• In Full Metal Panic, this troper hopes she's not the only one who thought that the limbless Gauron in the "Sigma" manga was hot. Seriously, the idea of this rugged, hot middle aged Stalker With A Crush who is completely naked (except for the bandages and a strategically placed blanket) and lying on a bed confessing to Sousuke that he ordered the destruction of a city all so that he could lure Sousuke to come to him just seems really romantic and arousing... in ways that it really shouldn't. And to add to it, just the whole way Gauron, despite essentially being completely immobile and helpless, is completely dominant and in control of Sousuke is pretty hot. But really, look at how well-sculpted his body is. Seriously. And in the novels, unless this troper misread it and has an overly dirty mind (which is possible), it sounded like in the middle of while they were talking, Gauron got an erection.
  • If you're interested and into it, there's a lot of Twincest and Les Yay between Yu Fang and Yu Lan.
    • For example, taking very intimate showers together...holding each other at every available opportunity, hugging their naked bodies to each other while kissing each other on the lips...Also Yu Lan sees Yu Fan descending naked from the sky toward her when she dies.
    • Plus, in the novels Yu Fan and Yu Lan are actually male instead of female.
  • This Troper finds Gauron in general to be a deep well of so many kinds of fetish fuel...
  • Anyone remember the entirely gratuitous shot in Fumoffu of Sousuke suspended in the air, restrained, and stipped down to the waist with his pants partially undone? We'd be happy to help jog your memory for you.◊ No wonder Gauron wants to do horrible, naughty things to him...
    • Plus, there's also those cute little cross shaped scars all over his chest...In addition to the one on his face...and well it certainly makes one wonder where else he might have those scars.
  • Lord, there was just something strangely erotic about the almost-strip scene of Sousuke in Fumoffu. The one in the 14th episode, where Sousuke lost a bet with the music club and had to swim naked in the lake while they watch. Just the way he slowly unbuttons his jacket and starts slipping it off his shoulders. Sure, he seemed totally nonchalant and wanting to get it over with about it, and he seriously didn't even get that far, but there was just something about it that was really sensual. He seriously is a natural tease.
    • Not to mention all the girls and guys who were watching with huge smiles on their faces while chanting and clapping for him to "Take it off!"
    • Not long after that in the same episode, Kaname shows up dressed in one of her mother's old kimonos and posed as an older, married woman who is having an affair with Sousuke in order to save Sousuke from having to get naked and swim while everybody watches. It was enough to make Sousuke become uncharacteristically shy and blush an adorable beet red.
  • This troper can't be the only one who got giddy at the idea of a wet Sousuke in a box◊. Certainly would make an amazing Christmas present.
  • This◊. Sousuke getting tied up and resigning himself to the vengeful crowd. Thankfully for him, they're more focused on angrily getting revenge on him for bombing the hell out of them, and end up simply tying him to a tree (which, knowing his survival training and his constant state of being Crazy Prepared, he managed to get out of alright enough). Now, if it were This Troper, and saw him in that state of helplessness...
  • Depending on your view, there's also the villains in general, each who have very depraved kinks / are promiscuous. There's Gauron, who's definitely a major Nightmare Fetishist - the guy's a Sadomasochistic, Depraved Bisexual pedophile and necrophiliac for Sousuke. And then there's Gates, who's an Ax Crazy rapist Lolicon that is shown to masturbate to animal nature videos. And you have the lesbian Creepy Twins Xia Yu Fan and Xia Yu Lan (who also quite possibly have something going on with Gauron) that are shown to be pretty promiscuous (what, with their knowledgeable ways of seducing the AS repairmen who worked at Amalgam). In fact, even the villainous female scientist that only had a small part in the beginning had depraved kinks (as shown further in the novels). Both she and Gauron apparently had a thing for Asphyxiation, as she seemed to enjoy him choking her just as much as he did. He lampshades it mockingly and with amusement.
  • Sousuke in general? Pretty much most, if not all, of the Ho Yay in the series is directed towards him, not to mention he has hordes of guys and girls who have expressed an attraction to him, both when he was very young, and when he's a teenager. Then there's his big, beautiful eyes, numerous Shirtless Scenes, he looks amazing in uniform, is naturally violent, incredibly innocent, has a cute little cross scar on his face, once wore a frilly apron while cooking (in the manga), the fact that he's identical to his Hot Shonen Mom, his Rapunzel Hair back when he was a young guerilla, and the adorable way that he Cant Hold His Liquor (in the manga, promptly dropping unconscious). There is a reason why he's the Launcher Of A Thousand Ships of the series.
  • And then there's how Shoji Gatoh (creator of Full Metal Panic) seems to have a... thing for overt homoerotic overtones. Arguably moreso than lesbian overtones. He even made one novel sidestory dedicated to getting Tsubaki to confess (albeit accidentally) to Souske, in what appears to be an effort to clarify to the readers that Sousuke (along with Tsubaki) would be the submissive one in a gay relationship. And then there's his fascination and love for the villain Gauron, whom he kept bringing back to life (while many, many fans were screaming why he liked Gauron so much to bring him back). And every time Gauron makes an appearance, Gatoh makes it more and more obvious that the idea of Gauron with Sousuke appeals to him. Including a gratuitous part in the novels where Gauron graphically describes how he fantasized killing and raping Sousuke. And then there's that episode in Lucky Star that Gatoh had a hand in, where Kagami picks up a graphic Yaoi doujinshi of Gauron and a Bound And Gagged Sousuke. It's safe to say that the only possible reason why Gatoh even thought of it was because he liked it.
  • The entirety of the closing scenes of the Fumoffu finale. Here's a hint: clothes-eating bioweapon.
  • Full Metal Panic: Second Raid has a scene where Kaname gets soaked in the pouring rain, wearing nothing save for a bathrobe and white panties as she is trying to outwit whoever is spying on her. Later she loses the bathrobe and goes around for a bit wearing just the white panties and covering her exposed breasts with her free hand.
  • Souske's haircut from Kaname. We see her fingers intimately caressing strands of Sousuke's hair, breathing into his ear, him seeing down her top, and her blushing and almost kissing him after seeing his cute sleeping face.
  • Kurz Weber's pretty blond hair and tendency to hit on anything with a skirt. Oh, and he also used to be a model.
  • White Haired Pretty Boy Leonard Testarossa, who pretty much looks exactly like his sister. And then there's his long lustrous silver hair and expensive looking suits...or how in the novels, when he's first mentioned, he's shown to be a rather loose playboy that sleeps around. Over the phone, he's heard to have had sex with a woman with a high nasal voice.
  • Is it weird to get turned on by Sousuke's outlandish bed habits? Especially the way he quietly sleeps under the bed? Along with how he has a tendency to be holding his weapons in his arms while sleeping (including a knife). It brings a whole new aspect and twist to the idea of him being "dangerous" and "violent" in bed... not to mention a sort of exciting "sleep with him at your own risk" kink. *Shivers*
  • Would the prospect of a threesome between Kurz/Mao/Sousuke count? They spent nearly all their time together, both Mao and Kurz have been shown to flirt with Sousuke (along with each other, of course), and... just the way Mao plays between the two of them (with both Kurz and Sousuke separately blushing at her "heartfelt," gentle words that they each thought were only exclusively for themselves). The idea of it is pretty hot, honestly.
  • Mao is pretty hot herself, she's normally dressed fairly masculine, with the attitude to boot. Not to mention her handsy-ness around women. She even dressed as a nurse when she was looking after Kaname, and Fridge Logic Fridge Brilliance dictates that it would Mao who would be taking care of her physical needs.
  • In Sigma manga, after being in a coma for a month, Sousuke was rendered very weak and helpless in bed, being half naked and having his bare chest and arms wrapped in bandages.
  • The sheer amount of panty shots and Most Common Superpower shots with Kaname. Not to mention when she wore that skimpy hospital gown in the first season while Strapped To An Operating Table. Or in episode 6 where she rips her clothes, exposing her cleavage, when having a Whispered flashback. That one shot of her wriggling her bare feet...
  • And then there's the absolutely adorable White Haired Pretty Girl Tessa, who's constantly in uniform, is a Dojikko and is surprisingly aggressive in her pursuit of Sousuke, actually sneaking out of her bed at night and sneaking into Sousuke's bed, trying to take advantage of him in his sleep.
  • In the Hot Springs Episode of Fumoffu Mao mentions that she learned so many languages by sleeping with men. A few moments later we hear Tessa telling her to "Please don't stare at me like that!" while Mao is rubbing ointment on her naked butt. Also in the The Battlegroup Commander's Sort of Boring Day we see Mao groping Tessa's breasts while she's passed out from drinking too much.
  • In the novels, there's also Lemon's Bi The Way attraction towards Sousuke. He had a crush on Nami, especially due to her flirty teasing, and is shown to be rather pervertedly happy when he accidentally found himself groping her breast while she was sleeping. But at the same time, it's shown numerous times that he has a strong attraction to Sousuke. When he first saw Sousuke, he thought Sousuke was very good looking and "charming," despite Sousuke being completely emotionless (read: "eye candy"). Later, after Sousuke wins a tournament that helped win back Lemon's money, Lemon hugged Sousuke with "more passion than a french kiss would warrant," making Sousuke slightly uncomfortable. And later still, Lemon gets drunk, and subsequently invades Sousuke's personal space by hugging and groping him while blushing - which irritates Sousuke to no end.
  • The dust jackets of the manga include pictures of the cast in skimpy bathing suits. Not wanting to isolate the female audience, these bits of fanservice include Kurz◊ and Sousuke◊.
  • Sousuke walking out of the shower...not wearing his towel.
    • Link please? Or at least the number of the episode or manga chapter it happened in? Please?
  • Drill Sergeant Nasty Sousuke, both hilarious and fascinating at the same time. And he does it again, dressed as a Bonta-Kun.
  • Kaname is a strong, independent woman who tends to treat Sousuke like a wild dog on leash (at least in the comedy bits). Then, in chapter 25 of the manga FMP! Overload, while she's sulking about some hard physical training he just put her through; Sousuke grabs her by the hair, pulls her face around to look him in the eyes and tells her that the proper response when speaking to a drill instructor is "Yes, Sir."
  • There are quite a few instances where Sousuke is shirtless and wearing bandages that Kurz wraps around him.

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