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Alg glee cheerleaders
  • This troper truly believes whoever is doing the choreography and costume design for that show must have a thing for women's underarms. Most of the dancing outfits include at least one girl (usually many more) in a dress cut to show off her underarms when she raises her arms... And the choreography is pretty heavy on the hands-over-their-heads theme.
    • Yeah, this show seems to be a goldmine for anyone interested in women's underarms. Brittany confirms this fetish, when she tells Kurt "[boys] kissing my armpits is a really big turn on for me."
  • Rachel in Journey doing that: Lea Michele = hot. The others: that's not a dance move, dumbass.
  • Cheerleaders and skirts and a few others.
  • Tina's an Asian Perky Goth. Nuff said.
  • Artie wants you to know he still has use of his penis.
  • And as of Episode 13: Les Yay Cheerleaders!
  • The entire Beware The Nice Ones angle with Will.
    • When he finds out that Terri isn't pregnant and pushes her against the kitchen counter... It feels so wrong to be turned on by this, but I can't help it.
    • Bet a relationship (very open sense of the word) with Sue would bring that out.
  • Rachel's Hot For Teacher phase in "Ballad."
    • Rachel and her half cute, half hot, Zettai Ryouiki, Catholic Schoolgirl-eqsque outfits. I have no idea how she is considered to be badly dressed.
      • Rachel's Yangire tendencies are pure High Octane Fetish Fuel for This Troper (Is there a Trope for "Crazy is Sexy?"). Not to mention that her voice sounds like rich, warm honey.
      • Rachel's oscillating between her argyle and plaid, and her trendier stuff. Has she ever worn pants that weren't skinny jeans? It seems like they dress her badly when it's a plot point, for example blue pantsuit.
    • Rachel's lack of a gag reflex. Very useful indeed.
  • Bryan Ryan. Sue Sylvester. Angry sex. That is all.
  • The new Physical video with a parade of muscular dancers.
  • The pregnant girls dancing in Quinn's performance of "It's a Man's Man's Man's World"
  • Sue in a zoot suit. Yes.
  • DEAR GOD, THE BRITNEY SPEARS EPISODE. Rachel in a schoolgirl outfit, Brittany half-naked with a snake and in a sparkly nude outfit, Santana in the fedora...? DO WANT.
    • Artie during the "stronger" sequence for some.
    • Cheerleading outfit. Britney Spears. Britney Spears herself, wearing a cheerleading outfit. I am 100% in love with her right now.
    • Matthew Morrison in a see through white t-shirt with a tie and fedora? Good GOD.
  • Fetish Fuel Station Attendant: Pretty much everybody depending on one's tastes.
    • Kurt is a rather confusing and addictive mix of hot and adorable. It's fantastic.
      • I find his adorableness hotter than when he's actually being hot. 'Push It' would be the exception that proves the rule.
      • For this troper part of it is the fact that he starts off off as a regular Cute Shotaro Boy (although of the Legal Jailbait kind) who really grows into his full-on Estrogen Brigade Bait looks by the end of the season while still keeping his old Moe Moe appeal. He Is All Grown Up, indeed.
      • Favorites are his Cheerios outfit, the Dalton uniform, and the skirt.
      • Kurt in his Cheerios and Dalton outfit are AMAZINGLY hot.
      • Nah, for me it's the skirt. We need more crossdressing Kurt...
    • Blaine in particular seems to be as much of one as Kurt is. Especially after Baby It's Cold Outside. It helps that Darren Criss is just as adorable and sweet in real life as he is on the show.
    • Sam, just, Sam. Dorky, well built, guy who will compliment you in nerdy ways? Yes please. Not to mention all his shirtless scenes.
      • He speaks Na'vi! How hot is that?!
    • Mike Chang. Just, Mike Chang. He's so hot, I love it when you can see his abs. *drool* Oooh, and Sam, he's pretty hot, especially for a white guy. Like Mike, I love seein' him shirtless.
      • Agreed. I'm a straight male who watches with his wife and Chang moves with such a perfect fluidity it's hard not to stop this sentence before the word "not". Every number I look out for him and Brittany of course because, well, I am still a man. Me-OW
    • Also, Will Shuester. I know, but there's just a cuteness about him all the time and how he learns while he teaches the students...aaaand also the faces he makes in Toucha Toucha Touch Me. Freeze Frame on ANY of Will's faces. Do it!
    • Two words...John Stamos. I know I speak for many of my female friends when I say that his performance during the Rocky Horror episode was a huge turn on.
    • Rachel, Santana, Puck and Mike. I love the way Rachel makes nearly everyone look like a giant, her smooth movement (I wish she would dance more, GTFO Gwyneth so I can have just Rachel in red singing about multiple relationships and dancing in that costume), her silky hair and big eyes (without being Emma's eyes, which I find creepy.). Rachel's eloquence and quick manner of speaking. What would it take to really fluster her? Santana, thank Andre Norton and Douglas Adams they're getting you out of the slutty cheerleader characterization and outfit. Puck, I really hope they grant your threesome wish. I was thinking you, Rachel, and a guest star. Perhaps Summer Glau could revisit her troubled but cute genius formula. Or Troian Bellisario - a Cloud Cuckoo Lander to contrast the uptight Spencer Hastings of Pretty Little Liars. Katie McGrath - perhaps a believable, three-dimensional baddie in contrast to the current characterization of Morgana on Merlin. Speaking of Merlin, Bradley James, Colin Morgan, Ian McKen. Not Santiago because he already can't do much Merlin because of other stuff. I like Puck's sweetness that is very believable, ridiculous, funny, and badass. Mike, the dancing, the quiet support. The fact that he bottles it up, so usually when he does speak, it's impassioned.
  • Santana and Brittany hooking up in "Duets."
    • Of course, they've been together for while but this was the first time we've seen it on-screen and as more than just for the sex.
  • Geeky Turn On but... "Duets", Quinn indirectly mentioning that she's seen Avatar.
    • And for some reason, her singing voice in this episode is just that extra bit of audio erotica. Holy heck.
  • The "Vogue" video. Although, if you dislike her, the realization that you just thought of Sue Sylvester as "hot" is somewhat jarring.
  • The Rocky Horror episode. Emma singing "Toucha, Toucha, Toucha Me," slowly and seductively ditching the sweater, forcing Will to grope her, messing up her hair, writhing against the walls and floor... my, oh, my. And from the same episode, Mercedes's corset-and-fishnets ensemble and dancing.
    • Toucha Toucha Touch Me had...effects...on my boyfriend and I...I then went home to show my parents...I'm still not sure if those faces were concern, confusion, or arousal.
    • Not to mention Will was shirtless and wearing a tie. Maybe it's just this troper, but that's major fetish fuel.
    • Not just you. Though the fact that Emma was using the tie as a collar/lead was what got this troper.
    • I thought the bits of "Touch-a Touch-a" with Brittany and Santana were even better than "the main attraction." Probably because I have a major crush on Heather Morris that... grows... with every episode.
    • Dear God...Brittany and Santana dressed as Columbia and Magenta...*Drools* Do want!
    • Also, Finn and Sam shirtless.
    • Shu mention that Santana pantsed Brittany (pulled down her pants) during a game celebration and mentions that Brittany had a lot less on than her undies. Ahem.
  • Quinn singing the voyeurism lines from the Time Warp during The Rocky Horror Glee show. In a maid's outfit. Her voice was perfect for those lines, or so I hear.
  • I was disappointed by Rachel's dress in Rocky Horror, but she was still Rachel. 'Nough said.
  • Kevin Mchale's voice. His singing voice, that is.
  • Boys, in schoolboy outfits, singing Katy Perry. That is all.
  • The girls during their mashup in Never Been Kissed. Sexy black outfits, sensual choreography, Living On A Prayer... Mmm.
  • Rachel hair tossing in Never Been Kissed and Rumours.
  • The guys in their mashup are no slouches either, six Sharp Dressed Men singing "Stop! In the Name of Love/Free Your Mind" and even rip open their jackets with a hint of striptease... I'm sorry, is it hot in here?
  • Holly Holliday in her various outfits. Yeah...
  • For a non-trap Kurt looks disturbingly good in his skirt-and-pantyhose combo in Britney/Brittany.
  • Chris Colfer doing "Push It" live. His hips should come with a health warning.
    • Ditto for a certain live performance of "Single Ladies", with bonus butt-slaps by Heather, Chris, and Jenna.
  • HOT DAMN. Matthew Morrison singing "Sway". Just...oh good lord.
  • Mike Chang when he gets all angry at Karofsky to try and get him to back off of Kurt mmm, and his dancing...
  • Just watch Chris Colfer's face when he's duetting "Happy Times" with Rachel in "Duets". Oh those looks...
  • I don't know how, but Heather Morris' full-length pink flanel nightgown just makes her look even more adorable.
  • The scene at the school assembly where they did "Push It"... Oh god. I have that video on my iPod and I get turned on every time I watch it.
  • Push It was amazing... except Finn sucked. Well, big surprise.
  • Despite its Tear Jerkiness, Kurt's "straight" phase in Laryngitis. His relationship with Brittany was pure Squick, but his clothes... just rawr.
  • A swarthy◊, mohawked◊, snarky◊ football player who dances, plays guitar, and sings?◊ A generally well-meaning idiot who can take a few good punces to the face? It's just not fair that Puck◊ exists.
  • This troper got the major squigglies from the scene where Will smudges chalk dust on Emma's nose — her expression of mingled shock, terror , and abject lust is just unbearable.
  • Will sprawled across a bed, making bedroom eyes at Emma while singing "Like a Virgin"? Yes please. Or hell, just about anytime Will sings—was anyone surprised when his "Young Girl/Don't Stand So Close to Me" mash-up only turned Rachel on more?
    • "Tell Me Something Good". This troper was really turned on by that. Probably because of all the focus on Will's backside in those jeans. Mmmmmhmmm.
    • Hell, even Sue was turned on by that—and really, who can blame her?
  • Cowboy outfits in episode five, anyone else? Especially the girls (other than April).
    • "Other than April"?! No way, Kristin Chenoweth looks just as good, if not better.
    • Actually, Cheno now, I'm worried. In Wicked, she was curvy and healthy. She's like Amy Winehouse from 'Frank' to the tabloids - without the publicity stunts/trainwreck life. Look at her arms, they're like sticks! She definitely looks the part of a person with major substance abuse problems. And her hair makes her head huge compared to her little body.
  • The number where a now noticably pregnant Quinn has a troupe of even more noticably pregnant backup singers/dancers. Can you say pregnant harem?
  • Anyone else for Finn's Gaga outfit at the end of "Theatricality"?
    • His priest collar in "Duets". Troper doesn't even LIKE Finn.
    • Seconded, and this troper doesn't like Finn either!
  • For this troper, it's Kurt. Soooo hard.
    • I second. Mmmm....girly men.
    • Thirding, especially his genderbendy version of "Le Jazz Hot" in "Duets".
  • Sue Sylvester in a zoot suit is confusing this troper's sexuality.
  • Emma singing "Touch Me", practically stripping and seducing Will in a classroom. This troper would have no problem doing that...
  • "Blame it on the alcohol". Hello, stripper Brittany. Also, at one point Santana pours salt on Brittany's stomach and licks it off.
  • Dude, sunglasses and all black clothes on Rachel, Mike and Sam.
  • Okay - for a guy who says he has all the "sexual appeal and knowledge of a baby penguin," got to add another for Kurt here: During "Sexy," specifically the "Animal" number, when he and Blaine run up on the steps, Kurt does that back arch dance move and then kicks his leg up to his head? Dang! This troper loves a man who can dance, and that was just... shall we say impressive, and leave it at that.
    • The "baby penguin" thing has been thoroughly obliterated by "Born This Way". The straightjacket during "Somewhere Only We Know", the mesmerizing "Barbra Streisand", and EVERYTHING during "Born This Way". Boy done growed up and he growed up fiiine. On a related note, this troper needs to see Chris Colfer play a role as someone deranged, like a psychopathic serial killer or an evil dictator.
  • From "Hold On To Sixteen": Sam, as a stripper, on stage in just boxers.
  • Umm... speaking of a different kind of boxers in Hold on to Sixteen... did anyone else find sweaty, tanktop and sweatpants wearing, un-hairgelled-for-once, boxing Blaine as hot as this troper did, or was it just her? And it wasn't just the look - although that was definitely a big part! - the fact that we were seeing Blaine not as "dapper" as he normally is, calling Finn out but not actually hitting him was also incredibly hot. (Other hot Blaine moments this episode - he rocked the Sectionals tuxedo.)
  • Brittany's outfit during her "Run the World" Performance. Complete with a sexy walk down the hallway. Just, DAYUM.
  • The recent episode "Michael" had several for this troper: 1) Kurt in a leather jumpsuit doing hip thrusts - this troper must agree with the person above who said that Chris Colfer's hips should be outlawed; 2) Blaine in his rendition of a Michael Jackson outfit which was very Michael, with the sparkly gloves and everything, but still had his adorkable bowtie, so we're expecting adorkable Blaine, and then, no, we get crotch grabs, and, oh my it's warm in here; and 3) Blaine right before and during "Bad." Something about seeing Blaine who's normally so preppy-looking in a t-shirt and a hoody... just... me-ow!
  • The Whitney Houston episode gave this Jewish troper some pause when she began getting squiggly feelings for Joe (aka "Teen Jesus"). The scene showing him gently working over Quinn's legs in physical therapy, followed by a strongly implied Raging Stiffie, was unbelievably sensual. Too bad he won't go through with those feelings...
  • Hot damn, "Not the Boy Next Door". Those pants are very, very tight, and might simply be made of gold paint.
  • Anytime Kurt and Blaine kiss. Or that time it was implied they had sex.
  • This troper absolutely hates this show and would not watch it if you put a gun to my head.  That said, I wouldn't mind being the meat in a Jayma Mays/Lea Michele sandwich.
  • I'm surprised that no one has mentioned Melissa Benoist wearing those tight (latex?) pants in You're The One That I Want, and if that wasn't enough, later in the song, Lea Michele wears the same king of pants.

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