sure has a nice pair. Of feet. And breasts, of course, but they aren't the focus here.
  • This troper has had questions about his sexuality. This isn't helping that.
  • This troper is gay and has a thing for crazy-huge feet. Basketball games can be very interesting...
  • This troper is not actually into feet, but she is turned on by the idea of other people liking her feet.
  • I have a thing for feet and always felt wierd whenever i thought about it, but reading these comments [specifically the the one that begins with 'this troper' and is highlighted in blue] makes me feel better about myself......... the whole foot fetish thing is probably the main reason i played as Ibuki and Juri so much in Super Street Fighter 4......
  • This troper first discovered his fascination with feet at the age of twelve. Him and a friend had some competition that slips his memory at the moment where the loser would be the winner's servant for a week. Being young preteens at the time, we wern't aware of anything more harmless than getting out of a week's chores and the like. Anyway, at one point she asked him to massage her feet so he complied thinking nothing of it. Soon after she had him do more things related to the feet cleaning, pedicures, and the like. For some time after he couldn't understand his fascination until he found out the fetish during puberty. As a consiquence, his fetishes for feet and dominant girls have blended together. Hard enough finding a girl who can acomidate, but it's more difficult because he's blind so he can't just look to get rid of the desire. Even so, it just makes it all the more rewarding when he can find a girl willing to be touched.
  • This troper is often seen as The Quiet One and reticent among his friends, as well as generally being quite shy. This means both his male and female friends are used to him looking down at the floor and not saying much. Perfectly innocent... but at school it has it's perks...
  • I once went about a year without seeing a close female friend of mine ("girlfriend" might be a stretch, but we had strong feelings for each other), only to abruptly reconnect with her when I came home for summer. After we'd spent the day together, she invited me into her house, and we spent about an hour sitting on her couch talking. In the middle of our conversation, she stretched out on the couch and put her bare feet in my lap. Almost compulsively, I reached over and started stroking and massaging her feet as we talked. I'd never considered myself a foot fetishist before that, but something about the touch and intimacy of it all juat awakened some repressed feelings in me. My..."physical reaction" was a little stronger than I expected.
  • This troper has a casual foot fetish that she only confesses to friends that she's really close to. The catch, though, is that she only likes women's feet with long toes. She's especially fascinated with toes that look almost like fingers, since it usually implies that the girl in question spent most of her life barefoot. When one spends most of their life wearing shoes, it's basically like placing your feet inside a cast/mold, and as a consequence they grow into the shape of the shoe, which can have numerous health consequenceas later in life. Meanwhile, those who spend a healthy amount of time barefoot have toes that grow all the way out to their natural length. Nothing quite like a healthy, feminine pair of feet with ten slender little piggies...
    • OK, that was just hot, pure and simple
  • This Troper has admired women's feet since her was small but he started out disliking them since as a kid we are taught that feet are gross. Over time though he began to take notice of feet after watching a woman on a cartoon kick a man with her loafers. Overtime her began to like and admire female feet and thanks to the barefoot scenes from Harriet the Spy with Michelle Tratchtenberg, began noticing barefeet girls/women. In the summer of 1999 a certain Noggin show had a song dedicated to feet sung by Nancye Ferguson and i realized i was not weird for appreciating feet. Warm weather is somewhat awesome/difficult for this troper as lots of women wear sandals/open toed shoes. He pretends to disprove of female friends wearing flip flops but he secretly admires their lovely toes(but i don't become creepy about it).

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