Hellsing has a lot of Fetish Fuel and most of it is provided by the main characters. Tropes like: Tall Dark And Handsome + Badass Red Longcoat-Memetic Molester + Slasher Smile + Ax Crazy + TEETH, can ALL be found in the guy on the left... If these are not Turn On Tropes for 99% of the female population (and some males, too), then I don't know what is. All of this is probably because before Kouta Hirano did the Hellsing manga he did a lot of hentai, Seras is actually one of his old characters.


  • This troper sadly admits to having a crush on Alucard. But hear me out: first, he's got this dark, sexy voice of Crispin Freeman or Joji Nakata (depending on your preference); second, his blood drinking scenes in the TV series...well... they're something (first one starts at about 7:25, second one starts at 8:03); third, the fact that Alucard can change his body into...interesting things (again, totally dependent on preference; such as hair length for example) during his Control Release States; and finally, the way he dresses: most specifically, Pimp Alucard in OVA 3, and his "Bondagecard"form in the final TV episode.
    • The term Control Release State sounds pretty fetishy all by itself.
  • This troper found young!Alucard- besides, y'know, the Prison Rape, the Nightmare Fuel, the utter Squick, the What Do You Mean Its Not Symbolic (it is!)...- to be the most attractive of all his forms. Although she herself was a young teenager at the time she encountered him, which makes it a mite better, but not much.
  • This troper was at first mildly puzzled to find Alucard under fetish fuel — he is so much her type, she thought he went under Estrogen Brigade Bait...
  • This male troper finds Alucard to be a massive Stupid Sexy Flanders, even in his normal states, and Girlycard/Lolicard sure doesn't help things. And as mentioned by someone else, Integra is quite arousing to this troper as well.
    • There also is a huge amount of power-exchange subtext in all forms of Hellsing, particularly in the Gonzo series. The twisted caretaking relationship between Alucard and Seras, his teasing, testing but ultimately loyal servitude to Integra...
  • This Troper gets strange feelings from the meeting between Alucard and Queen Elizabeth. In the manga he calls her "the same saucy filly I met fifty years ago". In both versions, his saying that her old age makes her more beautiful than ever, and her chuckling gratefully at that. And then the meeting ends with the Queen firmly ordering Alucard to destroy Millenium. I don't know what fetishes all of that might fall under but...
  • Alucard being woken from his decades long torpor by savouringly licking the blood of the 12 year-old Integra off of the floor. Then, once he has dispatched her attackers, addressing the young girl as "Master".
    • Which is flat out sexual in the Gonzo series (with Alucard pinning Integra over a wall, all over her face, then laughing off and saying he feels sexually aroused). Whereas in the manga, it's played far more romantically ideal with Integra wishing for a knight in shining armor, cuddling next to Alucard corpse after asking permission to sit down and then he becoming that knight to her. Sort of. Aw. Sadly the OVA didn't live up to the awesome.
      • Oh, it lived up to the awesome, just not the heartwarming.
  • Several things about Alucard makes this Troper want to tie him down and go dominatrix on him if he'd let her. And that would be even hotter.
    • Just several? Hell, this troper finds his whole existence sexy. Not to mention the combination described above and his expressions, good lord, his expressions make this troper want to take long, cold showers. Plus his sadistic nature and his bloodthirst that turn this troper's thoughts into all kinds of perversions. Fetish Fuel Up To Eleven, indeed.
      • Let's not forget that he becomes crueler and more sadistic with each episode, especially in Hellsing Ultimate. No matter how much he kills, he always has a new, unexpected way of doing it. Alucard is the impersonation of badassness and hotness mixed together.
  • Level 0 Alucard. Oh, wow. That long dark hair, that mustache, that cape, even the armour with the blood dripping down it.... Ahhhhhhh. Screw bishies, gimme a manly man any day.
  • If this troper had to describe Alucard, she would say: Tall Dark And Handsome + Sexy Voice+ Ax Crazy + Badass Longcoat+ TEETH... ooohh yeah, pure 100% Fetish Fuel, the one true Memetic Sex God.
  • No mention of Girlycard? This bi troper {male} fell in love with "girlycard" in Hellsing: The Dawn. Sporting that Hime Cut? Damn!
    • This straight troper admits he finds girlycard, VERY interesting.
    • This female troper also finds Girlycard very interesting... the dirty talk and greedy, psychotic grin probably helped the most. Also, Girlycard/Young!Walter = HNNNNG
  • Let's not forget his constant Slasher Smile and long tongue.
  • This troper went back and rewatched some of the anime and...goodness. Despite being both a lesbian and asexual, I have to say that the sound Alucard makes before he bites someone just makes me swoon. You all know the sound I mean. Can't believe no one bothered to comment on it before now.
  • Let's not forget the fact that he carries those guns. This Troper thinks guns make anyone more sexy, and adding the Jackal and Casul to Alucard? Mmmm~
  • How has this not been said? It worked in the manga, but in the OVA it was blatant. Alucard and Pip are in South America. Alucard is hypnotizing a hotel manager into making him think they have a room. HE'S playing it straight, but the scene is so dripping with D/S (and god DAMN that voice, English or Japanese!) that Pip outright wonders to himself, "What is that, some sort of erotic eye beam?" When your * co-stars* are feeling weirdly woogly..
    • This troper prefers "sex beam", but would like to say that that particular form is nice. Just how many attractive forms does this guy have???
  • This lesbian troper is not embarrassed to admit that she would happily screw Alucard based on his voice alone. She's pretty sure it's not only everything stated above but also an In Love With Your Carnage sort of thing. I'm not crazy, he's just too damn sexy!!!
    • You're not alone.
  • You know, it's funny. I don't normally find myself remotely interested in fictional relationships (I'm very unromantic as a rule), and I don't squee over characters ever, or collect fanart of them, or read fanfiction. I haven't pulled the shipper fangirl shtick since I was about twelve. But I have now done all of those things because holy god, the Alucard/Integra relationship is the hottest thing I have ever seen in, uh, anything, despite the fact that they never even have physical contact insofar as I can recall. It's delightfully fucked up and almost seems like it should be predatory (isn't everything better with an overtone of creepy?), but because Integra is just that much of a badass, it doesn't come off as victimizing. The whole South American segment where Alucard calls up Integra and describes in loving detail how he'll slaughter for her and she agrees and then he later calls her up and asks if she was turned on by the performance was incredibly sexy. They have such a complex and interesting relationship that has tons of different kinds of exciting and creepy tension while still being fundamentally sweet at its core. And despite (maybe even because of) the whole power dynamic, it's really empowering for both of them. It's so amazingly well done. Holy shit.
    • YES. A thousand times yes.


  • What about Seras Victoria and her... umm.. huge tracts of land...?
    • Speaking of Seras, go watch episode one. The Troper in the first point conveniently left a link. Now go watch episode, say, 2. Go look at her breasts in episode 1, then 2, then come back here and report your findings.
  • Her sweet, piping little accent does it for this troper.
  • Seras Victoria. Pure, 100% woobie. Pure, 100% sexy.
    • Her outfit is pure, 100% fanservice. It shows off her assets. Do we have a trope for military uniform fetishes?
      • Good Looking Privates.
      • Hellsing is a giant wet dream for uniform fetishists. Or a good conversion point if you don't have one already.
      • Not to mention the short miniskirt and thigh-high boots.
      • Bonus points for having such a gosh-darned cute smile. Im Taking Her Home With Me!
    • Her Woobie-ness climaxes after Zorin decides to play Break The Cutie in OVA VII. Bloody, unable to walk and barely crawling, blinded with her hair sexily covering the Eye Scream and whimpering for cute.
      • Pip taking a Last Kiss from Seras. Sexy as well as being a huge Tearjerker since he dies shortly after doing so.
      • Shortly after that, she loses her Woobie status and matures quite a bit, leading to the most vicious Anime catfight in a while. She gains some of Pip's captainlike traits as well, making her as much an Amazon as Integra. She retains some of her cute afterwards, but she's also being called Sir by hardened mercenaries.
      • That's not because she 'gains' Pip's captainlike traits, but because Pip's INSIDE of her. Literally. Zorin saw him, Seras flat out said they would both go and crush them all as promised, the mercenaries realized immediately he wasn't dead-dead.
  • That sexy accent, beautiful blue eyes, huge breasts, virgin... I'll be in my bunk. :P
  • The young, naive woman always addressing the powerful, dangerous older man as "Master?" I was waiting for them to start negotiating their safeword.
  • For this troper, Seras is always great, but the moment where she reached out her tongue to lick the blood off of her hands... I shivered. And needed a cold shower after seeing it in the first episode ofHellsing Ultimate.
    • Speaking of tongues... The point in the title sequence of the first Hellsing where a panting Seras is trying, no, straining not to lick the blood off the blade is just too sexy. Vampires aren't my thing, butthat...
    • Not to mention the scene in OVA IV when she licks the blood off of Integra's finger. No one has referenced this scene yet? I am shocked.
  • This troper quite enjoyed when Seras kicked Zorin Blitz's ass. Hot, Woobie-riffic, adorable and Badass.
  • Am I weird for finding this sexy? A dominant Slasher Smile-wearing Seras is fine too.


  • Aside from finding Alucard to be sex personified as others have mentioned, this female troper had to adjust her sexual preference from "100% straight" to "99.9% straight" pretty quickly in Integra's presence. Sometimes, the equipment just doesn't matter.
    • Which may say a few things about the fellows that find Sir Integra moltingly hot, which This Troper counts himself among.
  • Don't forget about the dialogue exchange in the 3rd volume of the manga after Integra commands Alucard to destroy the soldiers and police squadrons that are attacking them in the hotel. Alucard literally says that Integra's made him aroused with her command. ...And now, I'll just leave this right here...
  • No-one seriously has yet thought about the scene in the fourth OVA where Integra deliberately cuts her finger and orders Seras to lick the blood off?
    • ...and then informs her that it's 100% virgin? That whooshing sound you heard was a thousand fanboys and a hundred fangirls rushing to rectify that situation in a fanfic.
  • No mention of the Queen of Hellsing Moe? Young Integra, I'm astonished.
  • Not to mention the Queen of Meganekko as well. Wishing for a knight in shining armor, asking permission from a corpse to sit by it, and then cuddling up to the aforementioned corpse? Everyone wants to take young!Integra home with them.

Rip Van WinkleEdit

  • The entire battle of Alucard vs. Rip Van Winkle is the lovechild of Fetish Fuel, Does This Remind You Of Anything, Freud Was Right, and Nightmare Fuel. This troper loves it to pieces.
  • Rip hi—her, damnit, herself was seriously troubling to this troper, long before that fight scene. Combination of disturbingly whimsical demeanour, looooooong hair, and that suit... and the gun. And the glasses. Yom. The sudden appearance of what seemed to be male rape imagery inflicted on a fey Nazi boy with a penchant for singing opera, and how hot it was, was distinctly troubling— and it did NOT get better upon watching the anime and realising that yes, fans weren't just covering up their own awkward fixations by calling Rip van Winkle a she. Despite the fact that there are multiple points in that part of the manga where she's referred to using female gendered nouns. I am not in denial, I swear. Stupid sexy Nazi Flanders.
    • She never seemed male to me...* drools*
  • Hell, forget the opera, what about those noises she makes when Alucard stabs her?
  • She also makes freckles look hot.
  • In the English Dub of the 4th Ultimate Hellsing OVA, her VA was the same person that dubbed Haruko in FLCL.
  • That fight scene was de-freakin'-licious. The impalement, and I love it when Alucard laps up blood, oh yes. *shivers*
  • This troper happens to have a serious case of PerverseSexualLust over this particular vampiress. She's probably my number one fan crush. SEXUAL CONFUSION, HELLO.
  • Whenever Rip sings "Oh Diese Sonne" from Der Freischutz , This Troper just melts. Gah, the nature of a demoness, with the voice of an angel. *sighs dreamily*


  • What about Walter? Alucard is all well and good, but there's just something about the quiet, restrained ones in the elegant suits who are just waiting to be commanded to destroy everything in your way—particularly those who will do it with a smile and a flourish.
    • And ultra-deadly wire that requires ultimate finesse to wrangle. And a monocle.
    • There's just something about older men and that sexy confidence plus smirk that gets me. always.
  • This troper found herself turned on when Walter got Deaged into a Snarky young man, with said wires.
  • Ralph Lister, Walter's dub VA, definitely inspired some ...flutterings in the abdomen region when I watched the Hellsing Ultimate panel. He's just so soft and courteous, even when he practially spits Jan's insults back in his face. Just the right dose of venom behind it...*sigh*


  • No Schrodinger yet? Shota catboy makes me want to give love to him. Much, much love.
    • If the DVD Commentary is anything to go by, half the dub cast is struggling with their PSL over Stupid Sexy Schrodinger — Age, gender, or Nazi affiliation be damned:One of my favorite actresses came in to audition for Schrodinger and saw the picture, and was...Nice little Jewish girl comes in, she's like, "Is it wrong that I'm really turned on right now by this guy?"And suddenly I wasn't doing commercials, I was doing's kinda hot, isn't he?
    • Schrodinger has got the perfect amount of sexy, cute and evil. and the tail makes the ho yay even sweeter.
    • Did anyone else think the panel where Alucard sticks his Casull in the boy's mouth was drawn kind of... suggestively?
  • The Major's I Love War speech turned on this Chaotic Neutral troper.
    • Thank God I wasn't the only one... This troper remembers feeling quite aroused, surprised, and dirty by that speech... But mostly aroused. Don't judge me...
    • You're not alone, Herr Sturmbannfuerer makes me feel incredibly dirty/unclean when he talks sometimes. I blame a language kink and the fact that I've attributed to him probably far stronger levels ofHannibal Lecture than he probably has.
    • This troper gets arouse thinking about the Major; she is unsure if it's the accent, the passion of his character/'I Love War' speech, or the fact she likes thick bods on her husbandos. Probably all three, but the fact stands that this troper squirms and feels so dirty.
  • Heinkel Wolfe. S/he invokes Sexy Preacher, Guns Akimbo, and possibly Bifauxnen all at once. I honestly don't care what Heinkel's gender is, s/he is equally sexy either way. Though it looks like the OVA decided to give Heinkel a manly voice.
    • Well, Heinkel is definitely female in the manga, with a side-chapter cover of her dressing in a more nun-ish outfit. And since this troper has a thing for Bifauxnen characters... Well...
    • Her comrade Yumie isn't half bad either. Long hair, Meganekko, Nun habit, thigh-highs, and a Ax Crazy split personality? I'd definitely Yumiko and/or Yumie.
  • The Captain wears no shirt under his jacket. And he's adorable when he smiles. Did I mention he wears no shirt?
    • You just love the fact that he's an animal in bed
    • I personally was quite surprised, to the point of Luminescent Blush, when he threw off his coat in the manga. Somehow I'm only beginning to realize, years later, that he may have been one of the things that initiated my sizekink.
    • This male troper is completely in love with the Captain's human side.
  • This troper has a major fetish for long hair. Forget Alucard, Pip was driving her up the wall.
  • No Anderson this late in the page? Sexy! Crazy! Priest! What more do you need than those three words? A-MEN!
    • You forgot to mention his 100% sexy voice, courtesy of Mr. Norio "Stupidly Sexy Voice" Wakamoto.
    • And that's not even mentioning his English voice. Wakamoto-san is always awesome, but Steven Brand gives Anderson this Scottish purr. This very heterosexual male troper actually found himself rewinding his DVD several times just to hear that voice again. I mean damn.
  • Incidentally, this troper had read Hellsing and thought it was okay, but suddenly became a devoted fan after seeing this cosplay team, both of whom are pretty hot.
  • Ahem. PIP?! He's got the long hair, he smokes, he's got an eye patch, and that French accent... This troper is a Pip/Seras shipper but ho boy, if I had a chance at Pip...
  • I know a lot of people is going to be surprised by this, but... Zorin Blitz. I think she is quite sexy in her own way. I mean, she's strong, has short hair (a major fetish of this troper), is a Tattooed Crook(another major fetish, even if it's not about too many tattoos as is the case here), and she's Crazy Awesome (Admit it, almost every Crazy Awesome character makes you want to jump his/her bones).
    • The mind-reading/illusion powers don't hurt either.
  • There are some great bite scenes in the original Hellsing. Try episode 11. Seras is having a dream, one of her enemies is taunting her trying to resist her new vampiric nature. He pulls a beautiful woman out of nowhere. She begs him to drink her dry. He bites her and gallons of blood pour out as Seras watches. He's then seen with his fangs in her throat and humping her. The walls start bleeding as he drops the dead girl. All I can say is...yum!
  • Shadows, man, shadows. Alucard morphing out from Integra's shadow in OVA 4/volume 5. Pip being Seras' shadows (sometimes!). They can be teasing bad boys with those powers.
  • All Girls Want Bad Boys, and this troper loves her some Jan Valentine. The bright yellow eyes, dark skin and hair, piercings, a pottymouth that could strip paint from the walls? It's all good.
  • I can understand why some people may not have mentioned him yet, but Enrico. Freaking. Maxwell. I mean, he's a priest, has long, flowing white hair, glowing purple eyes, not to mention his incredibly sexy accent. I swear, the way he says "Calatrava La Nueva" is like sex. And let's not forget his sexy twitch. Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned...
    • Oddly, the fact that he's a scheming, slimy bastard who would bitchslap my agnostic ass out of the Vatican is one of his main pulls. That and the implied sexual repression of being a forty year oldKnight Templar who likely obeys both the letter and the spirit of clerical celibacy.
  • This is possibly one of, if not my most unsettling fantasy: being thrown to the Last Battalion. And I mean literally pitched off a walkway and caught in a swirling mass of riotous vampires who are probably equally likely to violate or drain me. Or both. At once. Preferably involving as many of them as possible simultaneously.
  • The whole series is practically softcore guro: you've got a bunch of sadomasochistic hotties massacaring people into blood splatters with heavy sexual subtext, when they aren't being ripped to shreds. Anyone who's a bonafide Nightmare Fetishist is going to spend a lot of time in their bunk

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