We all have something that turns us on that we'd never admit to. What're yours?


  • This troper is definitely not the kind who'd give a flying fuck about Selena Gomez, but then he saw her on the cover of Glamour. The thing that really got his attention? The birthmark on her right breast. Look for it.
    • This picture(NSFW) looks like there's no way in hell it's real, except the birthmark is there!  Anyone know the context for this?  Oh, also, I love her [EXPLETIVE DELETED]-sucking lips.
    • I must agree to this. I hate her music but the videos for her songs are so fricking hot. Also, she really knows how to exploit that rear end, those long and biteable legs and those full red lips and sweet puppies (and I'm the kind of guy that prefers flat-chests). She was a dream since she was a kid, but boy, she developed well.
  • I think Chloe Moretz has been this to a lot of people since a long time ago and will be untill she turns 18. But seeing how her movies are dripping out fuel, one can imagine that being a guilty pleasure is a part of her career.


  • if someone close to me realizes how much I enjoy Irreversible, I spit on your grave, The last house on the left, Straw Dogs, Death Wish or any movie with a (IMO) sexy rape scene in it, I'll be ashamed for life.

Live Action TVEdit

  • This troper is about as far from being a fan of Glee as possible, and yet has nothing but dirty thoughts for Jayma Mays and Lea Michele.
  • I know I'm not the only one, but watching Lazy Town on tv and turning down the volume so the neighbors can't hear what you're watching on tv, feels like a guilty pleasure for sure, a nice, sweet and pink-haired guilty pleasure.


  • Straight razors. Oh dear God. It started for this troper due to Sweeney Todd association, but now is a fetish all by itself. Cue a lot of squirming during the shaving scene in Skyfall.

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