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And the Moral Guardians went after the magic and the witchcraft?

You know you want him to give you detention...

  • I'm sure Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter was intended to send chills down the spines of twelve-year-old fangirls. Just not in that way! (She could probably deal out some GREAT discipline...and imagine being Voldemort, rewarding her for a successful mission...Mmmm.) As it happens, said fangirl realized she liked girls as a direct result of her obsessive love for dear Bella. So it goes.
  • This lesbian troper had her first sex dream at age 10. It was about Bellatrix. She still has a creepy obsession with Helena Bonham Carter.
    • Anyone with a thing for sadomasochism should just quiver at the sight of Bellatrix. Her and that Cruciatus curse...
    • The latest trailer for Deathly Hallows Part One took this to the next level by having Bellatrix wield a whip.
    • Speaking of the Deathly Hallows, I'm sure someone got off to the scene where Bellatrix lays on top of Hermione and tortures her.
      • Guilty as charged.
      • Oh My God yes!
      • Heck yes!!
      • Duh!
      • Aye!
      • Well, one guy did get arrested for playing with his wand while watching the movie.
      • Yes, I also got off to the scene where she grabs Harry by the hair after his face got hit by a spell from Hermione.
      • That, and the bit where she grabs Draco's hand and pulls him to his knees in front of her and Harry while saying 'come closer, dearie.' Yum.
      • Another Draco/Bellatrix moment: in Half Blood Prince on the Astronomy Tower she throatily whispers in his ear and kisses his neck.
        • Keep in mind she's his AUNT !
  • Yes, we know he's not supposed to be sexy... but Snape's insistence on being called "Sir" still sends this troper's mind places that probably don't need to be expounded upon.
  • The very fact that a sweet, kind, reserved man like Remus Lupin has his... wolfish tendencies he must keep at bay... er, yeah, see the Twilight entry above. His "wolfish" nature is of course quite popular in fanfic.
    • Which has led to at least one icon GIF of the potential scene between Harry and Lupin:
      • Lupin: Harry, I'm a werewolf.
      • Harry: Are you f*cking SERIOUS??
      • Lupin: Well yes, but I don't see how that applies here.
      • Harry: . . .
  • Pretty much everything about Sirius Black qualifies as fetish fuel. Especially the motorcycle. And the big black dog.
  • Sirius Black. Tom Riddle. Severus Snape.
  • Harry Potter. When he is mad. Really, really mad.
  • No mention of the Imperius Curse yet? It's strictly forbidden by the government because whoever is cursed with it becomes a completely obedient slave to the one who cast it. This Troper lost count of the number of explicit Fan Fic using the Imperius Curse for (ahem) naughtier purposes.
    • And there's also the wonderful sensations that the victim gets while under its control...
  • "I can be very persuasive." - Tom Riddle, Chamber of Secrets. Um, yes plz.
  • Ahem. Twins. Redheaded twins. Redheaded twins who seem incredibly close. Yeah. This troper'll be in her bunk.
    • The Patil twins synched. "Hello Harry".
  • This troper just read a post on a forum that pointed out Dudley's only non-Harry contact with wizards gave him A: a pig's tail, and B: a large tongue. Upon reading that, this troper paused, then immediately opened the edit page for TV Tropes' Fetish Fuel: Literature.
    • This troper reread that very section today (in the original English, having read the German version earlier) and did a confused double-take as he read about something slimy and foot long coming from Dudleys' mouth. Immediate reaction: "I think I read a porno like this once."
  • This troper thinks that every insane character is quite sexy. That includes Harry (when all the Voldemort-induced pressure throws him off the edge), Sirius, Bellatrix (the whole Black family, actually), Barty Crouch, etc.
    • Barty Crouch Jr. as played by David Tennant pushes this troper's psycho buttons.
    • And that thing he's always doing with his tongue... oh man.
    • Not to mention that husky tone he uses when he's being psycho. Mmm... I'll be in my bunk.
    • "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" and how he takes some of the blood from Harry's arm and sniffs/licks it.
  • Polyjuice potion. Full stop.
    • Agreed.
      • Human/animal polyjuice potion mixes...major Fetish Fuel for this furry loving girl.
      • In the book, Barty Crouch Jr. used the polyjuice to turn into his mother when he escaped from Azkaban. Freud would have had a field day; I'm pretty sure some tropers did....
      • An article on really puts this one into perspective: to assume the physical form of someone else, all you need is one of their hairs. Imagine the black market that must exist for, say, the hairs of famous starlets....
    • Perhaps no one else realized this, but this troper found it was gateway fetish fuel for transformation fetish sites. Eventually, that led to the TSA. Which had many variations, some sexual.
  • The Death Eaters and the Ministry under Voldemort's control have strong Nazi overtones to them. These often achieve the desired result, but sometimes... they achieve something else. (Also, Gellert Grindelwald. Handsome blond gay Nazi, basically, and the whole covert poisonous friendship thing really, really pushes this troper's buttons. Damn it.)
  • Add in one of the fanficcers' favorites: Many, many fans have decided that Fleur is not the only part-Veela in the books.
  • The scene in Deathly Hallows, where Draco's Mom whispered in Harry's ear while feeling his chest, is the only time this troper has felt something move in his pants...
  • Veelas. They are reminiscent of Sirens from Greek mythology who's singing would lure sailor's to their deaths. Veelas in the Harry Potter series appear as young, beautiful women, and their appearance and dance is considered very seductive by human males.
    • Fleur Delacour. She's pretty much the Hello Nurse character in this series.
  • Don't know if it counts as fetish fuel, but this troper gets very squiggly feelings watching the scene in the fifth movie where Fred and George are comforting the kid who had just been tortured. And then go on to talk about taking revenge against the evil teacher . . .
    • I think thats more of a Crowning Moment Of Heartwarming, but whatever works.
    • This troper agrees. Kindhearted redheads who take the time to comfort a little boy? Yes. Please! I'll take both!
  • Luna, I have to say something about her strangeness is very...stimulating? Plus her actress is very cute.
    • Not to mention that scene in the movie where she goes barefoot in the forest.
    • And, the actress is not JUST cute, she is HOT - she could play a very beautiful and stylish young Narcissa!
    • Ahem....
    • That's a fake.  Evey's tits are definitely bigger.  Moving on, how much could I get away with saying about what I want to do with Evanna Lynch before I start breaking Wikia's content rules?  Also, does anybody know where I can find some good Luna/Ginny femslash?  Like at least R-rated?
  • Viktor Krum as played by the muscly, scruffy Stanislav Lanevski in the movies. Seriously, that jump-started this troper's attraction to Eastern European guys. EDIT: Not just muscles, he is also courteous in the old-fashioned and direct way.
    • This Troper had the squigglies until she found out that the actor's name is the same as her dad's. Now, she is both squiggled and squicked at the same time.
  • Ron Weasley in Goblet of fire tells Harry something like "you know how I get around Girls 'When They walk'". The reader is left to ponder wether Ron is referring to:
    • A) The parts upon wich they walk (Legs)? or
    • B) The part upon wich they sit when they have finished walking (Butts?)
  • I bet people with bondage fetishes got all squee-like in the Fourth book when Harry was tied up to a gravestone so tightly that he couldn't move an inch. Oh and he's gagged by a black substance. Complete with Voldy cruciating him and it ends with his head hanging limply on his shoulders.
    • This troper was nine when the fourth book came out. That scene GAVE me several fetishes.
      • You too?
    • This troper especially liked the part where Voldy used magic to force Harry to bow before him.
  • This scene◊ from the final movie is what made me get into Voldemort/Harry Foe Yay. It also doesn't hurt that both actors are very attractive.
  • Harry Potter himself. An Adorkable thin cute boy with glasses, dark hair, green eyes, scars, and a tendency to become The Woobie? Plus, he's got that whole Nerds Are Sexy thing going on and displays moments of shrewdness and Ambiguously Gay moments (complete with Ho Yay with Ron and Cedric, and Foe Yay with Voldy and Draco). Yes Please. Being portrayed by the very attractive Daniel Radcliffe doesn't hurt either.
  • That scene in the fourth book/movie where Harry is taking a bubble bath in the Prefect's bathroom and Moaning Myrtle peeps in on him.
    • Pretty sure someone liked the scene in the second movie/book where the ghost Myrtle tells Harry "If you die down there (in the Chamber of Secrets) you're welcome to share my toilet" before giggling flirtatiously.
    • Hell, "Moaning" Myrtle all over...
    • Agreed. She's adorable (in a Wednesday Addams kind of way).
  • There's a spell that ties people up. Nuff' said.
  • In Goblet of Fire when Draco gets turned into a ferret against his will.
    • This Troper was a little disappointed that his clothes were transfigured as well, and he was still fully clothed when he was retransfigured.
  • Wendelin the Weird, who deliberately let herself be burned at the stake more than a few times due to her only feeling a gentle tickling sensation due to the flame-freezing charm. Hnng.
  • Ginny Weasley. End of.
  • Upon release of the Film 7 Part one, an unusual amount of people were happy to see Harry Potter (one of him, at least) wearing a skirt.
    • One of them wears a bra. Sure someone got off that.
    • Multiple Harry Potters. There's so much you can do with that concept.
  • In the novel of Deathly Hallows, Harry gets shirtless (and even naked) quite a few times. From the looks of it, the film versions are gonna be chock full of Daniel Radcliffe shirtless scenes. Unf unf unf. Hnng.
  • Severus Snape. Tom Riddle as a teenager. Harry Potter. All incredibly hot characters (to this troper, anyway), and each one is a Pale Skinned Brunette. Yum.
  • Even though it was written as a pretty clear attempt at Ship Sinking, a lot of people probably got a kick out of the scene in the first Deathly Hallows movie where the locket Horcrux torments Ron by showing him a vision of Harry and Hermione not only embracing passionately, but as obviously naked as you can be in a PG-13 film.
    • And in the books, Locket Hermione and Locket Harry turn into half snake half human things and wrap themselves around eachother while making out... nice!
    • It helps that Horcrux!Hermione and Harry are ridiculously hot.
      • Ah, Locket!Hermione... Taunt me.
        • Oh, god, yes. I fear my face was completely red during that scene. Being able to relate far too much to Ron's situation, plus having a thing for being mentally dominated/humiliated for the very same reason, made that scene more hot than 10 porn sites combined for me.
    • This troper thought that the movie turned into a less abstainancy Twilight.
      • This troper noticed today that the illusions were...prettier than the characters themselves. I turned to my sister to point it out and she nodded, saying that they were 'Twilight pretty'. And we don't even like Twilight!
  • Can't believe noone has mentioned CENTAURS yet!!! Not my personal fetish, but hell, horses and porn go hand in hand for some perverts. Not to mention that Firenze looks like a mix between a young and beautiful Greek god (Carlisle, anyone?;) and a ... golden horse.
  • Even in canon, we have Lavendar and Pavarti squeeing about how attractive he is.
  • Seconded. So so much.
  • The scene where hunky hunky Daniel Radcliffe is almost drowned by the horcrux and desperately hammers agains the ice crust.
  • When I first read HP, BDSM scene seemed a galaxy apart from HP books ... apart from out dear Bellatrix, of course. And the author herself! I read an interview with her that started with Costume Porn description of JKR's black leather boots with spiky heels ... isn't this just screaming BONDAGE?! lol
  • This Troper has a skirtsuit fetish so Hermione wearing one along with stockings and heels after being polyjuiced as Mafalda Hopkirk was great. Actually Mafalda herself wasn't bad either! She had her hair pinned up which drives this troper crazy.
    • So that's how that fetish is called.... Anyway seconded...on both accounts.
  • In the first part of the deathly hallows movies Bill Weasley certainly gets alot of screentime. Those scars and that long red hair are sexy enough but he is also played by the extremely attractive Domhnall Gleeson.
    • Also Charlie who doesn't appear in the films is implied to be dragonsexual... I may not find dragons attractive but thinking of Chalie all hot and sweaty around those dragons with a hard on... I'll be in my bunk. And I haven't even mentioned the twins.
  • Rita Skeeter in the Goblet Of Fire movie. She's a total cougar! That scene in the broom closet where she's right up against Harry and says "This is cozy!" Da-ha-haam!
  • This troper recently saw Deathly Hallows Part 1 in the cinema, and something about Scabior◊ just gave her the most delectable squiggly feelings in her stomach. Especially in scenes like this. Not to mention that little scarf fascination and the "hello, beautiful..." Mm. He can snatch me any time he likes. <3
    • Seconded. When he could smell her perfume and she was holding her breath, I was too.
    • Thirded! I wasn't able to catch his name, but I was staring at him through the whole scene like whoaaaa.
    • The fact that he's wearing her scarf gets to me, personally. The scarf, coupled with his jacket and hair, really give off this Flash Harry kinda vibe, skeevy and yet charismatic at the same time. I may have a thing for skeevy lower-class British guys, so sue me.
  • Boggarts. Your wildest fantasies are but a Riddikulus away.
  • Oliver Wood. Played by Sean Biggerstaff. Mmmmmmm.
  • Lucius Malfoy. The hair, the voice, the cane ... I'll be in my bunk.
  • This troper has a thing for people, especially blond pretty boys, being carried bridal style, so I quite enjoyed the scene when Draco was being carried up the hospital wing after being scratched by Buckbeak in Prisoner of Azkaban. Especially the way it made his hair hang down and look longer.
  • The part in Deathly Hallows after the snake attack, when Hermione tells Harry she had to use magic to get him into bed because she couldn't lift him. Whether it's a real kink or not I don't know, but imagining her trying to carry him uh... interested this troper.
  • Umbridge's cursed pen definitely falls under High Octane Nightmare Fuel , but how Harry just takes it and refuses to let her break him? Different matter entirely.
  • The scene where Harry takes the locket off Hermione causes squiggly feelings in this troper.
  • In Half Blood Prince, when Narcissa asked Snape to protect Draco. Her begging on her knees, clutching at his robes, her face tear-streaked? Mmm. If only the movie had stayed true to the book...
  • I'm pretty sure I got a few fetishes from all the horrible things that happened to Ron over the course of the first few books.
  • Hermione wearing the same corseted dress as Bellatrix in Deathly Hallows part 2. And she spends a good deal of the time wet as well...
  • I'm pretty sure somebody got off on the scene at the end of TDH where Voldemort is slapping Harry around and tying him up with black ribbons. Yeah.
  • The Grey Lady. Mainly because she was played by Kelly MacDonald wearing a medieval gown. Anybody turned on by beautiful ghosts will understand. The part where she screams "I KNOW WHO HE IS, I KNOW WHAT HE'S DONE! HE DEFILED IT! WITH DARK MAGIC!!" might have been too scary. Even then though her going from demure and British sounding to angry and passionate and Scottish sounding was kind of sexy!
  • Neville. This troper gets all sorts of squiggly feelings over anything remotely adorkable, and Neville fits her to a 't'. And his moment of badassery in the final movie... My body is ready!
  • Can't believe nobody's mentioned Tonks(Don't you dare call her Nymphadora!) yet!  I also can't believe she's compared in-universe unfavorably to Fleur.

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