• Although liking large breasts is technically not a fetish, there's more than enough such fuel for such a kink in Girl Genius. The vast majority of female characters are, ahem, well-endowed and tend to wear clothing aimed at revealing it. Even the freaking Constructs [artificial beings] have breasts. What else? There's a considerable amount of corset play in the webcomic — the main character, Agatha, seems especially fond of them, as does her evil mother — plus plenty of warrior women and robot girls. And that's not even counting Von Pinn, the mad Construct who apparently has a thing for bondage.
    • Not to mention the, ahem, dominating tone of the Sparks (and Action Girls and Robot Girls), even when they aren't using their Mad Scientist voice. For instance, see here. Incidentally, this is a role reversal of an earlier scene. For the most blatant example (and a male/male one, just to prove equal opportunity), see here.
      • It doesn't appear to be a breast fixation so much as corset figure in general. Which dovetails with the bondage themes.
      • Holy crap, Agatha's glasses are hot.
      • Preaching to the converted, my good friend.
    • The artist used to work on a pornographic print comic, and this all receives a Lampshade Hanging at one point (with Von Pinn): "I teach restraint." "Your dressmaker's an A student, then?"
    • This Troper likes the paper dolls, not so much for the pictures (although those are quite nice) as for the idea of being able to dress someone up prettily (or sexily).
    • In a side-story,a clank is asked to make giant rabbit disguises (It Makes Sense In Context). What does he come up with? Fursuits. Form-fitting fursuits. With corsets.
    • This. Just this.
    • Steampunk world? Check. Brainy-busty hero girl wearing *Glasses* and not much else most of the time? Mmm... Check. Lots of nummy, hyper-violent, hyper-sexed, accented monsters in uniform, complete with sexy hats? ... I'll be in my bunk.
    • So, about that spider...
    • Word Of God is that Maxim was intentionally created to see if they could make a Bishonen Jagermonster. He's all very well, but this troper personally prefers Oggie. Cute blond guy with fangs (not exactly Cute Little Fangs because they're huge, but close) who has on one occasion appeared in drag complete with a mop for a wig and looked damn adorable? D'awwww. Even if he is Really Pushing Three Hundred Years Old and nagging his descendants for great-great-great-grandchildren. And there was something terrifyingly, inexplicably cute about the time he and Maxim nearly cut each other's throats.
      • And yet nobody mentions the mysterious masked violent white-haired woman in purple riding around on a freaking bear?
    • Lampshading, methinks. Anyway, bondage FOR SCIENCE! What more could a guy possibly want?
    • Agatha's hair.Red strawberry-blonde, long and never gets caught in anything despite it. The above link is a fairly good example.
    • All this and no mention of the... umm... copious lower proportions? The author likes his females well built in general, but callipygous derrieres actually receive a bit of lampshade hanging.
      • Agatha's weight in general is a turn-on for this troper, who likes her women somewhat zaftig (and preferably wearing corsets).
    • Not a personal thing, more of a fandom observation, but a certain detail in the fourth panel of this page has caused some... interesting reactions amongst some female fans.
    • Ever since this troper ran into this wonderfully dark fanfic inspired by a one-off line from Othar's twitter, the Baron's infection by a slaver wasp[1] has seemed like an awesome kind of erotic nightmare...
    • Speaking of Othar, tied up, heavily muscled, and a pretty decent package...the Foglios are pretty equal opportunity on this front, really...
    • Okay, I was never interested in Zola (a.k.a. Pinky) before - she always seemed too smug and perfect. Someone explain why I started crushing on her when her hair comes loose, and then takes berserker drugs in an attempt to win?
  • Zeetha comments that "I can get anybody's clothes off fast."
  • Give this fangirl a moment....1....2....3.....JAeGERS. ...*exhale* okay, that's out of my system now...
  • Cool, reserved, tall dark and handsome Brit with a daring secret-agent secret identity? In a STEAMPUNK WORLD with pseudo-Victorian dress? *sigh*
  • If you're into that sort of thing, Boris has six hands and a lot of manual dexterity. Think about that for a while.
  • Jagermonsters are awesome, no doubt about that, however lady Jagermonsters? Sexy and awesome! This troper is really hoping to see more of them.
  • I can't be the only one on this Internet who felt a little jealous of Old Man Death when he mentioned being "ravished by a wild princess".

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