Your Mileage May Vary

"Bite my shiny, metal ass," has a whole new meaning here.

  • The way Fry become his own grandfather.
  • This troper had to pause for a little break during the steam room scene in "Why Must I Be A Crustacean In Love?"... I felt so dirty afterward.
  • Mom, both her personality, and the whole "older woman in a catsuit" thing. Ditto for the episodes she and Farnsworth got it on.
  • Leela: purple hair, and one eye.
    • You're forgetting Space Pilot, Action Girl, Deadpan Snarker, yet surprisingly sensitive and caring. She can kick me in the face any day.
      • There's also a not commonly mentioned part in The Day the Earth Stood Stupid, when the brains effect Leela's intelligence. It's just the clueless things she says and the way she talks that just makes this troper go "Awwwww"
    • The writers seem aware of this:

Leela: "Who are you supposed to be?" Bender: (cosplaying as Leela) "I'm every nerd's fantasy baby!"

  • The planet with the giant Amazons. Death By Sex Snu-Snu, anyone?
    • At one point, Amy tears her dress to look like an Amazonian, and she's barefoot.
    • Then the Amazons chase her and corner her (mostly because she has Kif).
  • Fountain of aging episode, both the Clothing Damage at the end, and the whole Reverse Aging concept.
  • Morgan the Bureaucrat, a Hot Librarian with a thing for "dirty boys".
  • Three words: The Deep South. Could just be that this troper's got a thing for mermaids, but... Fry: I mean, how I do know... with the tail and all? Umbriel: I'm not your first time am I? I lay my eggs, and then I leave, and you release your fertilizer.
  • Bender's Game, Leela is punished by being fitted with a collar that shocks her whenever she swears, lies, or has violent or sexually perverse thoughts. That last point would be a lot more unfortunate if her mind went to the same places as this troper's... especially when she starts associating its shocks with the feeling of releasing her anger and enjoying them.
    • Also the fact that she begins to moan in some scenes after beginning to enjoy the shocks.
    • Centaur Leela ought to be relevant to transformation fetishists.
    • This troper, Robin Williams fan extraordinaire has a strong dislike of Bender's Game due to the completely distasteful and unnecessary "Morcs" scene. But she did kind of enjoy the short moment where Amy Gynecaladriel is making out with one of them. Yeah, I think you should all be glad I don't write Futurama Fan Fic.
  • Beast With a Billion Backs, is about the entire universe getting attacked by Naughty Tentacles.
  • The episode 'I Dated A Robot' featuring Lucy Liu as a guest star seemed especially loaded with fuel - the general idea of downloading a sex robot, plus the Balloon Belly/inflation scene that causes the evil fembot's demise.
  • odd..."Bender's Game" has been mentioned, but Nympho Amy making out with Centaur Leela hasn't?
  • In general, Amy and Leela tend to share Ms Fanservice duties. And on the flip side Hermes and The Professor take shifts in the Fan Disservice department, though Hermes would be less so if he dropped a couple pounds.
  • Oh gods this is so wrong, but "Insane in the Mainframe" has induced the squigglies more than I'd like to admit. Poor distressed Fry, trapped in a robot insane asylum and subject to so many indignities and humiliations and slowly goes mad himself... This troper is sicko, she knows.
    • Oh, good. I thought it was just me.
  • One episode featured Leela willingly getting tied to a post. She gets tied up in a few other episodes, too.
  • The new episodes feature Fan Service by the bucketload, including Leela wearing only a couple of fig leaves, Adam and Eve style, and Amy wanting to have an orgy, followed by showing up in some kind of skimpy dominatrix outfit complete with whip.
    • YMMV. The leather dom suit was nice, but only below the neck. Something about Amy's head like that just screams Fetish Retardant for some.
  • George Takei's head hugging Bender, Leela, and probably Farnsworth "in spirit".George Takei's head: "And now they're hugging me back. Oh, my."
  • The more formal suits that Leela and Amy wear in various episodes (such as A Taste Of Freedom) have a very Sexy Secretary look about them.
  • This troper recently realized she has a kink for a man being threatened with castration. So the third act of Spanish Fry is enjoyed by her on a level never intended.
    • And this troper enjoys being on the receiving end of those (roleplay) threats from women...
  • Bender, looking at a magazine full of wiring diagrams and saying, "Oh, you dirty girl." More, please.
    • FIRMLY seconded.
  • OK, so this seems like a rare safe environment for me to divulge the fact that Zoidberg's Decapodian girlfriend glomping Fry is... rather hot. The things she could do with those mouthparts...
    • So was Zoidberg glomping on Farmsworth's head, oddly enough...
  • And don't forget the pilot: getting probed by a medical machine.
  • There has been an occasional reference to Amy being fat as a teenager that Fat Admirers absolutely loved. This is especially appealing since Amy is the character who is supposed to be the most attractive anyway.
    • This Fat Admirer loved the recent episode that involved mind swapping, for the fact that Amy takes over Leela's body and, because it has no long lasting effects on her she starts stuffing her face again and, within a week, the normally slim body that Leela maintains so carefully becomes a BBW!

In a very disturbing way.

    • Don't forget that people in the future only take art seriously when it's tattooed on fat guys! On loan from the Louvre indeed.
  • "Grrl", the cross-species-dresser that molests Lrrr.
    • A rave-punk cross-species-dresser, who as it is revealed at the end of the episode less "has a thing for cross-species role-play and interbreeding" and more "Anything That Moves".
    • What are you talking about? She wound up with Zoidberg, didn't she?
  • Bender's Game was full of fetish fuel for transformation fetishists and furries:
    • Leela turned into a centaur.
    • Hermes turned into a hermaphrodite centaur with boobs, but maintained his male voice.
    • Fry transforms twice due to magic, first becoming roughly 20 feet tall and extremely muscular, then later turning into a dragon.
    • Mom also transforms into a dragon.
    • How about the blatant tongue-in-cheek Fanservice scene where all the employees, male and female, have to shower naked together. And then Leela gets her dander up and starts violently shaking Fry by the shoulders —did I mention they're both naked? With dripping wet hair?◊For this troper, cartoon characters, whose hair is constantly rigid, gain massive points for limp/wild/wet hair just because it's so rare to see them look different.
  • Those with a taste for mind control submission would love to spend some time with the Hypnotoad.
  • I am disappoint, female tropers. No mention of Fry ripping off his shirt while all roid'd up by the worms?
  • Then there's the cross-dressing Bender in Raging Bender...
  • From Law and Orace, Chief Omanahann. Making out with URL, holding her newborn baby and for some reason nudity are only entrees for her juicy, manly, rough-housing personality. It's the first time I realised that that is my fetish.
  • In Bender's Game, Leela is punished by being fitted with a collar that shocks her whenever she swears, lies, or has violent or sexually perverse thoughts. That last point would be a lot more unfortunate if her mind went to the same places as this troper's... especially when she starts associating its shocks with the feeling of releasing her anger and enjoying them.
  • Leela is also tied up a few times throughout the series.
  • Not to mention the clothing that she wears aside from her standard outfit; nearly all of which is designed to show off her belly button, usually through cut-out windows. And that's not even getting into that strange black fetishy leotard she wears in "Jurassic Bark".
  • The crew winds up on a planet populated entirely by gigantic, female Amazons who see value in the men for only one reason: "Snoo-snoo", their word for sex. The word went moderately memetic online and came to refer to having sex with large women.
  • Leela and Amy juiced up on steroids in "The Butterjunk Effect".
  • Loveably dorky RedHeadedHero Fry, anyone?

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