GI Joe The Movie

  • In addition to being Nightmare Fuel incarnate, Cobra La is filled with Organic Technology pulsating in all corners of its hideout. Not to mention the trap used to imprison the Joes for half of the movie.
    • In fact, everything in Cobra La is a living thing that serves a functioning role, from transportation to bridges, and even weapons (from starfish shurikens to explosive worms).
      • But the most notable of all is the giant clam that's used to imprison Cobra Commander during his trial. As if itsblatant appearance wasn't bad enough, it uses its gooey, pink tendrils to keep him subdued ( here we go again!), and then swallows him whole while he awaits sentencing. Rejoice, vore lovers!
        • Speaking of Vore, In [Renegades], Cobra Commander has a very large pet snake (named Serpentor) that can swallow people whole... and spit them back out on command.
  • In addition, Cobra La's residents are all decked out in organic outfits that definitely bring up a fetish or two. Even Nemesis Enforcer, the most normal looking of the bunch (even with the huge wings) is wearing (according to his action figure) an outfit made of dead crab-like creatures.
  • Then there's Pythona, who is wearing a form-fitting outfit that's also probably made of something gooey and squishyin addition to having a (albeit violent) catfight with Jinx in the final battle, while being tossed aside in rather provocative poses.
    • The fetishes only increase as the two females start fighting in a pool of water where the giant clam creature sits (until Pythona accidentally kills it with her acid fingernails). Too bad we couldn't see the clam capture Pythona in its mouth...Ahem.
  • And I'm sure somebody got some enjoyment out of Cobra Commander's horrific, gradual mutation into a snake.
  • The Baroness in all of her skintight bodysuit and Meganeko glory.
  • Scarlet was the first realization of this young Troper that women were very very interesting, even cartoon women.
  • Believe it or not, the GI Joe Movie (80s animated, not upcoming live-action) of all things. Cobra's ridiculously overalaborate world domination scheme involved launching mutagenic spores into the atmosphere, causing everyone who breathes them to transform into some sort of feral animal-hybrid-looking things. Because he failed them one too many times, Cobra Commander is forced to be a demonstration of the spores, and viewers are treated to nothing less than a full-on Transformation Trauma sequence where Cobra Commander mutates into an anthropomorphic snake, complete with Clothing Damage, including one of his boots suddenly going missing. Later effects include, if not outright Mind Control, at least a degradation of the mind to a more feral state, as Cobra Commander slowly becomes unable to say anything other than how HE WAS ONCE A MAN!
  • I don't know what episode this◊came from...but it is the GREATEST EPSIODE EVER (the pose Makes Sense In Context).
  • One episode had Lady Jaye in a torn nightgown being lowered into a pit.