• I can't believe nobody's made a page for Homestuck yet! Well, I guess I'll start this page by saying I thought Vriska's mind control powers could have made some people horny.
  • Personally, this troper just loves Nepeta. She is very cute, of course, but combine her cuteness with "Xiki Muffin's" voice (shown here and here) and...well, personally, this troper admits to being turned on by her lovely purring and cute giggle.
  • Terezi must be turning SOME guy on, what with her having to "see" things by licking them with her long tongue.
  • Also, this troper feels obligated to point out all the fanart of the male trolls. Homestuck's fangirls seem to like 'em a lot! If there are any other fans of the series that are reading this, please add to the list.
  • Equius was mostly regarded as gross and weird before his introduction, but a lot of fans were won over by this page.
    • This troper found themselves more than a little turned on after finding out he has a thing for being bossed around and given commands, for those who like to dominate.
  • Terezi and Vriska both get a thumbs up from this troper, but more for their personalities than anything. Strong female characters are my thing. Their portrayal in most fanart of them certainly doesn't hurt, either.
    • Ohhh yes. Both of them snarky, manipulative, somewhat anti-heroic and could probably kick your ass . . . Do want. And they're both disabled in some way for those who enjoy that sort of thing, although neither of them is particularly affected by it.
  • Karkat! With his Tsundere attitude, how clever he is when coming up with snappy insults, his adorable messy hair that looks like it's made almost entirely of cowlicks, and his affinity for incredibly dorky romcoms, there is really no way you can deny just how adorable he is. And the fact that his handle is carcinoGeneticist certainly could give some people ideas about MadScientist!Karkat.
  • Um, hello? Don't you think Eridan Ampora should have a mention on here? The guy is MADE of Fetish Fuel.
    • The fact that he is just so desparate to find a matesprite sometimes strangely makes him more appealing.
  • Jade Harley, especially after her merging with Bec, definitely made more than one furry horny.
  • For some reason, this troper is turned on by the male kids' feet. She even wrote a fanfiction about worshipping Dave Strider's feet.
  • The Maryams, anybody? Kanaya's a chainsaw wielding lesbian vampire, Porrim's beautiful, sultry and lives a polyamorous lifestyle, while being just feminist enough to not be scary and The Dolorosa is a kind hearted matron figure.

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