Yet another variation of the omnipresent Panty Shot, usually accidental, and often accompanied by a well-known schoolyard rhym. Generally involves Stock Underwear, in which case hilarity often ensues. While normally played for laughs, a generous dollop of Fanservice may be also be involved, especially in Japanese cartoons. Frequently crosses over with Panchira and Innocent Panties due to numerous similarities; to avoid confusion with related subtropes, I See London may be defined as a humorous lampshading of the Panty Shot, in which situational comedy plays the key role.

Tropette TalesEdit

NB: While this section is anecdote-friendly, please remember to keep your descriptions PG-13 rated. We don't want the moral guardians getting trigger happy again, do we?

Western AnimationEdit

  • In the Legend of Tarzan episode "The British Invasion", Jane, Eleanor, Greenley and Hazel remove their dresses to walk or run more easily in the jungle and they're in their white pantalets.
  • In the Emperor's New School episode, "The Emperor's New School Spirit", Kuzco has an "I See London" moment when he gets thrown head-first into a wastebasket and his skirt or tunic flips up, revealing light blue under-shorts with rainbow colored hearts that Guaca got for him as a birthday present.
  • In the Tiny Toon Adventures special "How I Spent My Summer Vacation", when a female possum's green mini-skirt falls off, she is left in her blue pantalets. Facing the viewers, she tries to cover up her modesty and coyly giggles as she exits the scene.

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