• Let's start with House himself. How do you like 'em? Magnificent Bastard? Jerk With A Heart Of Gold? The Woobie? There's something for just about everyone. And there are those Blue Eyes...
    • He knows tricks with that cane.
  • Learning that Chase was into bondage sent this troper's mind to all sorts of wonderful places.
    • Chase himself...Besides the bondage thing he's also absurdly pretty. Plus, Even The Guys Want Him and he tends to cause a lot of Ho Yay. Not to mention he looks great in uniform.
    • ...And has Daddy issues. And religious guilt.
    • Looks great in scrubs too. Especially when his hair is at its floppiest and his stubble at its scruffiest
  • The episode All In opens with all the main characters at a black-tie formal party. Damn, they all clean up nice. Tuxes for the guys, and gorgeous dresses for Cameron and Cuddy. Something about seeing them go to work all dressed up... kind of makes you want to see what else they'd do in those fancy clothes.
  • House is not shy about the fanservice. Exhibit A: Cuddy. In a schoolgirl uniform. Doing a striptease...
  • How could you forget about all that Ho Yay between House and Chase or House and Wilson for that matter?
  • Plenty of hospital hotties in uniform to go around.
  • House using a medical robot to partially strip Cameron. With her gasping and breathily whispering his name.
  • Thirteen's workout outfit in one episode, and pretty much any time she's making out with a woman.
  • House: In "House's Head", House's hallucination of Dr. Cuddy gets to do a jaw-droppingly sexy striptease act dressed as a Sexy Schoolgirl, while at the same time performing a differential diagnosis. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you do Fan Service.
  • Doctors are fetishy enough, but Chase... a blonde, young, hot doctor with a hot Australian accent? It's got to be illegal to put that much bait into one guy.
    • This troper is honestly surprised how much of the fandom focuses on the Wilson-House Ho Yay, when Chase is right there. And this troper is a straight guy.
    • Because Wilson is even more of a Manipulative Bastard than House, wrapped in a sweet, innocent facade. Also, according to his second ex wife, he's fantastic in bed.
    • This troper thought Chase was a bit too bland... till the episode where it turned out he'd dated a woman who liked to be burned. And used the patient's submissiveness to get consent for a procedure, just by talking to him in a very... intense... way.
  • Was nobody but me horribly turned on by House cutting the buttons off Cameron's blouse with a giant robot surgery machine thing?
    • I was. I already had a thing about buttons, anyway, and Cameron's reaction helped.
    • This troper is generally not into House/Cameron at all, but that scene was STILL possibly the single most erotic moment on the show.
  • This troper always feels a little rush of excitement at the ending of Fools For Love. Tritter suddenly grabbing House, turning him around, searching him (and giving us all a much-appreciated glimpse of tummy) and cuffing his hands behind his back. Who said that domination was a bad thing?
    • Don't forget that look of helpless shock on House's face. S'all part of it.
  • I know it's tame by comparison, but Dr. House gave me a love for blue eyes. He needs to wear that blue shirt from "Frozen" more often.
  • Speaking of House, this troper finds him even more appealing now that we know he was a college cheerleader. After all, All Guys Want Cheerleaders, even the male versions.
  • The episode "Love Hurts", mentioned above, features a patient played by the very sexy John Cho, whose big secret is that he's a submissive who gets off on pain and domination. Before that secret is revealed, there's a brief scene in which Cameron has to perform a medical procedure that involves sticking him with needles. Repeatedly. She has no idea why he's starting to sigh and moan, but if the audience has already seen the episode and knows why, suddenly the Fetish Fuel nature of the scene goes off the charts.
  • Cuddy, full stop. I mean, come on, would a hospital administrator really wear that kind of clothing every day? The majority of her purpose on the show is Fanservice, and we luuuuuuuve it.
  • This troper, who has a serious Woobie fetish, always found the punching scene in "Finding Judas" (Chase sprawled out on the ground, checking his mouth for blood while simultenously explaining the theory that House punched him the most defeated, pitiful tone ever.) quite...enthralling. And, actually, House's moment of remorse when he sees the nasty bruise on Chase's jaw the next episode isn't half-bad either.
House (avoiding eye contact): Did you get that checked out?
Chase (brushes fingers over bruise, then also drops eye contact): I'm...fine.
  • Thirteen wearing that Renaissance dress in Knight Fall. And I didn't think it was possible to find her any more attractive.
  • In Whack-A-Mole, Cameron, Chase, Foreman, and their Patient Of The Week all end up in a sauna under House's orders to have the patient sweat something out. Which resulted in an extremely sweaty Chase leaning up against the wall, breathing heavily, voice slightly raspy. I was annoyed that Cameron and Foreman got several close-ups while Chase didn't get a single one (he was included in Cameron's shots, but toward the background)...and then Fridge Humor set in when I thought that maybe the cameramen actually realized how much Fetish Fuel that would spawn and decided against it.
  • Whilst also disturbing, there's something just a bit ok a lot sexy about those evil, crazed grins that Thirteen and Kutner exchange during the patient's hallucination in Guardian Angels. Not to mention when Kutner straddles said patient and holds her down while she screams.
  • In Adverse Events the patient's hormones are whacked out by his disease, causing him to try to assault Thirteen. The way her lab coat sort of fans out behind her and the way her legs kick up in the air (the heeled boots she's wearing might have something to do with it) as he pulls her down is strangely hot. And then she punches him, satisfying my Action Girl kink, and she's all breathless and a little disheveled immediately afterward. Yum.
  • There's something incredibly adorkable (as well as hilarious) about the scene in Joy where Taub says to the drug dealer "Um, we would like to buy some cocaine please?' Also, the way Thirteen bites her lip as she tries not to giggle.
  • Thirteen pretending to be a prositute in 'The Down Low' and Cameron being mistaken for a prostitute in 'Daddy's Boy.'
  • Not my kink, but I'm sure someone liked it when Cameron was being strangled by the patient in Words and Deeds.
  • How can there be no mention of the scene in The Social Contract where the patient outlines in graphic detail what he'd like to see Thirteen and Cuddy do to each other? Damn, he had some good ideas.
  • I really liked Master's legs.
  • House's sidekick in the latest episode (S8E2) is an adorably shy mousey girl played by Charlyne Yi and every so often she just snaps at someone. She ended up working under House after punching out her previous boss for grabbing her ass. That combination of being able to inspire major protective instincts while still every so often making you just stand up and take notice really does it for this troper.

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