Many people have an intense fetish for gags, somewhat apart from the typical bondage fetish. A true Gag fetishist does not really care for the traditional bondage aspect, the fetish is actually linked more to an interest in the mouth and face. The mumbling produced by a gag is highly appreciated by participants. Hollywood appears to be aware of this, for years attractive women in film have worn gags about 1000 fold over men.

Most gags are a simple covering of the mouth area, usually from the bottom of the nose to the chin, and across the mouth. Most consist of a piece of duct tape (the most common in film), or a simple tied cloth. Other variations from balls, socks, muzzles, and even pacifiers have been used.

Notable ExamplesEdit

Elisha Cuthbert received much attention as a gag-wearer in 24. She was gagged no less than 3 times in the series, even when not entirely necessary. She is considered to be a damsel-in-distress Icon.

Daphne Blake is another well known damsel Icon, wearing gags quite frequently. MANY fetishists have attributed daphne, despite being a cartoon character, to their interest in bondage and gags in particular. It is odd to note that other than a pacifier, she is always gagged with a thick cloth. Her inspiration and character may have been modeled after Nancy Drew, which was popular around the same time.

Nancy drew is a very famous gag-wearer, albeit in books. she has been gagged multiple times, if not about 20. she is considered by some to be a pioneer of the 'trope' despite being a female lead, she constantly must be rescued. this reflects a more traditional conservative tone in the books.


Some Gag Fetishists are also interested in pacifiers. This is NOT a part of the "adult baby" fetish, but once again contained entirely to the mouth and silence. A Pacifier, or 'binky' is in a way a type of gag. It is a rubber and plastic 'plug' designed for placement in the mouth. It is however much more humiliating than traditional gags. Daphne Blake has been gagged with a pacifier during a kidnapping, shown to be fully muffled by it.

In one book, Nancy Drew (Damsel Icon) is captured in a house, bound to a chair and gagged with a pacifier.

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