Evil so Sexy, it trascends species

  • Goliath's voice actor, Keith David, has a delicious voice. Search your feelings, you know it to be true.
    • This (also asexual) troper wants to agree, but can't, do to losing cognitive function while listening to him.
    • It's a common effect.
    • Oh - also Puck (who conveniently resembles both Link and Jareth) and his transformation between snarky jester and strong and silent forms. Also - wings. Tails (spade tip preferably). FANGS. Little bitty horns. Claws. Pointy ears. And before this troper (same as above, btw) forgets - Puck's sail-like ears. MMMMMG.
      • Back again. Remember Puck's first episode? When Demona SUMMONED him through a mirror and then BOUND him with iron chains?
      • This tropette thoroughly enjoyed watching him pass out after using all of his energy on the transformation spell, as well as seeing him be submissive yet still snarky. She would have found it even SEXIER, however, if he were to have fought and struggled until sinking down with the realization that he was doomed to be used as long as she wanted him, ohgodyes...What was I saying?
      • I have had a pointy ears fetish for as long as I can remember, last week I finally realized where it came from, Puck. I adored him as a kid, he was my first ever crush on a fictional character (I was five when I first saw the show and am still in love with it, and him). This fetish got me to see the new Star Trek movie when it came out, over 11 years later, which got me into the series, when I started watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, I fell in love with Data instantly. Coincidence? I think not.
      • Prehensile tails, to be precise. Though this troper wasn't aware that sail-like ears are sexy, but whatever rocks a troper's boat.
  • Griff of the London Clan had a damn nice voice, too. Handsome British accent.
  • Would Elisa (already one of Disney's hottest women) dressed as Belle count? Yes. Yes it would.
    • Let's not forget her Gargoyle form. Cute Monster Girl played just right? Guh.
      • Oh, God. Gargoyle Elisa. * drool* This then-ten-ish troper fell hard. And you know what's hotter than gargoyle Elisa? Gargoyle Elisa with a really big gun.
      • Seeing that picture has officially made Elisa Maza my new favorite Disney girl.
      • Don't forget the ensemble she wore when she went undercover as a crooked cop demanding protection money. See Evil Is Sexy for the details!
    • Delilah. Half Demona, half Elisa. Evil Is Sexy. (Oh, and the comics not counting season three mean she's still alive.)
    • David Xanatos. Rich, brilliant, Badass, tantalizingly sophisticated facial hair...
    • This troper's first ever crush was on Brooklyn.
    • Speaking of Demona, yes. She'd probably kill you, but it'd be Worth It. Also, her Transformation Sequences (as painful and involuntary as they may be), are kinda fetishtic, mainly due to her not-so anguished screams. Go figure, she's voiced by Martina Sirtis, who did the exact same thing as Deanna Troi.
      • When she was imprisoned by Talon, one of her fellow inmates observed the transformation and commented with one memorable word: "Kinky!"
    • One of the very first signs This Troper received that he had bisexual tendencies whas when he finally saw the big finale with Oberon. Oh, God. That smirk, that lip-biting smirk...
  • You know those scenes where Demona transforms to and from her human alter ego?... 3 words beyond that - loincloths, armlets, and anklets!
  • How about stoic, 'Straight Man' (LOVE that scene) Owen Burnett turning into...Puck?!
  • While on that tack, let's not forget Puck's giant, sail-like ears. And the gargoyles have tails, pointy ears, fangs, claws, and their eyes glow in the dark.
  • And Cybernetic Hyena and Jackal...for those that are into that. And Wolfman Wolf. And intelligent-nanite-suit-Dingo. Mmmm, sideburns.
  • I have to admit, I found Hyena disturbingly hot after her upgrage. It doesn't help that she's practically wearing a cyber-bikini. They're not even trying to be descret are they?
  • And the in-show example of Hyena on Coyote!

Jackal: "Well, that's sicker than usual."

  • No one mentioned Goliath's voice so far? You know, the one that causes brain melt-downs in women?
    • Not just women. A fair amount of men would gladly turn gay for that voice.
  • Demona, Macbeth, Thailog, and Renard aren't that bad off themselves...
    • Oh, hot damn, Macbeth. He and Owen are this tropers favorite male characters in the show. Macbeth for how hot he was as a young man--and as an old man!--and Owen for that stoic nature combined with the blonde hair and glasses. Seriously...Macbeth aged very well.
  • Then there's Elisa turning into a Gargoyle in one episode, and the Gargoyles likewise turning into humans. As well as when Fox turned into a werewolf...honestly, there are very few episodes that don't serve as Fetish Fuel to some interests.
  • Is this female troper the only one who thought that Macbeth's wife, Gruoch, was sexy? She follows the show's tradition of busty women, and has the hips to match. And let's not forget that she's a green-eyed redhead. And she aged very gracefully.
  • Gah! Nobody mentioned The Silver Falcon yet?! Maybe it's that I'm the only person who likes Matt, but he was abducted, bound and blindfolded and nobody mentions it. I have a thing for finding sweet, trusting characters and wanting to do evil things to them.
  • Elisa's disguise while undercover in the mob. She wears a blonde wig, wears a short skirt and thigh high boots.
  • Demona turning human in front of Elisa and posing. Later, the two catfight.

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