The main protagonist.

Men should be buff! Women should be vavoom!

–Hiromu Arakawa

  • HOW? HOW was Full Metal Alchemist not mentioned yet? Oedipedial implications aside, the things one can do and the things you can make with alchemy are enough, but then there's also Envy's shape shifting capabilities, and Lust's extending her fingernails. Al is also a suit of armor.
  • Wrath, from the old FMA anime not to be confused with the Wrath, from Brotherhood and the manga. At first I thought he was just simply cute and then I saw his new outfit after he join the other homunculi. I guess evil really is sexy. As far as I’m concerned Wrath, looks a lot like a younger cuter version of Envy, and I already had a thing for Envy. Wrath, is also quite emotionally broken. I mean just think of all the Hurt/Comfort potential. Don’t you just want to give him a hug? Don’t you just want to hold him and comfort him? And if all that wasn’t enough he ends up getting a hollywoodcyborg arm and leg like Edward, at the end of the last episode which can bee seen in action in the FMA movie.
  • Al once hid a girl inside him. This troper wonders what hidden potential that has...
    • Once? At least 3 girls have occupied that space in the manga so far. The second (May Chang) reacts with jealousy when she sees the third (Winry) has just gotten a ride.
      • I believe the current running total is 4; Rose, Marta/Martel, Mei, and Winry.
      • In a manga Omake, Ed asks Al to hide him. Al refuses, insisting that the only ones allowed inside his armor are women and cats.
  • Not to mention Psiren having to unzip her top to expose the transmutation circle tattooed on her chest (as well as Ed's "accidental" groping...)
  • Two words: TINY MINISKIRTS!
    • Not to mention that his love of dogs can be misinterpreted...
      • Where my bitches at?
  • This troper's Alchemic Fetish Fuel tends veer a little into the less balanced.
    • This troper hadn't even considered it before watching FMA, but now can't get it off her mind...
    • Lan Fan is kind of hot while all bandaged-up, vulnerable, and less a limb. This troper Squicked himself out realizing he thought like that.
      • This troper thinks so too, and she's straight as Riza's spine!
      • This troper is relieved he's not the only one to have thought that.
  • What about Winry? Who doesn't love a girl covered in oil and grease with minimal clothing? Bonus that she borders on Tsundere towards Ed. And you can't help but wonder what she might do with the wrench...
    • Well the first opening did have her sleeping with a wrench.
    • This troper likes Winry's swaying back and forth whenever she gets excited by seeing a new piece of machinery. Especially when the action is shown from behind, like when she found Ed's state alchemist watch and considered taking it apart...
    • This troper is pretty sure someone has noticed that the 3rd Endings for both the anime and Brotherhood have Winry fanservice.
      • Oh, I noticed.
    • Also, for any DID fans out there, there's the scene from episode 8 of the original anime series where Winry is Bound and Gagged by Barry the Chopper.
  • And THIS troper is shocked that no one has yet to mention Winry in the bathtub in Brotherhood. This troper has never wanted to be a rubber ducky more in his life...
  • This troper realized she had a thing for blood while watching this series. Especially the first anime episode where Greed vomits blood and dies. Ehem.
  • Young Hohenheim. Mmmmmmmmm. Not only does he look and ACT like Ed, but he's SO BUFF. Must have something to do with Arakawa's own fetish.
  • You guys are completely missing the best part: The women in uniforms! First we have Riza Hawkeye who is a fine woman in uniform. Nice. But then we have Sheska, who starts out as a Hot Librarian and then joins the military, so she becomes a hot bookworm in uniform. Yum.
    • And then Winry gets to wear one of those too. Holy crap, it looks so well on her! :D
    • Knew I wasn't the only one who found Sheska's bookish look to be incredibly cute and sexy. Then again, girls with glasses are pretty hot!
  • Some people get really turned on by the idea of Ed being a double amputee with metal limbs.
    • It's the "metal limbs" part that gets this troper. Every time.
    • Technophilia plus a functionalist aesthetic translates into finding automail at the least fascinating and, potentially, ridiculously hot. The only thing sexier might be a mechanic tinkering with his/her own automail... Alas, mechanics generally have their original parts. No Winry stripped down to her underwear to tinker with her leg...
  • Is this troper the only one who is, ahem, rubbed the right way because of how close Ed and Al are with each other?
    • No. In fact, this one got just a little too happy when Al regained a physical body in the movie.
    • This series sets a record for the fastest appearance of Fetish Fuel for this troper: the very first time Al called him "Brother". It's just...the way he says it!
  • Riza's tattoo has very dark origins. Some people still find it hot.
    • Argh. Riza showing off her scarred-but-sexy back + tragic past + extreme competence = ultimate Hurt/Comfort fuel.
    • She's also got the whole Girls with Guns thing going for her.
      • And there is even a scene where she goes all Cold Sniper in a tank top. Mmmm...
    • This troper pleads guilty to the tattoo thing, oh so much.
    • This Royai shipper finds teen Riza (also known as Moe Riza for a reason) extremely endearing in a completely innocent way. Now, the notion that Roy most likely learned alchemy by the means of seeing her bare back is a massive turn on.
      • This troper thought she was the only one who saw that particular aspect of it. Thank goodness I'm not alone.
    • Then there's the whole Kuudere and Bodyguard Crush part of her as well.
  • Vlcsnap-2012-07-04-02h49m58s190
    The most obvious people when I saw this, and nobody mentions them yet??? Wow! So I'm getting the feeling nobody likes the muscles handed down the Armstrong family for generations??? Alex Louis Armstrong is totally hot!! Big muscles, and a tendency to show them off , and yet nobody has mentioned him. Dissapointed.
    • Guess people are afraid to mention buff guys here. Oddly, FMA is full of 'em, yet they haven't gotten mentioned yet.
  • This troper is afraid she's probably the only one out there who has the hots for the Fuhrer (manga version). Like crazy.
    • Oh, you're not alone.
    • You probably enjoyed chapter 97 of the manga, then. Why on earth is an old one-eyed dictator with a stupid mustache so badass and hot. Why.
    • Heck, the guy killed a tank. With a sword. Even the guys Squeed at that.
    • 000-31
      King Bradly (Wrath) is so hot. Watching him beat up Greed was just... just great. Also, he two eyes.
  • This troper finds it a massive turn off herself, but the FMA fandom, particularly that of the first anime, seems to take a lot of joy in writing fanfic/drawing doujinshi where Ed gets raped and/or abused. This troper has seen fanworks with him being assaulted by Envy, Al, Kimbley, Roy, General Archer, Eckhart, the Gate, Dante, Heiderich, Fuhrer Bradley, Greed, and countless OCs. And she wasn't deliberately looking for it. Ed's age only makes it worse.
    • It's not Ed's fault he's an angst magnet. Or that he has a tendency to appear the Chaste Hero in some cases.
    • This Troper agrees on him behaving like a teen version of a Chaste Hero, but there's a stretch between that and finding him being raped by some guy twice his age an arousing idea.
  • Ling. This troper was very surprised when he stopped acting like a lovable moron and she suddenly realized how very badass and hot he was. Particularly shirtless and bruised. Yum.
    • This troper agrees with a burning passion. That bit when he backflips out of a manhole, covered in battle damage, missing his shirt and holding his sword in his teeth practically shattered my windows. And then he went and got himself fused with Greed, who forsook his sleeves immediately. Good lord.
    • Oh, yes...the ditching of the sleeves definitely did it for this troper. Ling...this usually stoic troper will be in her bunk.
    • And at the end of the manga when he regained his body from Greed but still wearing that skin tight outfit that show off his muscles is just pure fetish fuel for this troper.
  • Kain Fuery. If you have a fetish for adorable, passive, geeky guys, you will not be able to resist.
    • Anyone with the aforementioned fetish live around my area?
    • This Troper was unable to.
    • Well, if you happen to live in Ohio...
  • Marta, the Snake-chimera certainly has appeal to her. Rough, tomboyish, and able to flex her body in wild ways any way possible? Wow. Plus, she was the aforementioned girl inside of Al's armour - fun times.
    • I absolutely agree. The Tattoos, short blonde hair. Tomboy. Flexible....flexible...yeah....Very...very...flexible. Topping the cake is her soldier-esque appearence, nothing like a hot tomboy in uniform right fella's?
  • The scene in the manga where Roy defeats Lust? With his shirt open? And the burn scars on his side? Looking utterly Badass? This troper was a happy girl.
    • That was definitely ridiculously hot.
    • Roy is... amazing. And he's a Tall, Dark and Handsome Iron Woobie and has a Badass Longcoat and dammit, why am I only ever attracted to fictional characters?
    • And his gloves. They're beyond hot. Anyway, FMA is a glove-fetishist's dream fandom - Roy, Ed, Lust... maybe I should stop before I start drooling on my keyboard...
  • Vlcsnap-2012-07-04-03h47m13s247
    Heinekel and Darius, two of the chimeras who eventually join Ed's side, are fused with a lion and a gorilla respectively. Meanwhile the other two are seemingly fused with a porcupine for one and the other something that enabled him to spit sticky mucus. So much being catered to...
    • Oww, yeah, the lion... A furry couldn't dream better than that. He's even aware that he looks gorgeous.
      • A lion who is, as of his fight with Pride, an amputee, in that he lost part of his arm. Combining fetishes, much?
      • He never lost his arm, was this in the manga? Because his arm was just injured in the anime.
  • In this troper's case, Envy of all people was the first character to attract me, so to speak. I think it was the fashion style and sense of humor. Plus his fascination toward Edward.
    • His kickboxer form is more attractive than it should be.
      • Heck, I'm a straight guy and I think that Envy is hotter than Lust!
  • In both the manga and the anime, most of the Homunculi look like they walked out of a BDSM rubber fetish club.
  • This troper's got a thing for animal hybrids and Dorchet got her wondering if Greed kept a jar of peanut butter around...
    • You're not the only one. Dorchet/Dorochet/Dorchette/however you spell his name got this troper INTO animal hybrids. Roa/Loa/Law was a gateway for both animal hybrids and big muscle men in anime (in real life, muscle men do just the opposite for her...).
  • Vlcsnap-2012-07-04-09h42m37s207
    Izumi's fine ass husband, Sig. He is buff and fat!! He's Armstrong, but with more hair and a hot gut. I give absolutely no care to Izumi, cause Sig is HOT!!! Doesn't anyone agree?
    • His pec flex match with Armstrong was enough to make me drool.
  • How has Strongarm Alex Armtrong's pair of sisters (the ones that matter anyway) gone unmentioned? The younger (Katherine) is a petite, wide-eyed young thing who can lift a piano over her head with a thing for big strong boisterous men (Like her brother...); the elder (Olivier) is an ice-cold dominatrix with plump kissing lips, a beauty mark, AND the ability to stop a man's heart by looking at him hard.
    • This female troper is totally straight, but once had a dream about Olivier...yeah, that kind of dream.
    • His other two sisters on the other hand are rather awful.
    • What, no one else is going to say it? Fine. DOZE LIPS. That is all.
    • This relatively straight female troper's first reaction upon seeing Olivier Armstrong? "DAYUM".
    • Oh, GOD yes.
  • How have we gone this long without mentioning Maes Hughes? Once he stops acting like an idiot, he's pretty badass...Badass and Dead...
      • Hughes was funny as hell though, wicked cool character, a real Hot Dad, this troper was actually upset when he got offed!
  • Oh, what about Gluttony (who eats anything and everything)? I'm certainly not one of those people who are attracted to what's called "vore," but I think there are those who are ...
    • If not that, at least he caters to those who love fat guys, or even feeding fetishes. Don't you just wanna cook him a big steak and watch him gobble it up?
      • This gets squicky when you realize he has the mind of a five-year-old or so...
    • Vore isn't about someone being instantaneously sent to an alternate dimension filled with blood and bodies and rubble. Especially when performed by some portly freakish creepy guy powered by literal human soul.
    • More vore: Of course, there's all the time Gluttony eats people. Then, when they're actually inside Gluttony, and Ed gets eaten by Envy inside Gluttony(vore-ception!). When Envy is all small and looks like a little weird embryo(micro, too, here), is trapped in a jar with Mae, and gets eaten by one of those weird monsters, then proceeds to take over the other monsters via nomming them. When Kimblee is released from prison, he swallows his stone and then regurgitates it(I think he does this on other occasions, as well). That's all this one has to add. Oh, and Roy is dead sexy. Nuff said.
  • Am I the only one who has a thing for Jean Havoc? Physically adept nice guy in uniform, yes please thank you. I'll take both his manga and anime incarnations, too, even though I usually don't go for the man-in-wheelchair thing (however tempting it sounds to be the one "nursing" him). But that's okay since he manages to be badass EVEN THEN. Which makes him all the more hotter, in my opinion.
    • No. No, you are not.
      • Oh, so definately not. And this Troper normally finds smoking a massive turn-off.
  • Ed is much, much too buff for a petite-sized fifteen year old. * bites knuckle*
  • Okay, I'm by no means a pedophile, but Selim Bradley aka Pride is kinda Shotacon appealing to me. The fact that he is Pride only makes the things better; his look before eating Gluttony is just priceless
    • Also those countless, prehensile, extensible shadow arms of his? Full of Naughty Tentacles potential.
    • It was his voice that did it for me. Just...guh.
    • the thing that gets me is how often he licks his lips
    • Don't worry, Selim Bradley is actually at least 400 years of age, so it isn't pedophilia
  • This troper decided she was in lust with Roy after chapter 102. Yeah, I'm kind of screwed up.
  • The recent manga chapter proved it. There is something very, very wrong with me to get squiggly feelings at epic fight scenes between... Hell, anyone who is badass enough to get an epic fight brewing. *fans self*
  • In Chapter 104, for reasons unknown to us as of yet, after Father absorbs God, he looks just like Hohenheim. Specifically, a totally naked, teenage Hohenheim. The series's resident provider of High Octane Nightmare Fuel now looks like sex on legs.
    • I hate myself for agreeing with you.
      • Take a look at this. The sexiest pose EVER!!!!!!!!!
      • This troper will be in her bunk. Crying, among other things.
    • Of course it's hard to find him hot in Brotherhood when he still has the voice of an old man even in this new form. Then again that probably didn't stop some people.
  • Anytime Winry appears on screen. NO EXCEPTIONS. Especially when she's wearing her work clothes (bandana, etc)
    • Her boobtube. This troper is lesbian for Winry because of her fantastic boobtube.
    • Oh man, her attitude, her past, her piercings. I'll, uh, be in my bunk.
  • Lan Fan/Ran Fan/whatever anyone? In general, she's got a lot of things going on: badassness, really cute face, the kinda boyish-yet-cute voice, her devotion to Ling, her tsundere qu
  • alities, and I'm sure I'm missing something. And then there are the scenes when she's in bed, mostly in Dr Knox's house. No, I'm no amputee fetishist...the the reasons are other ones.
  • Izumi Curtis. Incredibly strong, nice body, and one hell of an attitude (in a good way, of course). All I can say is, Sig is one lucky guy.
    • Her hair is what gets this troper. I just want to play with it SO badly.
  • Dr. Knox. Perhaps it's an older man thing. Or the fact he's a doctor and wears glasses. And knows quite a bit about the human body, If You Know What I Mean. Or the fact that he's snarky while helping someone out and smokes. Or it's a sign that I need to go get laid.
  • Whenever Sheska and Winry appear together during the first anime. Someone out there definitely gets a kick watching those two interact. You know who you are.
  • No mention of Kimblee? He's psychotic, yes, but he has a lovely suit...
    • psychotic just happens to be a turn on for this troper
    • I'm with you on this one...that wicked grin, long hair tied back, a sharp white suit...and he's so weirdly CHARMING!
    • THIS. There's just something about how he uses his tongue, or maybe it's the fact that the cut is very bloody and looks suspiciously like another crevice-shaped piece of female anatomy...
    • Gotta love that hair. And those hand tattoos. And that sadism. And those slasher smiles. And that suit. And the fact that screams of pain are like lullabies to him. And.. Screw this, I'll be in my room.
    • Then there's his teeth. If you look at them closely, they're... very pointy. And he has a tendency to hold his philosopher's stones in his teeth. And there are a whole lot of shots of his mouth in general. Which is not a bad thing at all.
  • Uh, going to hell for this, but if this troper weren't asexual, ey's pretty certain that Barry the Chopper would hit ALL eir kinks.
  • This Troper has recently found Major Miles to be rather hot. Anyone else feel the same way?
    • GOD YES! theres just somthing about him i adore i just can't put my finger on it
      • It's his sideburns. They are just so...Yeah.
      • This troper found said sideburns somehow stupid and sexy at the same time.
  • Al after he gets his body back and no longer looks like a walking skeleton with skin is so adorable and yet sexy at the same time. I mean look at him!
    • However, Anorexic, naked Al is strangely appealing.
    • You could definitely take him home to mom and dad. He just radiates sensitive guy.
    • Grown-up Al is just so adorable once he's healthy again. Those sweet eyes, that square jaw, that trim but probably quite buff build...I'll be in my bunk.
  • I quite enjoyed Roy's Death Glare during his brutal beat down on Envy.
  • Sheska, glasses, cute butt (when wearing jeans) and just that bookish, librarian look was enough to capture this troper's heart (ties with Winry). I was especially sad that she disappeared halfway through the manga, with not even a little glimpse in the finale in any way.
  • Can I say that all the men in Fullmetal Alchemist turn me on? Almost every man in the series is strong and can hold their own, with muscles, wide jaws, and broad shoulders abound. It's a great break from the usual bishonen men of manga and anime, because damn everyone is hot.
  • I'm surprised nobody mentioned Scar. White hair, tattoos, the trench coat... he hits almost all the spots for this troper. Not to mention the slightly-slanted red eyes... I can't be the only one who found the Ishvalan eyes ridiculously hot.
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