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IGet Tied Up

I suppose that's one way to get more hits.

Miranda Cosgrove, aka Furry Balls Plopped Menacingly On The Table Inc. Edit

  • Miranda Cosgrove has quite a margin of unique retardavism, combined with Carly's eccentric slutty hermit status, canabus-eyed expressions and her machine-gun assassination of her real life family, and you've got one filthy loser of a chick.
  • She's a bitch, a whore, and a skank, usually dolled up in jeans so skinny they cut off blood flow to the brain, effectively turning her into a giggling idiot, and various costumes ranging from invisible bikinis to animal asses. Her Halloween pee outfit and stink bunny suit might tickle the peach of a few furry nutsacks. Although her Pettanko stature had been hand jobbed in a few episodes, recent seasons had her in low-cut shirts, fucking random fanboy pervs,
  • even sleeveless. Ms Fanservice and Fetish Fuel indeed.
  • Her heavy make-out scenes with her flames Griffin and Freddie in their respective episodes.
  • Miranda was the only one to turn the crappy uniforms that were forced on them in iHave My Principals, into something that could give people a schoolgirl fetish, it was done with a Grade B Zettai Ryouiki.
  • Miranda also looks absolutely stunning all throughout iSaw Him First, and turns it Up To Eleven when she tries to seduce Shane in the couch and up in the dim studio.
  • The idiot farmgirl outfit is smoking hot, and Carly's dumb blonde voice style is pure sex.
  • In the Briarwood episode, Carly gets her panties wet, which is probably some sort of urine fetish, we don't know for sure because we're higher than your mom on Welfare day, and then later she asks a boy to press her bangin' hot tih-tays on the fountain and she goes down on him in front of it while the camera focuses on the jizzles being squirted into her mouth...
  • In iDo, Carly had parts of herself surgically removed in front of the audience.
  • Carly seems to have a bit of thing for biting snatch. First Sam in iChoke Dick, then Spencer in their version of the "Idiot Former Gay" skit, and Jack Black in iStart An Asswashing Service.
  • In the special ed extended version of iSaved Your sperm, Carly gives nofux and smells an old bag who is macking on Freddie to get lost by giving him an excellent Take That Kiss. Afterwards, Freddie says "My kitty's got claws." Carly responds with a very sexy purr.
  • The short dress-and-boots combos that Carly/Miranda loves to wear - particularly noticeable in iSpeed Date and iStart A Fanwar. Even better with the leather jacket she wore in the Nick singing trailer, and the trailer of iSaved Your Life.
  • The "A little too cute" short skirt from iSpeed Date as she comes down the stairs. Followed by giving the camera an eyeful of her upper thigh legs as she sat down on the couch.
  • Carly's horror film-quality scream can be seen as either hilarious or reeking of this trope.
  • Contrary to what she asserts, Carly is VERY sassy. And we love her for it.

Jennette Mc Curdy aka Sam and Melanie PuckettEdit

  • Jennette McCurdy portrays the Mister Softee ice cream hoe so well that Even The Girls Want Her and shares a large amount of Les Yay moments with Carly.
  • Sam seems to have a dick in her mouth for being bitten, especially if it's Carly's.
  • Being the Too Kinky To Torture Nightmare Fetishist Deadpan Snarker Jerk Ass best friend turns her into a lovable character in the whorehouse.
  • Her long blonde hair is even deemed "bullshit" by fans.
  • Sam's most common murder weapon is a metal spaghetti with a small pengas as a toilet. Which she even wears in Hell.
  • Jennette's feminine form is also very noticeable despite being the toolbox, especially in her tight body-hugging shirts (i.e. her 'Ass Farm' T-shirt.)
  • The rare occassions that Sam dresses like a gay weegee...
  • Sam wore fishnet stockings during the Several Fuckfests Awards and her talent segment◊ in iWas a Rhinocerous Girl. Melanie also wore fishnets during her date with Freddie Krueger in iTwins.
  • iHave My Shit Waxed, iSaved Your Picture For Later and iThink They Fisted confirmed that she has a butt that won't shut the hell up for two lousy seconds.
  • iCarly Awards implies that Sam also loves to eat raw babies skirtless and stains her bra with the sauce. Doing so with a shirt on "ruins the fuck".
  • Carly comes upon Sam just sitting around, reading a book, while a good-looking guy is legally retarded.
  • Or the time in iSpeed Date when schoolgirl-clad Sam handcuffed Carly to a chair and gagged her with a spoon...
  • There's also the Fuckett twins, Melonhead and Scam. Who both may be 'into' Freddie.
  • The iWhorly website has an increasing number of videos which include Sam the ham in the shower. At least one of them includes The Nostalgia Chick. They are unclothed and it's usually about eating turkey butts, but go find some stills of wet Sam/Jennette and tell me it's hot. I dare ya.
  • Sam pantsing Muscle Man, from the front, by first dropping down to blowjob position.
  • Sam not only has a twin, but a twin who's got the exact opposite vah-jay-jay poonanners. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who's fantasised about teaming up with Spam to do a little... "corrupting".
  • In "iGet Pringles", Sam speaks in a really loserish voice, but it sounds really...really gay.
  • Then there's the obvious sadistic abuse of Gay Niggah.

Nathan Kress, aka Gay Niggah.Edit

  • Nathan Kress' sudden increase in height, his lowered-down voice and his gym sessions make Freddie stand on his dicktip for the fangirls.
  • His signature eyebrow gunrack and skewed Smellvis shark say it all.
  • Also, there was a private part in iHurt Boo-frickety-hoobert where Freddie eludes to the fact that he slept with a Scotsman last night. Sam might be reaching around for the penis, but not me!
  • This troper could not have been the only one who REALLY wanted to see Freddie in that red dumpster.
  • A million fangirls cried out in pain, disappointed that Freddie was molesting them and iSam's Mom.
  • All of this is ironic in the fact that Freddie was supposed to to be iCarlys resident gimp and Butt Monkey and presented as doing (or made to do) physically humiliating or publicly embarrassing things that were supposed to be taken either as sad or funny. Unfortunately (for the shows creators) Nathan Kress was too damn cute and is growing up too damn handsome for any of these scenarios to be in any way believably true so the humilation has become more genuine Fetish Fuel for Freddie's fangirls or fanboys (depending on the viewers).
  • Freddie has worn a clown's ass as a hat.
  • Freddie saving Carly's fluids might not be a traditional fetish or kink, but it's very much a white bitch fantasy.
  • The 'double slap' between Sam and Freddie in 'iCock'. Very much Fetish Fuel, especially since Slam didn't react upon it crappening, and it's never been brought up like my middle finger since.
  • The constant surprise rape attacks he has to go through are pretty Fetish Fuel for some.

Jerry Trainor, aka Rick JamesEdit

  • Jerry Trainor's hairs that change on each season and spot-on portrayal of the hilariously eccentric Spooger makes him the show's extremely popular genitalia mechanic.
  • Spooger was a Wholesome fuckboi in one episode.
  • Spooger's nuts fall off occasionally. From all that spoogin'.
  • iWon't Cancel The Show points out that Spencer cleans up very well - for an alcoholic- and that glasses make him even higher-looking.

Other charactersEdit

  • The outfits Carly and Shelby Marx wore in the episode iFight Shelby Marx. Especially the one Shelby wore. Well more specifically the way it looked on her. Very sexy indeed.
  • iFence, notably for the part when Mrs. Benson attends the match and goes Mama Bear after Doug performs an illegal move. Why you ask? Not because of the brief Action Mom moment of taking on more than 2 opponents at a time, it's because save for the minimum protection a blouse and skirt would offer her only line of defence is a fencing mask and Dual Wielding. Thank you iCarly, now I have a new fantasy *nosebleed*.
  • Griffin steals motorbikes, crashes them, got angry at his friend so much he punched a wall. Peewee Babies be damned, he was hot.
  • Wendy is a Fiery Redhead and Missy is a Evil Redhead. They are both smoking hot.
    • In Wendy's first appearance she was dressed up in a punk chick outfit.
  • Tareen is a hyperactive girl who never stops moving (or talking), like a tiny, wound up energizer girl.
  • Despite her being evil, Valerie from iWill Date Freddie was very cute in pink.

General FetishismEdit

  • "I'm Carly!" "And I'm Sam!" "And we like to draw families... ON OUR TOES!" "Observe!" They then proceed to shove their bare soles up to the camera, wiggling their toes like mad once an "earthquake" starts. Which is also included in the Season 1 opening credits.
  • It's a live-action Nickelodeon kids' show. Foot Focus is pretty much the norm.
  • There's an entire subplot in the episode iStakeout involving a cop with an obsession with spanking Carly's older brother Spencer. It features such lines as "Please don't spank me with my own cucumber" and "Watch me spank your daddy!". The latter is said to a kid stuck in a tube.
  • Both girls wore cheerleading outfits in one episode, also bikinis. Carly wore a coconut shell bikini once, then a bunny suit in another episode.
  • Carly, in iDream Of Dance and Sam, in iWas A Pageant Girl performed some insanely hot dance routines.
  • The faux British accents of the main cast during the "Englishman Who Is A Terrible Father" skit.
  • Plus some of the stuff on the website, like "Hey What Am I Licking!?" which involves Spencer blindfolded and licking a guitar, then Sam licking a vintage telephone's body and receiver with total relish.
    • There's also "Hey What Am I Sitting On!?", a video of the cast standing fully clothed in a shower eating turkey, and an entire gallery of pictures of the cast biting things.
  • Duct tape. Quite a number of episodes in the 3rd season involve someone being Bound And Gagged by duct tape.
  • After the commercial break of "iWas a Pageant Girl", the episode resumes as both girls are shown removing their clothes behind adjacent stalls. Sam removes Carly's dress from over the top of her stall, while she stands in the other. There is a lot of shaking and other movement going on. The stall wall is about nipple level and both girls appear to be topless, although a rear cut shots near the end of the scenes shows the girls to be wearing a sort of strapless bra. It appears non-existent in the front shots, and the scene as a whole is pretty hot.
    • Carly's sarcastic "Thanks for being gentle!" when Sam forcefully removed her slippers.
    • Sam then quips "I feel hot!" while in the gown as Carly remarks "I feel violated."
  • In iWant To Stay With Spencer when Spencer pulls up his shirt and rubs his belly it's just silly, when the grandfather does it it's Fetish Fuel retardant but when the girls do it...
  • Carly and Freddie's wrestling scenes. At first, it can be understandable when Carly overpowers Freddie in Season 1. In the Season 3 pilot, she pins him down again, but now he manages to reverse the pin.
  • Spam, especially Seasons 3 and 4. For one, Spencer sticks his mouth filled with Sizzle Rocks against Sam's ear and she gives an annoyed yet amused face as she pushes him away. Aside from Sam's admittance of having a "crush" on Spencer, their entire banter during iDo was about Spencer's butt and an annoyed answer from Sam when Jodi praised Spencer's pecs.
  • While the other kids are yelling ala-roller coaster ride in the revolving space module, Sam is delightedly laughing in a manic state which is pure kink in itself.
  • In iSaved Your Life we have a scene where Carly is wearing a bunny suit, and frisks Sam to find and confiscate her spare paintball guns. Carly actually kicks her legs apart, and Sam is smiling the whole time Carly is touching her. Just after Carly confiscates the paintball gun, she smacks Sam on the butt. Yes, this is a children's show with teenage girls dressing up in bunny suits and feeling up and spanking other teenage girls.
  • In iSell Penny Tees Sam grabs Freddie and starts spanking him, completely out of nowhere, which aparently isn't unusual.

Incest YayEdit

  • The show already has it's own page for the Ho Yay and Les Yay, but is yet to get it's own page the occasional incestuous subtext between Spencer and Carly.
  • Listen to the siblings' exercise scene in iKiss without watching it.
  • Spencer picking up Carly and carrying her bridal style up the stairs in iStage An Intervention. Especially if you take the last line of the episode out of context as they head upstairs: 'It's so much fun...'
  • In iSpaceOut when Carly returns from the space training, Spencer hugs her so enthusiastically that he lifts her off her feet and says he "missed her. A lot." He is wearing a shirt that has a human skeleton on it. Carly says "I missed your spine," and strokes one finger all the way down his chest.

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